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Fire Emblem Fates

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Title Screen

Fire Emblem Fates

Also known as: Fire Emblem if (JP)
Developers: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo SPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: June 25, 2015
Released in US: February 19, 2016
Released in EU: May 20, 2016
Released in AU: May 21, 2016
Released in KR: September 8, 2016

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Fire Emblem Fates continues the foundations laid by Fire Emblem: Awakening - this time, the player avatar is the main character whose decision to buy either of its two versions, Birthright or Conquest (or even its $20 DLC Revelation), will decide the fate of the continent.

In essence, it's three games for the price of two.

To do:
  • Document major personality changes, support changes, etc. from the Japanese copy to the international version.
  • English voice clips for Private Quarters face petting exist, and are unused. Upload these, but be wary: many of them are also used in the main game, whether it be in story mode, while manning the Dining Hall, or during other tasks.
  • Add Japanese text of Beruka & Selkie's support.
  • Look into the Korean version more.
  • Document the differences between the 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the Japanese Special Edition.
  • Interesting save data recovery code


Critical Cut-ins
All of the critical cut-in portraits are partially unused. There are so many of them, we needed to fill up a whole subpage!
Regional Differences
I can't believe they censored the Mess Hall captions.
Corrin-less Behaviour
Pretty ironic when everyone says this game depends too much on Corrin.

Unused Items

To do:
Test if the items work as intended.

There are a few items in the game's code which go unused.

Normal Items

Icon Name (JP) Name (EN) Description text (JP) Description text (EN) Notes
FE14-emblem.png 絆の王の紋章 Master Emblem 所持中、全能力+1 Grants +1 to all stats when carried. Works as intended if hacked into the game.

Skill Books

Icon Name (JP) Name (EN) Uses Description text (JP) Description text (EN) Notes
FE14-skill book.png 鎧盾 Armor Shield 1 「鎧盾」のスキルを習得できる Teaches the skill Armor Shield. Currently unknown if it retains any functionality.
FE14-skill book.png 獣盾 Beast Shield 1 「獣盾」のスキルを習得できる Teaches the skill Beast Shield. Same as above.
FE14-skill book.png 翼盾 Winged Shield 1 「翼盾」のスキルを習得できる Teaches the skill Winged Shield. Same as above.
FE14-skill book.png 攻防一体の陣 Bold Stance 1 「攻防一体の陣」のスキルを習得できる Teaches the skill Bold Stance. Same as above.

(Source: Fire Emblem Wiki)


To do:
Add Japanese names & descriptions.

There are two particular accessories which go unused in all versions of the game.

Type Name (JP) Name (EN) Description text (JP) Description text (EN) Price Notes
FE14-accessory head.png (TBA) Dark Crown (TBA) A pitch-black crown worn by Nohrian kings. -2 damage taken while in other castles. FE14-ruby.png 30 Seemingly meant to be an equippable version of Garon's crown. Currently unknown if it retains any functionality.
FE14-accessory face.png (TBA) Hoshido Crown (TBA) +2 damage dealt while in other castles. FE14-coral.png 30 Seemingly meant to be an equippable version of Sumeragi's crown. Currently unknown if it retains any functionality.

(Source: Fire Emblem Wiki)

Unused Reward Type

Besides the Visitor and Battle rewards, there is a third kind of redeemable rewards in the game that went unused and whose requirements are unknown; its final unlockable item would have been the Master Emblem, while the rest of the rewards consists of items which are either rare, availably only via DLC, or also went unused.

Icon Item Renown
FE14-stat booster.png Boots 1
FE14-class change.png Witch's Mark 5
FE14-skill book.png Winged Shield 7
FE14-stat booster.png Dragon Herbs 10
FE14-skill book.png Strengthtaker 15
FE14-class change.png Sighting Lens 20
FE14-skill book.png Paragon 25
FE14-skill book.png Armor Shield 30
FE14-skill book.png Lucktaker 35
FE14-class change.png Witch's Mark 40
FE14-stat booster.png Dragon Herbs 45
FE14-skill book.png Magictaker 50
FE14-stat booster.png Boots 60
FE14-skill book.png Skilltaker 70
FE14-class change.png Sighting Lens 80
FE14-skill book.png Beast Shield 90
FE14-skill book.png Speedtaker 100
FE14-skill book.png Bold Stance 125
FE14-stat booster.png Boots 150
FE14-skill book.png Resistancetaker 175
FE14-skill book.png Point Blank 200
FE14-skill book.png Defencetaker 250
FE14-stat booster.png Boots 300
FE14-emblem.png Master Emblem 341

(Source: Sereneforest)

Unused Skills

To do:
  • Add the missing JP name/description text.
  • Test if the skills work as intended.

There are four skills which are never used in any capacity in-game.

