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Proto:Tear Ring Saga

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Tear Ring Saga.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Pretty much everything non-graphical that could be hiding in the demo.
  • It is apparently possible to play past map 3 and progress into the rest of the game in the demo. Investigate game differences/how far you can go past the demo content.

Tear Ring Saga Prelude is a trial edition of Tear Ring Saga that was distributed in Japan as a pre-order incentive. The demo allows a small taste of the game's story and has some preset versus mode teams. It also features graphics of some early designs that differ from the final release. Another demo was also distributed as a supplement in an issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine.


To do:
  • Are character growth rates different?
  • Are there any unused items/weapons in the demo appearing in the final game, and do they have different stats?

The Prelude demo is playable up to Map 3. Most of the game is identical to the retail release, with characters having identical stats. Saving is disabled for the demo, which renders the Save Staff unusable. Some weapons have different stats compared to the final release.

The demo opens with the following disclaimer not present in the final release.

Image Transcription Translation
Don't cry if you find any glitches.
This software is currently under development, so bear in mind that you may encounter unexpected flaws in ordinary behaviors, etc. as a result. Please understand that, should a malfunction, etc. occur, this disk cannot be exchanged.

The introduction sequence is identical to the final version, though the title screen has additional graphics, adding the Prelude subtitle to the logo and the kanji for trial version (体験版, taikenban) above the title. The extra title screen graphics remain in the final release, but they're unused.

Demo Final
Tear Ring Saga Prelude-title.png Tear Ring Saga-title.png

Upon starting the game, the player is greeted with story sequences virtually identical to the final release. The dialogue appears to be identical to the final's, though the demo's dialogue makes more liberal uses of line breaks and has less punctuation than the final game's dialogue.

Upon finishing the last map of the demo, a splash screen appears with the game's release date. A similar graphic to this exists in the final, though interestingly, the screen in the final release still uses the older Emblem Saga title.

Demo Final (Unused)
Tear Ring Saga Prelude-ending.png TearRingSaga-OriginalTitle.png

Weapon Stats

Some weapons appearing in the demo have different stats than their appearances in the final game.

Versus Mode

To do:
Document the teams, make a name list, portraits.

In addition to the three playable maps, the game has some preset versus teams in the game's two-player versus mode. The final game has no preset teams like this. These demo preset teams are particularly interesting in that they feature characters, with names and portraits, not used in the final game.


The demo doesn't seem to have any new character portraits, though it is missing several recolors of generic villagers that appear in the final. It is also missing alternate expressions for some characters, though these characters don't appear in the demo so it doesn't really matter.

Most of the item artwork for the inventory screen exists, despite the vast majority of the items being unobtainable in the demo. The artwork for the Dragon Flute item seems to be missing, however.

Dark Dragon, Naga Dragon, and Mist Dragon

To do:
Battle graphics?

Map sprites for the Dark Dragon (Gerxel's class), the Naga Dragon (Miradona's class), and the Mist Dragon (Muse's class) reflect earlier designs. At some point in development, after the demo was released, the designs appear to have been recolored and switched around. This does explain an oddity in the final release where the classes portraits for these dragons reflect the older designs.

The map sprite sets are not entirely complete. They are all missing attacking animations, and the Dark and Naga Dragons are missing movement animations. In the final release, the Dark and Naga Dragons have unused movement frames, but reuse and recolor movement frames from the Fire Dragon.

Class Demo Final
Dark Dragon Tear Ring Saga Prelude-dark dragon map.png Tear Ring Saga-dark dragon map.png
Naga Dragon Tear Ring Saga Prelude-naga dragon map.png Tear Ring Saga-naga dragon map.png
Mist Dragon Tear Ring Saga Prelude-mist dragon map.png Tear Ring Saga-mist dragon map.png

Cutscene graphics for Gerxel also reflect his earlier design in the demo.

Demo Final
Tear Ring Saga Prelude-dark dragon map cutscene.png Tear Ring Saga-dark dragon map cutscene.png

Unknown Class

To do:
Is there a name in the game's data? Are there battle graphics for this? Stats?
Tear Ring Saga Prelude-unknown class 1 map.png
Tear Ring Saga Prelude-unknown class 1 artwork.png

In the demo graphics there are map icons and class artwork for a rather evil looking knight class. These graphics appear to have been replaced with graphics for a different class in the final release, and don't seem to appear in the final release, unused or otherwise, at all.

Judging by the map sprites and class artwork, this would have been a mounted class that used lances and axes, and could dismount from its horse.

Miradona Artwork

Tear Ring Saga Prelude-miradona artwork.png

A picture of Miradona exists within the demo that does not exist in the final. This picture may have been planned to be used for the game's ending sequence in an earlier version. The final game gives her an animated portrait instead of using a still picture like this.

Other Map Sprites

To do:
Comparison pictures (There are A LOT).

Character Palettes

A fair amount of the playable character has a different palette for their map sprites than in the final.

WIP Sprites

Many of the unused map sprites in the demo appear to be work in progress versions, some with different animations and some with less refined shading.


Demo Final
Tear Ring Saga Prelude-dark mage artwork.png Tear Ring Saga-dark mage artwork.png

The class artwork for the Dark Mage was recolored for the final release. The demo gives his robes a blueish hue, while the final release depicts him with reddish robes.

Tear Ring Saga Prelude-unknown class 2 artwork.png
A class icon not appearing in the final game.