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Tear Ring Saga

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Title Screen

Tear Ring Saga

Also known as: Tear Ring Saga: Yutona Eiyuu Senki
Developer: Tirnanog
Publisher: Enterbrain
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: May 24, 2001

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

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Tear Ring Saga is a totally-not-Fire-Emblem-game on the PlayStation. Shouzou Kaga, the mastermind behind the first five Fire Emblem games, left Intelligent Systems to create his own Fire Emblem clone after the planned N64 entry was cancelled... Needless to say, Nintendo weren't happy.

Mechanically, it reintroduces many features from Fire Emblem Gaiden. It later got a more original sequel for the PlayStation 2 that retains its Japan-only status.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Lots of graphics to rip.
  • Distinguish exactly which portraits are unused.
  • Check for unused battle animations.

Title Screen

Originally titled Emblem Saga, the game's title was hastily changed to TearRing Saga shortly before its release to avoid a lawsuit (which happened anyways). Despite this, graphics from a promotional demo retaining the original title remain on the disc.

Used Unused
Tear Ring Saga-title.png TearRingSaga-OriginalTitle.png

Unused Portraits

Over half the character portraits (roughly 30) went unused, also due to the name change.

Runan's Early Portraits

Runan's hair color was changed very last minute to avoid the incoming lawsuit, though this proved ineffective. Runan's original blue-haired portraits remain in the game in both promoted and unpromoted form. The unused portraits have slightly different posture and clothing as well.

Used Unused
TearRingSaga-Runan used portraits.png Tear Ring Saga-Runan unused portraits.png

Unused Portrait Animations


It seems at some point all characters may have been planned to have blinking and talking animations. A good handful of character portraits in the game have unused graphics for blinking animations, though only Miradona blinks in the final game. Julius, interestingly, has frames for mouth movement as well. In the final game no one moves their mouth when talking during cutscenes, aside from, once again, Miradona.

Battle Map Sprites

TearRingSaga-unused human map icon.png

There is a very, very unrefined map sprite of a human with a sword and cape. It technically seems to have animations, but all the frames are the same, so it doesn't look like it's moving.

World Map Location Icons

Some of the location icons seen in prerelease images for the game still exist in the final game unused. The final game's world map is entirely brown, like a paper map, and is not in color like these icons and the prerelease world map.

Prerelease World Map Final World Map Unused Icons
Tear Ring Saga-prerelease world map.png Tear Ring Saga-world map.png Tear Ring Saga-unused world map icons.png

Runan Artwork

TearRingSaga-Runan blue hair art.png

Artwork of an earlier design of Runan, the main protagonist of the game, with blue hair. In the final game his hair is brown. For whatever reason this art is just hanging around with the skill icons and map sprites. The image labels him as "Ryunan".

Unused Items

  • Books: These would teach units skills, and have one use. Only Guilty Heart (Mug skill) and Move Again Book were used. They are given below, with their skills. The skills themselves are used in-game.
    • Soul Blade (Earth Saint), Dancing Soul (Dragon Saint), Life Saucer (Heaven Saint), Armour Kill (Geomancy), Initiative (Gale), Power Shield (Big Shield), Indeed (Awareness), Vitality (Life or Death), D Crash (Continue), Flying Soul (Rising Dragon), Thieves Book (Steal), Warp Book (Warp), Picklock Book (Picklock), Charge Book (Charge), Elite Book (Elite), Demon Tome (Anti-evil), Forest Secret (Forest Fighter), Mountain Secret (Mountain Fighter), Sea Skill (Sea Fighter), Frontier Secret (Frontier Fighter), Desert Secret (Frontier Fighter), and City Secret (City Fighter).
  • Emblems: These were removed for obvious reasons. According to their description and various pre-release interviews, the army having these will be recognized as an official squadron of their kingdom, allowing for an increase in income each turn.
    • There is an "Emblem", and four other emblems for each one of the royal families: Canaan, Reeve, Salia, and Leda. However, all functionality was left out in the final.

Unused Text

Old Opening

To do:
Original Japanese text and maybe more details where this is located, exactly?

What appears to be a version of the opening monologue from much earlier in development, some names appear to have been swapped around or changed and some major events occurring in the final go unmentioned.

Japanese Translation
? The troubadour Lewyn singeth:

Fortheria, land of the sleeping gods, a land unable to escape from war. For so long as people are human, the sins of history are doomed to repeat…

Long ago, war was fought for generations between two sides: the aboriginal Canaanites of the island continent Fortheria, and the immigrant Jugudi of the mainland continent.

Because of this long-standing opposition, or perhaps in spite of it, the Canaanites founded the Empire of the Dark God, while the Jugudi built the Kingdom of Reeve.

The Kingdom of Reeve was whittled away by the Empire, who had obtained the favor of the Dark God. After years of successive blunders and disaffection of the corrupt royalty, the Reevan capital of Lieberant finally capitulated.

In response to this, an alliance of small countries dotting the Senay coastline–Mahl, Wellt, and Blaad–rose up against the Empire. At the site of Fort Valt, they faced Achtullus, a reknowned Canaanite commander, and Kranion, the demonic dragon who truly controlled the Empire. In the face of these enemies, the alliance suffered a great defeat.

And so, two years have passed since the fall of the Kingdom of Reeve…

(Source: Matthew TRS)