Icon Name (JP) Name (EN) Description text (JP) Description text (EN) Notes
FE14-armor shield.png 鎧盾 Armor Shield 敵からアーマー特効を受けなくなる Nullifies any FE14-armor.pngarmor weakness on the unit. Meant to protect Armored units from Armor-effective weapons. Currently unknown if it retains any functionality.
FE14-beast shield.png 獣盾 Beast Shield 敵から獣馬特効を受けなくなる Nullifies any FE14-beast.pngbeast weakness on the unit. Meant to protect Beast units from Beast-effective weapons. Currently unknown if it retains any functionality.
FE14-hit avo +10.png 命中回避+10 Hit/Avoid +10 命中・回避+10 +10 hit rate and avoid each. Currently unknown if it retains any functionality.
FE14-hit avo +20.png 命中回避+20 Hit/Avoid +20 命中・回避+20 +20 hit rate and avoid each. Same as above.

(Source: Fire Emblem Wiki)

Unused Graphics

Unused Critical Cut-Ins

Fire Emblem Fates Lilith Human Crit Sprite 1.png Fire Emblem Fates Lilith Human Crit Sprite 2.png

Human Lilith has two critical hit portraits, yet she isn't an actual unit. Notice how her shoulders are missing a frilly thing on the second portrait.

Fire Emblem Fates Lissa Crit Sprite 1.png Fire Emblem Fates Lissa Crit Sprite 2.png

In the DLC mission Before Awakening, Lissa has two critical hit portraits for use when getting, well, a critical hit. However, in the DLC proper she's a Cleric, a class that can't attack, rendering these portraits unused. Like all of the other Fire Emblem: Awakening art, Lissa's portraits were redrawn to fit the art style in Fates.

(Source: DeathChaos25)

Blushing Portraits

The capturable characters, with the exceptions of Kumagera and Tarba (theirs are completely transparent), as well as several story characters, have blushing graphics for their character portraits. However, there are no scenarios in-game where these graphics could have been used.

(Source: Ploaj, Pichi-Hime, SciresM)

Placeholder Portraits

Similar to previous Fire Emblem games, Fates has a placeholder portrait. Unlike older entries however, said portrait has 5 variations displaying varied emotions.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unseen Eyes

Niles has an eye hidden underneath his eyepatch on his Private Quarters model. It is not rigged to any animations, nor is there anything underneath, and so remains perpetually closed.

It looks fine to me...

Peri also has a hidden eye underneath her bang. It is also not rigged to any animations, though unlike Niles it can actually be moved using Live2D Viewer. She also apparently has heterochromia.

This doesn't look so fine.

Debug Title Screen


The fourth route: Debug.

This "Debug Title Screen" has an early Fire Emblem logo on it.

Einherjar Test


"We've got Einherjar tests, milord!"

"We've got Einherjar tests, milord!"

A test Einherjar that features everyone's favorite incompetent maid! The textures for the card, her portrait, the background, and the textbox are all separated on the texture. The model's texture is called "mahu2014 Test" internally.

Dummy Castle Models

There are 45 unused dummy models located in /castle.

To do:
Upload renders of the following:
  • ObjCastle_Arena_1.bch
  • ObjCastle_Arena_2.bch
  • ObjCastle_Arena_3.bch
  • ObjCastle_Dining_A1.bch
  • ObjCastle_Dining_A2.bch
  • ObjCastle_Dining_A3.bch
  • ObjCastle_Dining_B1.bch
  • ObjCastle_Dining_B2.bch
  • ObjCastle_Dining_B3.bch
  • ObjCastle_Dummy_1.bch
  • ObjCastle_Dummy_2.bch
  • ObjCastle_Dummy_3.bch
  • ObjCastle_ItemShop_A1.bch
  • ObjCastle_ItemShop_A2.bch
  • ObjCastle_ItemShop_A3.bch
  • ObjCastle_ItemShop_B1.bch
  • ObjCastle_ItemShop_B2.bch
  • ObjCastle_ItemShop_B3.bch
  • ObjCastle_Jail_1.bch
  • ObjCastle_Jail_2.bch
  • ObjCastle_Jail_3.bch
  • ObjCastle_Pasture_1.bch
  • ObjCastle_Pasture_2.bch
  • ObjCastle_Pasture_3.bch
  • ObjCastle_SortesShop_1.bch
  • ObjCastle_SortesShop_2.bch
  • ObjCastle_SortesShop_3.bch
  • ObjCastle_SoyFarm_1.bch
  • ObjCastle_SoyFarm_2.bch
  • ObjCastle_SoyFarm_3.bch
  • ObjCastle_Statue_1.bch
  • ObjCastle_Statue_2.bch
  • ObjCastle_Statue_3.bch
  • ObjCastle_TrainShop_A1.bch
  • ObjCastle_TrainShop_A2.bch
  • ObjCastle_TrainShop_A3.bch
  • ObjCastle_TrainShop_B1.bch
  • ObjCastle_TrainShop_B2.bch
  • ObjCastle_TrainShop_B3.bch
  • ObjCastle_WeaponShop_A1.bch
  • ObjCastle_WeaponShop_A2.bch
  • ObjCastle_WeaponShop_A3.bch
  • ObjCastle_WeaponShop_B1.bch
  • ObjCastle_WeaponShop_B2.bch
  • ObjCastle_WeaponShop_B3.bch


Fire Emblem Fates Arena 1 Dummy.png

A dummy model of the first Arena.

