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Fire Emblem Fates

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Title Screen

Fire Emblem Fates

Also known as: Fire Emblem if (JP)
Developers: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo SPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: June 25, 2015
Released in US: February 19, 2016
Released in EU: May 20, 2016
Released in AU: May 21, 2016
Released in KR: September 8, 2016

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

See, this is why server preservation is important.
This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of April 8, 2024) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.

Whatever version of Fire Emblem Fates you buy will decide the fate of the continent.

To do:
  • Document major personality changes, support changes, etc. from the Japanese copy to the international version.
  • English voice clips for Private Quarters face petting exist, and are unused. Upload these, but be wary: many of them are also used in the main game, whether it be in story mode, while manning the Dining Hall, or during other tasks.
  • Look into the Korean version more.
  • Document the differences between the 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the Japanese Special Edition.
  • Interesting save data recovery code


Critical Cut-ins
All of the critical cut-in portraits are partially unused. There are so many of them, we needed to fill up a whole subpage!
Regional Differences
I can't believe they censored the Mess Hall captions.
Corrin-less Behaviour
Pretty ironic when everyone says this game depends too much on Corrin.
Unused Text
They all have endings, but they don't all survive...
Placeholder portrait 01 fe16.png
Unused Graphics & Models
Who is this dark, mysterious figure?!

Unused Items

To do:
Test if the items work as intended.

There are a few items in the game's code which go unused.

Normal Items

Icon Name (JP) Name (EN) Description text (JP) Description text (EN) Notes
FE14-emblem.png 絆の王の紋章 Master Emblem 所持中、全能力+1 Grants +1 to all stats when carried. Works as intended if hacked into the game.

Skill Books

Icon Name (JP) Name (EN) Uses Description text (JP) Description text (EN) Notes
FE14-skill book.png 鎧盾 Armor Shield 1 「鎧盾」のスキルを習得できる Teaches the skill Armor Shield. Works as intended
FE14-skill book.png 獣盾 Beast Shield 1 「獣盾」のスキルを習得できる Teaches the skill Beast Shield. Same as above.
FE14-skill book.png 翼盾 Winged Shield 1 「翼盾」のスキルを習得できる Teaches the skill Winged Shield. Same as above.
FE14-skill book.png 攻防一体の陣 Bold Stance 1 「攻防一体の陣」のスキルを習得できる Teaches the skill Bold Stance. Same as above.

(Source: Fire Emblem Wiki)


There are two particular accessories which go unused in all versions of the game.

Type Name (JP) Name (EN) Description text (JP) Description text (EN) Price Notes
FE14-accessory head.png ダーククラウン Dark Crown 暗夜王が被る吸い込まれるような漆黒の冠。
A pitch-black crown worn by Nohrian kings.
-2 damage taken while in other castles.
FE14-ruby.png 30 Seemingly meant to be an equippable version of Garon's crown. Currently unknown if it retains any functionality.
FE14-accessory face.png 白夜の面当て Hoshido Crown 大きな角の獅子を施した白夜王の白い面。
A horned lion helmet for Hoshidan kings.
+2 damage dealt while in other castles.
FE14-coral.png 30 Seemingly meant to be an equippable version of Sumeragi's crown. Currently unknown if it retains any functionality.

(Source: Fire Emblem Wiki)

Unused Reward Type

Besides the Visitor and Battle rewards, there is a third kind of redeemable rewards in the game that went unused and whose requirements are unknown; its final unlockable item would have been the Master Emblem, while the rest of the rewards consists of items which are either rare, availably only via DLC, or also went unused.

Icon Item Renown
FE14-stat booster.png Boots 1
FE14-class change.png Witch's Mark 5
FE14-skill book.png Winged Shield 7
FE14-stat booster.png Dragon Herbs 10
FE14-skill book.png Strengthtaker 15
FE14-class change.png Sighting Lens 20
FE14-skill book.png Paragon 25
FE14-skill book.png Armor Shield 30
FE14-skill book.png Lucktaker 35
FE14-class change.png Witch's Mark 40
FE14-stat booster.png Dragon Herbs 45
FE14-skill book.png Magictaker 50
FE14-stat booster.png Boots 60
FE14-skill book.png Skilltaker 70
FE14-class change.png Sighting Lens 80
FE14-skill book.png Beast Shield 90
FE14-skill book.png Speedtaker 100
FE14-skill book.png Bold Stance 125
FE14-stat booster.png Boots 150
FE14-skill book.png Resistancetaker 175
FE14-skill book.png Point Blank 200
FE14-skill book.png Defencetaker 250
FE14-stat booster.png Boots 300
FE14-emblem.png Master Emblem 341

(Source: Sereneforest)

Unused Skills

To do:
Test if the skills work as intended.

