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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn/Version Differences

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This is a sub-page of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

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This list has the additions to the US/European versions.


  • Edward and Leonardo's starting levels were raised from 1 to 4, and their stats were raised accordingly.
Character Base Stats Japan->International
Character HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Edward 17->19












Leonardo 16->17






- 5->6






Two skills had their activation rates altered to make them much easier and safer to trigger:

  • Wrath's activation changed from requiring 20% HP or less to 30% HP or less, and the activation rate was changed from Skill% to 100%.
  • Resolve's activation changed from requiring 20% HP or less to 50% HP or less, and the activation rate was changed from Strength% to 100%.


  • Edward, Leonardo and Nolan received an unique weapon each (Caladbolg, Lughnasadh and Tarvos).
  • Master Crowns are no longer needed for characters to go from 2nd Tier to 3rd Tier (they can promote by gaining 100 EXP at Level 21). As part of this change, the number of obtainable Master Crowns was reduced because there was less need for them, from 11 in the Japanese version to just 5 in localized versions.
    • Similarly, Mist can now promote to Valkyrie by maximizing her level and does not need to use a Holy Crown.
  • Forging points are no longer required to forge weapons. Points were originally obtained from selling unwanted weapons. However, some of the game's text, such as the dialog for when the merchants first join, still refers to forging points. The European version removes a direct reference to forging points, but it is still alluded to.
  • The treasure bug was removed. Originally you could repeatedly try and obtain hidden treasures by cycling through the Direct and Cancel commands.


  • Four new base conversations were added: three conversations in Part 3 Chapter 6 to obtain the three new weapons above, and a fourth in Part 3 Chapter 12 where Nico re-appears.
  • Preview movies were added in between Parts.


The European version had some graphical changes made:

  • The banners announcing phase changes had their animations changed. While the Japanese and US announcements had the words quickly rush in, the European release has a simple, static fade-in and fade-out. Also, the "Ally Phase" was re-labeled "Partner Phase", presumably to match Path of Radiance.
Japan/US Europe
FE10 Ss change miss graphic ntsc-u.png FE10 Ss change miss graphic pal.png
Japan/US Europe
FE10 Ss meg defense.png FE10 Ss change no damage graphic pal.png
  • The capitalization of the "Miss" and "No Damage" pop-ups was changed, going from all-caps in the Japanese and US versions to only capitalizing the first letter of each word in the European version. The European version even removed the exclamation marks for "Miss" and "No Damage".
  • The Level Up screen was changed in the European version to capitalize the "P" in "HP".
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)

Text Changes

Character Names

Like Path of Radiance, the English version changed many character names from the Japanese version. The returning characters from Path of Radiance had their names retained in the Japanese and international versions.

Japanese Translation English Japanese Translation English Japanese Translation English
エディ Eddie Edward ノイス Noyce Nolan ブラッド Brad Aran
フリーダ Frieda Fiona オルグ Orugh Volug ビーゼ Vize Vika
ニケ Nike Nailah ウハラダ Wuhalada Danved キサ Kisa Kyza
リィレ Lire Lyre エルラン Erlan Lehran ジェルド Jeld Jarod
ボナード Bonard Burton デス Death Pain ヘル Hell Agony
ワゼカカ Wazecaca Wystan アムリタ Amlita Almedha マージョウ Marjo Maraj
タシヨリア Tashjoria Tashoria シジオウ Sidiau Silvano ロミタナ Rommitana Rommit
イトッツ Itots Istvan カジーザ Kazisa Callum ノーズ Nose Septimus
ラオ Rao Roark カヒタリーノ Cahitaleno Catalena バルテロメ Valtelome Valtome

The US English and European English revisions have several name differences.

US Europe
Kyza Kysha
Sentinel Lancer
Astra Astrum
Hatari Hatary
Order Incarnate Goddess of Order
Dheginsea Deghinsea

The US version the glossary claims that “Heart of Fire” is another name for Lehran’s Medallion, when it should be the “Fire Emblem”. The European version fixes this error.

(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)

Script Changes

All English Localizations

  • In the first cutscene, Micaiah speaks something that resembles Latin when casting her spell, as opposed to speaking in the game's "ancient language" in the Japanese version.
  • Ike's conversation with the Black Knight in Part 3 Chapter 7 was edited to change the reason for the Black Knight's survival. In the Japanese version, he claims he survived due to problems with his warp powder which prevented him from properly manifesting in Castle Nados. In the localization, he instead claims that he deliberately let Ike win so that Ike could mature and become an opponent worthy of Greil's legacy.
  • The base conversation "Calill's Shop" occurring during Part 3 Chapter 9 creates a continuity error when Astrid proclaims "I wish I had a sibling!", in reference to Marcia's and Makalov's relationship, directly contradicting the heavily established information of her having several siblings. This issue does not exist in the Japanese version where she instead playfully states that she is jealous of their sibling relationship.
  • In the closing of the second part of the Part 4 Endgame, Yune's closing monologue about Zelgius is slightly longer in the Japanese version as a result of a bug in the localization: "Micaiah. You’re sad, too, aren’t you? You wished that the Black Knight could have stayed by your side." The line still exists in the localizations, but a programming error prevents it from being displayed, and Yune instead skips to her last line.
  • In the closing of the fourth part of the Part 4 Endgame, Sephiran's flashback to the night of the Serenes Massacre is significantly longer in the Japanese version. The localization cuts a segment where he remembers the words of Dheginsea, Ashera, Misaha, and Altina, and a second segment where three Begnion citizens revel in the suffering of the herons.


  • Similar to Path of Radiance, "Normal", "Hard" and "Maniac" modes were renamed to "Easy", "Normal" and "Hard" mode. However, unlike Path of Radiance, the contents of the difficulty modes were not edited at all beyond their names.
  • Enemies in the final chapter had their stats increased.
  • In-game permanent saves were added for Easy and Normal modes.
  • Support for 16:9 widescreen was added.
  • A character illustration gallery was added, featuring many new character illustrations.
  • The banners announcing phase changes have their letters in all caps in the Japanese version, just like in every version of Path of Radiance. The international versions changed this to just capitalizing the first letter of the words.
  • In the Japanese version, an extended script is played instead of the game's regular script when the game is played on Hard and Maniac Modes. The extended script goes into greater depth on the game's story and lore than the regular script did. The localizations only use the regular script regardless of what difficulty you play on, with the extended script being cut entirely, amounting to a loss of roughly 5% of the game's story content.

Early US copies

  • When using the data transfer function, the game freezes if there are any Easy mode saves from Path of Radiance. This is due to Easy mode being an addition made for Path of Radiance's localization, and not present in the Japanese release.
  • In the glossary, viewing Muarim's description lists Mist's description instead. This isn't a case of somebody messing up pointers, but of Mist's description literally appearing twice in the script.
Muarim Mist
FE10 Muarim Bio.png FE10 Mist Bio.png