Magic Textures

To do:
This page suggests there is a third texture used for Brynhildr. Is there a rip of it?

The textures used for the casting of Nohrian spells contain actual text, using a mix of the same cipher as the "Ancient Texts" in the Record Hall and regular letters. If that didn't seem odd enough, they decode to real words in Romanian.


This is used in the air and decodes to "WU platesc deșertul de la ai si provin dintr o distanță și am suficient si arata un bloc stil Chinezesc de caracterul meu la față", which roughly means "I pay desert from you and I come from a distance and enough style and shows a Chinese character block my face", or not much. Note that the font is slightly different to the "Ancient Texts" one and also contains uppercase variants of some letters.


This is used on the ground and decodes to "Răspunde mi apel Răspunde mi Răspunde mi apel", which means "Answer my call Answer me Answer my call", or, less literally, "Hear my cry Hear me Hear my cry" (note that Anankos also uses these textures when attacking in Heirs of Fate).

(Source: carlmary (deciphering), DeathChaos (textures))

Debug Mode

Debug Font


A simple English debug font. This exact font also appeared in Fire Emblem Awakening. The font itself is located in the "font" directory.

Debug Text

To do:
There's a stack trace file in /Debug, too. What does it do? Is the debug mode still in the game?

Debug text remains in a text archive called, fittingly enough, "Debug". The text inside was translated to English.

Debug Settings
Edit Data
Castle Menu
Army Data
Cluster Units
Placement Data
Generate Unit
Add All Allies
Add All Guest Units
Add All Named Guest Units
Add All Minor Guest Units
Increase Characters' Lv to:
Convoy (Individually)
Forged Items
Daily Encounter
Reload Field
Reload Unit
Field Viewer
Object Viewer
Clear the Map
Return to Title
Max Stats
Level Up
Support Rank
Support Rank Gauge
Status Ailments
List of Skills
Edit Player Info
Family Tree
Auto Command
Update Player Icon
Restore HP
Critically Injured
Knocked Out
Move Unit
Building Menu
Visit Shops Directly
People in My Castle
Adjustable Parameters
Wireless Test
Add an Ally
Remove Guest Units from Roster
Change Shop Lv.
Shop Inventory
Preset Layout
Unlock characteristics
Accessory List
Add All Accessories
Add All Resources
Edit My Unit
Edit My Room
Alter In-game Time

Build Timestamps

TimeStamp.txt, located in the Debug folder, contains a build date and revision version.

2015/11/17 (Tue.) 12:19:21, yasuhara, Revision 27274, 26826.
2015/11/17 (Tue.) 12:30:05, yasuhara, Revision 27274, 26826.
Special Edition
2015/11/17 (Tue.) 12:40:53, yasuhara, Revision 27274, 26826.

Unused Text

Unused Item Names


One of the unused item names is "Mire", the Japanese text for it, "スライム", translates to "Slime" in Japanese, and has no description assigned to it. The Mire tome has appeared in previous Fire Emblem games, and in Awakening proper it was a long-ranged dark tome.

There are also "Promise Seals" from 01 to 03, which are also unused but do have a proper—if vague—description assigned to them, alluding that it would've allowed units to change class. Perhaps it may have been early versions of the Partner-, Friendship-, and Eternal Seals?

Lastly, there's mention for two scrapped bullion items: Bullion (S) and Bullion (M) —"金塊(小)" and "金塊(中)" in Japanese— whose description states they could have been sold on the shop to earn 1,000 or 5000 Gold respectively, similar to previous Fire Emblem games.

(Source: DeathChaos25, Original TCRF Research)

Unused Revelation Endings

Every character has an ending and paired ending in Revelation, but not every character survives to the end.


Ending (JP) Ending (EN)
Izana certainly suffered the ravages
of war—he was never able to win
another "Best Hair" contest. He
tried to make up for it with lavish
dinner parties and vacations, but
he felt hollow inside.

Izana's unpaired ending, identical to his in Birthright and Conquest.


Ending (JP) Ending (EN)
Izana returned to Izumo and
continued hosting great banquets
and feasts for neighboring royals.

Izana's generic paired ending, identical to his in Birthright and Conquest. Note that he can only marry the avatar, so this would be unused even if he was playable in Revelation.