There are four skills which are never used in any capacity in-game.

Icon Name (JP) Name (EN) Description text (JP) Description text (EN) Notes
FE14-armor shield.png 鎧盾 Armor Shield 敵からアーマー特効を受けなくなる Nullifies any FE14-armor.pngarmor weakness on the unit. Meant to protect Armored units from Armor-effective weapons. Currently unknown if it retains any functionality.
FE14-beast shield.png 獣盾 Beast Shield 敵から獣馬特効を受けなくなる Nullifies any FE14-beast.pngbeast weakness on the unit. Meant to protect Beast units from Beast-effective weapons. Currently unknown if it retains any functionality.
FE14-hit avo +10.png 命中回避+10 Hit/Avoid +10 命中・回避+10 +10 hit rate and avoid each. Currently unknown if it retains any functionality.
FE14-hit avo +20.png 命中回避+20 Hit/Avoid +20 命中・回避+20 +20 hit rate and avoid each. Same as above.

(Source: Fire Emblem Wiki)

Debug Mode

Debug Font


A simple English debug font. This exact font also appeared in Fire Emblem Awakening. The font itself is located in the "font" directory.

Debug Text

To do:
There's a stack trace file in /Debug, too. What does it do? Is the debug mode still in the game?

Debug text remains in a text archive called, fittingly enough, "Debug". The text inside was translated to English.

Debug Settings
Edit Data
Castle Menu
Army Data
Cluster Units
Placement Data
Generate Unit
Add All Allies
Add All Guest Units
Add All Named Guest Units
Add All Minor Guest Units
Increase Characters' Lv to:
Convoy (Individually)
Forged Items
Daily Encounter
Reload Field
Reload Unit
Field Viewer
Object Viewer
Clear the Map
Return to Title
Max Stats
Level Up
Support Rank
Support Rank Gauge
Status Ailments
List of Skills
Edit Player Info
Family Tree
Auto Command
Update Player Icon
Restore HP
Critically Injured
Knocked Out
Move Unit
Building Menu
Visit Shops Directly
People in My Castle
Adjustable Parameters
Wireless Test
Add an Ally
Remove Guest Units from Roster
Change Shop Lv.
Shop Inventory
Preset Layout
Unlock characteristics
Accessory List
Add All Accessories
Add All Resources
Edit My Unit
Edit My Room
Alter In-game Time

Build Timestamps

TimeStamp.txt, located in the Debug folder, contains a build date and revision version.

2015/11/17 (Tue.) 12:19:21, yasuhara, Revision 27274, 26826.
2015/11/17 (Tue.) 12:30:05, yasuhara, Revision 27274, 26826.
Special Edition
2015/11/17 (Tue.) 12:40:53, yasuhara, Revision 27274, 26826.

Unused Animations

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Do more unused animations exist beyond these ones? Are projectiles assigned when Corrin's dragon form is forced to attack from a distance?

Corrin's dragon form has animations in the game's code for when it performs ranged attacks, even though they can only only deal damage to adjacent units while in their dragon form in the final release.

(Source: Nack The Dragon)

The skill Dragon Fang has two unused animations for critical hits with a tome equipped, differentiated by the user's gender (a split which doesn't exist for any other attack animations). In the final game, activating the skill in this scenario simply reuses its sword critical animation instead.

(Source: At0m1cpickle)

Unused Voice Clips

To do:
Upload these as individual sound clips, with filenames.

Grunts, Groans and... Localized Face Touching Dialogue?!

Leftover in the English version of the game are many unused voice clips. Most of them are just grunting, laughing, or moaning, and some of them are very similar to clips used in-game. Others seem to be, surprisingly, leftovers from an English version of the face-touching minigame! It appears the minigame was fully translated before the decision was made to remove it, as characters have anywhere between one and four unused lines. Note that Kana and Rhajat are the only "child" characters with unused lines.

(Source: Deathchaos)

Male Kana

To do:
Possibly more unused Kana lines? This post suggests there are, but are they used in Heirs of Fate?

In the English version of the game, Male Kana has unused lines of him calling Leo's, Elise's, Takumi's, and Sakura's names. Given that Male Kana doesn't reuse one of the Male Avatar's voice banks in this version, and instead has a unique one, these lines were likely recorded to keep the number of voice lines consistent with Female Kana, who herself reuses one of the Female Avatar's voice banks. (In the Japanese version, both Kanas have reused Avatar voice banks, so there wasn't a need for any extra line recordings there.)

