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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

To do:
  • Compare the title screen between versions.
  • More text changes between the US and European versions, as documented here.


The localizations feature several gameplay tweaks. These range from bugfixes to making the international releases easier.


  • All characters in the localization can use an item, the Renewal scroll, to learn the Renewal skill. In the Japanese version only Ena and Elincia could learn it from this item, but both of them already have the skill when recruited, making the item virtually useless.
  • The Heal staff was given 10 more uses, bumping it up to a generous 40 uses. However, the official player's guide erroneously states that the Heal staff has 30 uses, which is only true for the Japanese version of the game.
  • The localization disallows stat boosting items to be used on capped stats, as in every other game since Thracia 776. This is not the case in the Japanese version. This was presumably an oversight, as using a stat booster on a capped stat has no effect other than wasting the item.
  • In the Japanese version, using a Seraph Robe while at the base will not increase the character's current HP to their increased max HP (for example, using a Seraph Robe on Elincia with 34 max HP will raise her max HP to 41 but her current health will remain at 34). This oversight was fixed in localization.

Difficulty Modes

The Japanese version of Path of Radiance features Normal, Hard, and Maniac modes. The localized version replaced Maniac Mode with Easy Mode, a variant of Normal Mode that gives characters more experience. This changing around of difficulties introduced a glitch with an early revision of the localized sequel's data transfer feature.

Maniac Mode Changes

All changes are in comparison to Hard Mode.

  • Generic enemies are stronger and more abundant. Additionally, all generic enemies (except for Thieves) are promoted from Chapter 18 onward.
  • Oliver has higher stats and Greil carries a Vulnerary. All other bosses are the same as in Hard Mode.
  • Combat experience is reduced by 5 and all bonus experience (except for the Chapter 10 undetected bonus) is halved.
  • Kieran, Nephenee, and Brom can only be recruited in Chapter 10 if they escape the map. On lower difficulties, only their cell doors need to be opened.
  • The enemy ravens in Chapter 12 carry different items.
  • Some of the enemy Laguz in Chapter 15 carry one-use Laguz Stones.
  • More generic enemies carry skills later in the game. For instance, the generic Generals surrounding Kasatai in Chapter 21 also carry Wrath, and there are more generic enemies with skills in the Final Chapter.
(Source: Serenesforest.net, Magic)

Bug Fixes

  • The Critical glitch was fixed. In the Japanese version, forging a 5 critical weapon to 0 critical changed it to 255 critical.
  • In Chapter 18 of the Japanese version, Shinon doesn't drop the Brave Bow if the player saves at the advance screen. (If the player resets the game, then Shinon will drop the Brave Bow as usual.) This glitch was fixed in the localized versions.
(Source: Pegasus Knight)


  • Berserkers, Swordmasters and Snipers were given a 15% critical bonus.
  • The icon for forging tomes was changed from a staff to a tome.
  • The allowed length of forged weapon names was expanded from seven characters to twelve.
  • Extra costs for Forging weapons were halved, making it cheaper to forge weapons.
  • Sephiran can learn the Vigilance skill in the Japanese release but not in the localized version. This is bizarre, as he is not a playable character, does not appear in combat, and never has the opportunity to learn or use any skills... so changing his possible learnset is something that no-one would notice without hacking.
  • Access to the illustration gallery for the Japan-only Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi was disabled in all non-Japanese versions, although the images all remain on the disc.
  • Some of the Trial Maps have different unlocking requirements.
    • In the Japanese version, "Lonely Isle" is unlocked by clearing Hard or Maniac mode. In the localized version, it's unlocked by clearing Normal Mode.
    • In the Japanese version, "Strange Turn" is unlocked by clearing Maniac mode. In the localized version, it's unlocked by clearing Hard Mode.
    • In the Japanese version, "Desperation" is unlocked by linking the game with Fuuin no Tsurugi. In the localized version, it's unlocked by linking up with both Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.
(Source: Pegasus Knight and Serenesforest.net for the Trial Map requirements)

Text Changes

Character Names

Path of Radiance contains many name changes between the Japanese and international versions.

Japanese Translation English Japanese Translation English Japanese Translation English
ティアマト Tiamat Titania ボーレ Bole Boyd キルロイ Kilroy Rhys
シノン Chinon Shinon セネリオ Senerio Soren ワユ Wayu Mia
イレース Elaice Ilyana ヨファ Yofa Rolf レテ Rethe Lethe
モゥディ Mordy Mordecai ケビン Kevin Kieran チャップ Chap Brom
ステラ Stella Astrid マカロフ Makarov Makalov ソーンバルケ Soanevalcke Stefan
トパック Topuck Tormod ムワリム Mwarim Muarim ダラハウ Dalahowe Devdan
リュシオン Rieusion Reyson ウルキ Vulci Ulki タニス Tanis Tanith
ライ Lay Ranulf ルキノ Luchino Lucia ユリシーズ Ulysses Bastian
ジョフレ Geoffray Geoffrey エリンシア Erincia Elincia ヒブッティ Hibucchi Havetti
エマコウ Emakou Emil ララベル Larabel Aimee セフェラン Cepheran Sephiran
ゴート Gort Gareth デギンハンザー Dheginhansea Deghinsea ノシトヒ Nositohi Norris
リアーネ Learne Leanne シークコ Sirkuko Schaeffer プラハ Prague Petrine
リヒトル Rihitoru Rikard ベウフォレス Beuforres Bertram コユージョ Koyujo Heddwyn
イズカ Izca Izuka レニング Lening Renning アスタルテ Astarte Ashera

European Version

Several other names were changed for the European release and its other languages:

French Version:

  • Nephenee's name was changed to Nephenie.
  • Ena's name was changed to Ina.