Ending (JP) Ending (EN)
Izana gave up his Izumo for Valla
and quickly became the kingdom's
most famous socialite.

A paired ending for Izana with the avatar which is exclusive to Revelation, suggesting that he was recruitable at some point.


Ending (JP) Ending (EN)
Scarlet returned to Cheve to
rebuild the knightly orders of old.
Her positivity moved many youth to
join her cause. Legend has it she
is the reason that Chevois knights
wield such flashy weapons.

Scarlet's unpaired ending, identical to hers in Birthright.


Ending (JP) Ending (EN)
His wife, Scarlet, was known for
always seeing the bright side of
things. They adored each other.

Scarlet's paired ending, also identical to hers in Birthright.


Ending (JP) Ending (EN)
Gunter retired and spent his days
in the Nohrian countryside. There
are no further records of him.

Gunter's paired ending, which goes unused because he cannot support in Revelation.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Birthright and Conquest Pre-Endgame Quotes

To do:
Mention the portrait type each character uses for these lines.

Before the final battle of the Birthright and Conquest routes, all characters deployed in the previous chapter who remained standing call for Corrin so they can recover their senses and properly confront the route's respective final boss alongside them. Because of this, all playable characters have unique quotes written for those moments, including the ones who through normal circumstances cannot be recruited in Birthright/Conquest respectively.

Interestingly, while the Japanese quotes are shared between both routes, the English script uses unique lines for each scenario instead! Fuga's lines go unused regardless of the language, however, as he's unique to Revelation, which lacks a counterpart for the scene in question.

Do note also that Corrin's name (or "カムイ") in-game is swapped for whatever name the player had assigned My Unit at the start of the game.

Dawn Breaks (Birthright)

Speaker Dialogue (JP) Dialogue (EN)
Xander 戻ってこい!私はお前を信じ、闘い続けよう。例え最後の一人になろうとも…! You can do this, Corrin. You are stronger than you know!
Leo あんな攻撃で、死ぬわけないだろ? だって…僕の知ってるあんたは、もっと… The Corrin I know wouldn't let a lovetap like that take him/her out. Come on, then. What are you waiting for?
Camilla 嫌よ…カムイ…戻ってきて…!私の命と、引き換えにしてもいいから…! Corrin! Please, come back! I would gladly trade my life for yours!
Elise やだよ、死なないで…! あたし、頑張るから… もう一度、あたしを見てよぉ…っ! You can't die here! I need you around to hug and play with me! Please... *sniff*
Benny もう一度、立ち上がってくれ… それまで皆は、俺が守る… I will protect everyone while you rest, Corrin. But, please...wake up soon.
Keaton 目を覚ませよカムイ!戻ってきたら俺の最高の宝物をお前にやるから…!! Wake up, Corrin! If you do, I'll give you my second-favorite treasure!
Arthur 正義の名の元に、もう一度立ち上がるのだ!あなたの正義は…ここで潰えてはならない! Rise, Corrin! Do it for me! Do it for your family! Do it...for JUSTICE!
Odin 貴様は幽玄の魔に囚われているだけだ… さあ、早くその腕で闇を振り払え…!! Your spirit is caged within an illusion. Take my hand and cast it aside!
Laslow ねえ…こんなところで、独りで死なないで。最後までみんなで、一緒に闘おうよ…! You cannot die. That is not what the future holds in store. You must keep fighting!
Niles あんたのその無防備な姿も色っぽいが… もう飽きたぜ。さあ…早く俺たちの元に来い。 I hate seeing you like this. Come back to us, Corrin!
Charlotte こんなとこでくたばるなんて、らしくないわね。もっと根性見せやがれってのよ…! It's not like you to fold under pressure. What are you waiting for?
Effie あなたはみんなの盾になるべきではない… あなたは、みんなの剣になるべき人… We need your strength, Corrin. Keep fighting!
Peri やだやだ、死んじゃだめなのーーーっ!死んだらただのお肉になっちゃうのよーっ!? I can't bear to think of you as a pile of dead meat... Please, come back!
Beruka 人の命は、儚いもの… けれどあなたは、まだ終わっていないはず。 Most people are fragile. But you are not most people...
Selena 早く戻ってきなさいよ、馬鹿…!!こんなところで死んだりしたら…許さないわ。 If you die here I am gonna be SO MAD at you!
Nyx 若者が死に急ぐような真似は良くないわ。まだ間に合うから…早く戻ってきて… You're far too young to leave this world. You still have time. Come back to us!
Siegbert 皆の為に身を挺するとは、王族の鑑だ。このままで終わりはしないと、信じているよ…! Your selfless actions may have saved us. But you can't let things end this way!
Forrest 神様…もしいらっしゃるのなら、僕や父の大切な人を奪わないでください…! Come back to us, Corrin. We can't go on without you...
Ignatius 怖くなんかない…だって、まだ終わりではない。こんなところで、終わるはずがない… For once, I'm not scared. I know you're coming back!
Velouria 起きてくれないと…パパが悲しみます。それから…わたしも…… Daddy will be sad if you don't get up soon. And, um...so will I...
Percy 僕の一生分の運を全部あげてもいい… …だから生き返って。お願いだよ…! Father says that justice never sleeps, so you can't go napping on the job either!
Ophelia まだ煌めきは消えていないわ。その剣からも、その身体からも。さあ、立ち上がって…! A gentle aura has encircled you... It whispers words of awakening!
Soleil 守ってみせるよ…目が覚めるまで、誰も死なせたりしないから…戻ってきて! This game you're playing is NOT CUTE. You've got to wake up, Corrin!
Nina そうよ…闘いは続くわ。誰がいなくなろうとも。でもこのままじゃ、悲しくて闘えない… This is turning into a nightmare... You've got to wake up, Corrin!
Gunter 貴方がここで倒れて、どうするのです。私より先に死ぬなど、許しませぬぞ…! You can't die before me—I won't allow it!
Flora 今の私では、あなたを眠りから覚ませない… けれど、もう一人でも起き上がれるはずです。 You're strong enough to wake yourself up now. I believe in you, Corrin!
Fuga お前を包む風はまだ…止んではいない。眠るには早すぎるぞ、カムイ! You protected us—now it's our turn to protect you. Rise, Corrin!