Audio (EN) File name Dialogue (EN)
KANNA_M_49 "Leo!"
KANNA_M_53 "Leo..."
KANNA_M_50 "Elise!"
KANNA_M_54 "Elise..."
KANNA_M_51 "Takumi!"
KANNA_M_55 "Takumi..."
KANNA_M_52 "Sakura!"
KANNA_M_56 "Sakura..."
(Source: Robotortoise (audio rips))

Route-Specific Critical Hit Lines for Kana

Both male and female Kana have critical hit voice clips in the data which were meant to be specific to the Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation routes, similar to Corrin's case. Despite this, the clips for both Kanas were never properly implemented for unknown reasons.

(Source: Deathchaos)


To do:
Add the JP version of the line.

An unused line for Nichol.

Audio (EN) File name Dialogue (EN)
NACHT_12 "I fear death above all things."
(Source: Robotortoise (audio rip))

Lissa's Battle Voice Clips

To do:
Post Lissa's sounds here. Are all of Chrom and Frederick's sounds ported, too? If so, check to make sure they're all used.

Lissa also has sounds for attacking and fighting which go unused due to being in a non-offensive class for the duration of the Before Awakening DLC. The clips themselves seem to have been ported straight from Awakening.

Hidden Truths Anankos's Voice Clips

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Are Anankos's voice clips reused for the DLC saga Heirs of Fate?

Despite not being playable at all during the DLC Hidden Truths 1 & 2 missions, Anankos's good side is practically fully voiced; he has voice clips for attacking, dual wielding, victory, etc.

Unused Captured Villager

To do:
  • Check to see if this unit is properly associated with theoretical capturable enemy Villagers.
  • Ascertain which section of the captured recruit name bank this unit slot is set to draw from upon capture. The logical assumption would be that it draws from the male Hoshidan name set, but this may not necessarily be the case.

Player unit ID 0x82 contains data for a generic male Villager recruited through the Capture system. As all generic enemy Villagers in the game are Vallites who cannot be captured, this data ends up going unused. The captured Villager functions normally in-game, but is assigned ???'s portrait (??? being the hooded version of Sumeragi appearing in Chapter 5, Birthright Chapter 11 and Revelation Chapter 25) rather than either of the two existing generic Villager portraits. He also has defined personal growth rates:

Stat Growth Rate
HP 35%
Strength 30%
Magic 10%
Skill 25%
Speed 25%
Luck 20%
Defense 20%
Resistance 10%
(Source: Serenes Forest (personal growth rates))

Unused Map Data

An unused data block can be found in C008.bin.lz, the Person file for Chapter 8 of the Revelations route. (The Person file controls the stats and skills of enemy and ally units.) This block is labelled as PID_C008_サクラ, with サクラ being Sakura's name in Japanese. The block is located directly under the blocks for Yukimura, Saizo, and Orochi (the three bosses of the map), and gives Sakura much higher stats than the other Shrine Maiden on the map, as well as the accompanying music STRM_BOSS_A3, otherwise known as "You of the Light", the music that plays when a unit battles one of the Hoshidan siblings. This all suggests that Sakura might've been a boss of the map, healing the other three bosses. If one were to insert the block onto the map using the chapter's Dispos file (which controls where units on the map spawn), Sakura would be a fully functional enemy. Sakura does appear on the map in a cutscene, but this instance of Sakura is controlled by a distinctly different block, namely PID_C008_EDイベント用サクラ.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Bath Towel

Female Kana and Candace cannot equip the Bath Towel accessory. A glitch in the Japanese release prevented Kana from removing the bath towel, so they "fixed it" in the international release by not allowing her to equip it in the first place. Candace can't equip the bath towel because that would've required making an additional model of it to fit her body type. As she is the only character to use her body type, the designers chose to simply prevent her from equipping the bath towel instead as a way to save time.

Nichol and Candace

Nichol and Candace have empty directories located in among the supports for characters that can only support with Corrin. This, alongside with their critical hit cut-ins, supports the theory that they once had more relevance.


Despite Bölverk's description stating it can only be wielded by Garon, it is not flagged to be usable only by him, unlike weapons with similar conditions (e.g. Fujin Yumi can only be wielded by Takumi). If hacked into a unit's inventory, it can be wielded by them as long as they have an S rank proficiency with axes.

Critical Voice Clip Assignments

To do:
Add the JP versions of the lines.

Iago, Hans, and Zola have lines assigned for performing a critical hit/activating a skill, implying they were meant to have critical/skill activation cut-ins at one point. As none of them have critical cut-in portraits, they remain silent whenever they perform a critical hit or activate a skill in-game. It should be noted that the voice clips themselves are not unused, as they are used during story dialogue.

Audio (EN) File name Dialogue (EN)
GANZ_6 Hans: "That's it!"
MAKUBEX_6 Iago: "I have you now!"
ZORA_6 Zola: "Enough of this charade!"
(Source: Robotortoise (audio rips))