German Version:

  • Volke's name was changed to Volker.
  • Bastian's name was changed to Juri.
  • Mist's name was changed to Alja possibly because "Mist" can refer to "rubbish" in German.
  • Ulki's name was changed to Ajuga possibly because although "g" letter in "Ulkig" is missing, "Ulkig" means "disgusting" or "gross" in German.
  • Haar's name was changed to Darahan possibly because "Haar" means "hair" in German.
  • Kieran's name was changed back to its Japanese name Kevin.
  • Astrid's name was changed back to its Japanese name Stella.

Italian Version:

  • Marcia's name was changed to Darcia.

Other Name Changes

  • The race name Mannas had its name changed to Zunanma for the international versions.
  • The location names Crimea and Gallia had their names changed to Ozna and Gania respectively in the Italian localization.
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.org)

Sound Room

Unusually, the Japanese version of Path of Radiance lists all of the song names in English. Several of these English names were changed in the international versions.

With the exception of Victory Is Near and Power-hungry Fool, the Super Smash Bros. series uses the Japanese names of these tracks even in the international versions.

Japan International Japan International
Greil's Mercenaries Greil Mercenaries Messenger of the Goddess A Messenger
Crimea Army Sortie Crimea Attacks Courage General King Brave General, Brave King
Victory is Near Victory Is Near Black Wings On Black Wings
Enemy Strength Draws Near The Enemy Draws Near Painful wish Painful Wish
Against the Dark Knight Against the Black Knight The Dark Knight The Black Knight
Power hungry Fool Power-hungry Fool To the Limits of Ambitions Limitless Power
Enemy Shadows Materialize Shadows Materialize Unopposable Fate Fate Unstoppable
Beautiful Princess Erincia Beautiful Princess Elincia The Theme of Fire Emblem Fire Emblem Theme
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)


US Version

  • In the US version, there is a typo in one of Janaff’s death quotes, where he asks Ike to look after his son. In the Japanese and European versions “Son” is replaced with “Prince”, so Janaff really meant to tell Ike to look after the prince (Reyson).
  • In the US version, Bryce is erroneously referred to as "Sir Bryan" in the ending cutscene of Chapter 20. This was fixed in the European version.

All English Localizations

  • The English help description erroneously states that the Beorcguard causes the bearer to take half damage from any beorc attack. In actuality, the Beorcguard negates the weapon effectiveness bonus of Laguz-slaying weapons. This error is not present in the Beorcguard's Japanese description.
  • Chapter 12 is called “A Strange Land” and Chapter 25 is called “Strange Lands”. Aside from being pluralized, the chapter names are identical. In the Japanese version, Chapter 12 was called “Foreign Domain” and Chapter 25 was called “Across the Mountains”. The Chapter 12 translation is understandable, but Chapter 25’s is probably just a mistake.
  • Throughout the game, Sephiran is mentioned as Duke Belsys, Duke Persis and Duke Perseus. His title in the Japanese version is Persis.
  • Sometimes Duke Gados also gets referred to as Duke Gaddos. On a side note, Duke Gados/Gaddos is in fact Lekain (the reference in the English script was removed for some reason).
(Source: Serenesforest.net)

Command Prompts

Several English text were rewritten in the international versions to make it more descriptive.

Main Menu

Japan International
[Press start/NO DATA] [Press START/No Data]
[Trial map/Sound room/Character] [Trial Map/Sound Room/Illustrations]

During Gameplay

Japan International
[AVO/DEF/MDF] [Avo/Def/MDf]
[CLEAR/TURN] [Clear/Turn]
[capacity/LEADER UNIT] [Capacity/Commander]
[Basal/Personal/Equipment] data [Base/Personal/Equipment] Data
[Unit Parameter/Weapon level] [Unit Stats/Weapon Level]
[Lv/Hp/TransForm Gauge] [Lv/HP/Transform Gauge]
[LV/EX/HP/MHP] [Lv/Exp/HP/Max]


For some reason in the US version, Ike's starting inventory in Chapter 1 has an unusual variance. Sometimes Ike starts with four iron swords, sometimes just one. In other versions, Ike always starts with only one iron sword. This phenomenon seems to occur when the player skips the Visit tutorial in Chapter 1. This was not present in the Japanese version and was fixed for the European release.