Night Breaks Through (Conquest)

Speaker Dialogue (JP) Dialogue (EN)
Ryoma カムイ、お願いだ…目を覚ませ!もう二度と…遠いところに行かないでくれ!! Corrin! Please, wake up! Don't abandon us again!
Takumi 何の冗談だよ…早く起きなよ!あんたはここで死ぬような奴じゃないだろ! This is a sick joke, you know that? Get up! You're not just going to give up, are you?
Hinoka お前が目を覚ますまで、私たちは負けない。決して死なないから、だから、お前も…! I can't lose you. Not again! Get up right now, or I'll be angry with you!
Sakura 私、傍にいます…目が覚めるまで。どんな攻撃が来ても、守ってみせます…! I won't leave your side until you w-wake up. No matter what, I'll protect you!
Saizo カムイ、起きろ。このままで終わるなど…許さない。 Rise, Corrin. You cannot allow your journey to end like this.
Kaden 死んじゃダメだよ…カムイっ!まだキミへの恩は、全然返しきれてないのに! You can't die, Corrin! I haven't repaid all of your kindness yet!
Hinata あんたの強さは…そんなもんじゃないだろ?早く起きて、いつもの闘いを見せてくれよ。 You're stronger than this, aren't you? Get up and fight, just like always!
Asama 死は万物に平等。…ですがあなたのその時は、今ではないはずです。さあ、目覚めてください。 Death claims us all eventually, but it's not your time just yet. Please, open your eyes.
Subaki ここに来るまでは、完璧な道のりじゃなかった… でも最後は…完璧に勝ってみせよう。一緒に! Our journey here was far from flawless, but that's no excuse to give up!
Hayato どうしてお前が…ここで倒れねばならん。私が鍛え直してやるから、早く起きてくれ…! You can't die here! Get up now, and I promise to train you harder than ever!
Rinkah 大丈夫だ、みんなあんたを信じてる。あたしたちの炎は…まだ消されてはいないさ。 We all believe in you. That flame in your heart still burns brightly...
Orochi わらわのまじないが正しければ、カムイは死なぬ。必ず…目を覚ます。 Your fortune tells me you won't die today. You WILL wake up.
Kagero 共にこの戦を終わらせよう。だが何もかも、あなたがいないと始まらぬ… We need you to fight with us. Do not give in to defeat!
Hana だめだよ、まだ勝負はついてないよ!?早く起きて、闘って、勝ってみせてよ!! What do you think you're doing? The battle isn't over! Get up and lead us to victory!
Setsuna 気絶はよくあること… 少し休んだら、どうか戻ってきて… People pass out all the time. No big deal. Just rest a bit and return to us...
Oboro 死んじゃダメよ!そんなボロボロの格好で… 終わるだなんて許しませんからね! I won't let you die! Not while you're wearing such a tacky outfit...
Shiro 目が覚めるまで、俺が闘っておいてやる!決して負けないから…必ず戻ってきてくれ。 I promise to keep fighting until you awaken. I won't give up, so you can't either!
Kiragi 大丈夫…きっと大丈夫。もう一度、目を覚ましてくれるって信じてるから! Everything will be OK. It just has to be! I know you'll get up really soon!
Asugi その身を犠牲にするなんて、らしくないな。そういう役は…俺みたいなやつのすることだ。 You can't go sacrificing yourself like that. Think about the sweets you'd miss out on...
Selkie 眠っちゃダメ! 絶対にダメだよ!ここで死んだら…もう遊べなくなるんだよ!? It's not nap time, dummy, so wake up! Come on! I wanna play! WAKE UP!!
Hisame …私たちはこんな結末を見るために 闘ってきたわけではありません。そうでしょう? We didn't come all this way to lose you like this. Just get over it, OK?
Mitama 死の淵に 揺らげど炎 消えはせぬ… 私は信じていますわ…必ず戻ってくると。 The flame of life burns truly, deeply...within a soul at the crossroads of death. Awaken!
Caeldori あたしも一緒に闘うわ。最後まで。だがら、このまま悲しませて終わりにしないで… I want to fight at your side until the very end. You can't die!
Rhajat 悲しすぎて私…どうにかなってしまいそう… 戻ってこないなら…私も後を追うわよ… My heart is broken... If you don't return to me, I will follow you to the next world...
Scarlet あんたの瞳は…強くて綺麗で、大好きなんだ。叶うならもう一度、私にその色を見せてくれ! Your eyes are full of strength... Let us all see that strength just one more time!
Reina 先程の声を、あなたの最期にしないで。あんな断末魔…私は聞きたくありませんわ。 It is not yet time to unveil the graceful lullaby of your death. Rise! RISE!
Yukimura ミコト様…貴方の子はまだ闘えます。どうかその魂を、こちら側にお導きください。 The son/daughter of Lady Mikoto must not accept defeat. Return to us!
Fuga お前を包む風はまだ…止んではいない。眠るには早すぎるぞ、カムイ! The mighty winds are calling you back to this world. Can't you hear them?

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Supports

Digging through the game's files reveals there were plans for a few support conversations which never saw the light of day one way or another.

The are no official English or international versions of these supports, as the files are only present in the Japanese and Korean releases of the game.

Azura & !M/!F Kana (Route and Non Route-Specific)

Azura and female Kana—as a mother and daughter respectively—have data for route-specific supports with each other, which happens to be a feature that Corrin's supports with Azura do have in the final game.

Meanwhile, Azura and male Kana have data for one non-specific support chain with each other as mother and son, which is striking considering that male Kana is an exclusive offspring of female Corrin in the game proper (and thus can't support Azura at all).

The files hosting the supports are for all intents and purposes placeholders (and thus have little to no content), meaning that in the case of Azura and female Kana's support chain, a different file is loaded instead for all routes.

Shigure & !M Kana (Siblings)

Shigure and male Kana have written supports with each other as siblings, which go unused as only female Kana can be Shigure's sibling in the final release.

C Support
Japanese Translation
ねえ、シグレ! 一緒に見回りに行かない?
Hey, Shigure! Do you wanna go on patrol together?
あ、カンナ。 今からですか?
Right now, Kana?
うん! 僕ね、早く強くなって みんなを守りたいんだ!
そのためにまずは見回りをがんばるの! 見回りなら、すぐ役に立てるでしょ?
Yup! I want to get stronger quickly and protect everyone!
That's why I have to give my all while patrolling! And isn't patrolling more useful at the moment?
それなら俺も一緒に行きましょう。 だって俺は…
別々に育ったとはいえ、 カンナの兄ですからね。
Then I'll come with you. Because I...
Even though we grew up in different places, I'm still your older brother.
Wow, thanks!
Then let's go!
でも、俺たちだけでは 危なくないですか?
Ah, okay.
But isn't it dangerous with just us?
大丈夫だよ! だって僕、稽古も毎日がんばってるもん!
It'll be alright! Because I've been working hard and practicing every day!
But with just the two of us...
僕たちきょうだいが力を合わせれば、 どんな悪い人でもやっつけられるよ!
It'll be fine!
If us two siblings combine our powers we can punish any bad people!
そうですね。カンナがそこまで言うなら、 きっと大丈夫でしょう。
Eh, that is so. If Kanna says so, then it'll certainly be okay.
Yeah. I want to try and patrol every day!
え? 毎日?
What? Every day?
うん! 見回りってね、 毎日しないとダメなんだって!
Yeah! I patrol every day because if I don't practice every day, it's useless to me.
Is see... Every day...
What's wrong, Shigure?
はは、ちょっと大変かもしれないと 思っただけです。じゃあ、行きましょうか。
Haha, I just thought it might be a little too much. Well, let's head off.
うん! がんばろー!
Yeah! Let's do our best!
B Support
Japanese Translation
今日も一緒に見回りに来てくれて ありがとう! シグレ!
Thanks for coming on patrol with me today, Shigure!
俺も一緒に見回りできて ちょっと楽しくなってきました。
カンナが一緒だと、 頼りになります。
Patrolling together with you has also become a bit fun.
I'll be relying on you when we're together, Kanna
はい。見回りも慣れてきて、最近は 効率的にできてると思います。
Yes. I've gotten used to patrolling, and recently I think we've gotten pretty efficient at it.
今なら僕、どんな敵でも竜になって、 やっつけられる気がするよ!
そういえば… シグレの得意なことはなあに?
Really... eheheh, I'm glad! From now on, no matter the enemy we face, as long as I can become a dragon I feel like I can beat it!
Anyway... What are you good at Shigure?
俺ですか? そうですね… 空の上での戦闘でしょうか。
Me? Well... I'm good at fighting in the sky.
シグレってすごいね! それなら僕たち、一緒にいたら無敵だね!
That's amazing Shigure! We'll be invincible together then!
Eh, that is so.
よーし、もっともっとがんばるぞー! ほら、早く行こー!
All right, I'm gonna do my best more and more! Come on, hurry. Let's go!
わっ! ま、待ってください、カンナ!
Whoa! Wait for me, Kanna!
A Support
Japanese Translation
シグレー! 今日も一緒に見回りに行こー!
Shigure! Let's go on patrol together again!
Ah, okay.
Oh, but first...I have one favor to ask.
A favor?
うん。シグレの得意なこと、 僕にもやり方を教えてほしいんだ。
Yup. I want you to teach me how to do what you're good at.
前に言った 空の上での戦闘のことですか?
You mean fighting in the sky like I mentioned before?
うん。あのね、僕ってみんなの中で 一番子供でしょ?
早く大人になるのは難しいけど、 できることを増やすのならすぐにできるからね!
それに僕、夢だったんだ。 シグレに…お兄ちゃんに何か教えてもらうこと。
離れてる間ずっと、きょうだいで過ごす時間って どんなのかなあって憧れてたんだよ。
Yeah. I'm the youngest of the two, you know?
So the list of things I can't do is huge...
Hurrying up and becoming an adult is difficult, but if you do, it will be easier to do more things!
That's my dream. Shigure... teach me something, big brother.
I was yearning for what it was like to spend time with my you while we were apart.
だから、シグレといっぱいお話して、 色んなことを教えてもらいたい。
So I wanted to talk and learn a lot from you.
Is that...no good?
ダメなわけないですよ。 そう言ってもらえて嬉しいです。
No, of course not. You saying that makes me happy.
So you can teach me lots of things?
もちろんです。俺にできることなら 何でも教えますよ。
Of course. I'll teach you whatever I can.
Thank you.
でも俺もカンナに 負けるつもりはないですよ。
早く強くなれるように、 二人で競争しましょうか。
But I'm not planning on letting you surpass me, either.
Who can become stronger the fastest, let's have a competition between the two of us.
Yeah, I won't lose!
それじゃあ、今日は見回りをして 明日から特訓で良いですか?
So, we'll do the rounds today and start training tomorrow?
はーい、 シグレお兄ちゃん!
You'll bet we do, big brother!

(Source: squkyshoes, Original TCRF research)

Beruka & Selkie

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Rip the Japanese and English text of the supports in question.

Beruka and Selkie have written supports with each other as mother and daughter respectively, in spite of this being impossible in the final release as Beruka lacks a support chain with Kaden (Selkie's father) to begin with.

(Source: /u/NohrianVillager, Original TCRF research)

Unused Animation

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Do more unused animations exist beyond this one? Are proyectiles assigned when Corrin's dragon form is forced to attack from a distance?

Corrin's dragon form has animations in the game's code for when it performs ranged attacks, even though they can only only deal damage to adjacent units while in their dragon form in the final release.

(Source: Nack The Dragon)

Unused Voice Clips

To do:
Upload these as individual sound clips, with filenames.

Grunts, Groans and... Localized Face Touching Dialogue?!

Leftover in the English version of the game are many unused voice clips. Most of them are just grunting, laughing, or moaning, and some of them are very similar to clips used in-game. Others seem to be, surprisingly, leftovers from an English version of the face-touching minigame! It appears the minigame was fully translated before the decision was made to remove it, as characters have anywhere between one and four unused lines. Note that Kana and Rhajat are the only "child" characters with unused lines.

(Source: Deathchaos)

Male Kana

To do:
Possibly more unused Kana lines? This post suggests there are, but are they used in Heirs of Fate?

In the English version of the game, Male Kana has unused lines of him calling Leo's, Elise's, Takumi's, and Sakura's names. Given that Male Kana doesn't reuse one of the Male Avatar's voice banks in this version, and instead has a unique one, these lines were likely recorded to keep the number of voice lines consistent with Female Kana, who herself reuses one of the Female Avatar's voice banks. (In the Japanese version, both Kanas have reused Avatar voice banks, so there wasn't a need for any extra line recordings there.)

Audio (EN) File name Dialogue (EN)
KANNA_M_49 "Leo!"
KANNA_M_53 "Leo..."
KANNA_M_50 "Elise!"
KANNA_M_54 "Elise..."
KANNA_M_51 "Takumi!"
KANNA_M_55 "Takumi..."
KANNA_M_52 "Sakura!"
KANNA_M_56 "Sakura..."
(Source: Robotortoise (audio rips))

Route-Specific Critical Hit Lines for Kana

Both male and female Kana have critical hit voice clips in the data which were meant to be specific to the Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation routes, similar to Corrin's case. Despite this, the clips for both Kanas were never properly implemented for unknown reasons.

(Source: Deathchaos)


To do:
Add the JP version of the line.

An unused line for Nichol.

Audio (EN) File name Dialogue (EN)
NACHT_12 "I fear death above all things."
(Source: Robotortoise (audio rip))

Lissa's Battle Voice Clips

To do:
Post Lissa's sounds here. Are all of Chrom and Frederick's sounds ported, too? If so, check to make sure they're all used.

Lissa also has sounds for attacking and fighting which go unused due to being in a non-offensive class for the duration of the Before Awakening DLC. The clips themselves seem to have been ported straight from Awakening.

Hidden Truths Anankos's Voice Clips

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Are Anankos's voice clips reused for the DLC saga Heirs of Fate?

Despite not being playable at all during the DLC Hidden Truths 1 & 2 missions, Anankos's good side is practically fully voiced; he has voice clips for attacking, dual wielding, victory, etc.

Unused Captured Villager

To do:
  • Check to see if this unit is properly associated with theoretical capturable enemy Villagers.
  • Ascertain which section of the captured recruit name bank this unit slot is set to draw from upon capture. The logical assumption would be that it draws from the male Hoshidan name set, but this may not necessarily be the case.

Player unit ID 0x82 contains data for a generic male Villager recruited through the Capture system. As all generic enemy Villagers in the game are Vallites who cannot be captured, this data ends up going unused. The captured Villager functions normally in-game, but is assigned ???'s portrait (??? being the hooded version of Sumeragi appearing in Chapter 5, Birthright Chapter 11 and Revelation Chapter 25) rather than either of the two existing generic Villager portraits. He also has defined personal growth rates:

Stat Growth Rate
HP 35%
Strength 30%
Magic 10%
Skill 25%
Speed 25%
Luck 20%
Defense 20%
Resistance 10%
(Source: Serenes Forest (personal growth rates))

Unused Map Data

An unused data block can be found in C008.bin.lz, the Person file for Chapter 8 of the Revelations route. (The Person file controls the stats and skills of enemy and ally units.) This block is labelled as PID_C008_サクラ, with サクラ being Sakura's name in Japanese. The block is located directly under the blocks for Yukimura, Saizo, and Orochi (the three bosses of the map), and gives Sakura much higher stats than the other Shrine Maiden on the map, as well as the accompanying music STRM_BOSS_A3, otherwise known as "You of the Light", the music that plays when a unit battles one of the Hoshidan siblings. This all suggests that Sakura might've been a boss of the map, healing the other three bosses. If one were to insert the block onto the map using the chapter's Dispos file (which controls where units on the map spawn), Sakura would be a fully functional enemy. Sakura does appear on the map in a cutscene, but this instance of Sakura is controlled by a distinctly different block, namely PID_C008_EDイベント用サクラ.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Bath Towel

Female Kana and Candace cannot equip the Bath Towel accessory. A glitch in the Japanese release prevented Kana from removing the bath towel, so they "fixed it" in the international release by not allowing her to equip it in the first place. Candace can't equip the bath towel because that would've required making an additional model of it to fit her body type. As she is the only character to use her body type, the designers chose to simply prevent her from equipping the bath towel instead as a way to save time.

Nichol and Candace

Nichol and Candace have empty directories located in among the supports for characters that can only support with Corrin. This, alongside with their critical hit cut-ins, supports the theory that they once had more relevance.


Despite Bölverk's description stating it can only be wielded by Garon, it is not flagged to be usable only by him, unlike weapons with similar conditions (e.g. Fujin Yumi can only be wielded by Takumi). If hacked into a unit's inventory, it can be wielded by them as long as they have an S rank proficiency with axes.

Critical Voice Clip Assignments

To do:
Add the JP versions of the lines.

Iago, Hans, and Zola have lines assigned for performing a critical hit/activating a skill, implying they were meant to have critical/skill activation cut-ins at one point. As none of them have critical cut-in portraits, they remain silent whenever they perform a critical hit or activate a skill in-game. It should be noted that the voice clips themselves are not unused, as they are used during story dialogue.

Audio (EN) File name Dialogue (EN)
GANZ_6 Hans: "That's it!"
MAKUBEX_6 Iago: "I have you now!"
ZORA_6 Zola: "Enough of this charade!"
(Source: Robotortoise (audio rips))