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Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo

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Title Screen

Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo: Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu

Also known as: Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: July 15, 2010

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Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo is a remake of the second half of Monshou no Nazo and, as a nice bonus, modified remakes of all four episodes of the Monshou spinoff BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Senkihen (becoming one of the few Satellaview exclusives to see an official rerelease in some form following the service's closure).

After the remake of the first half of Monshou sold poorly and the Nintendo 3DS' release approached, however, the marketing team decided that English-speaking audiences didn't need to know how Marth's tale finishes. Whether the tale of collapsing marriages bringing out apocalypse by mole dragon is even Marth's tale anymore is up to interpretation. After all, wasn't Kris, the Hero of Shadow, the actual savior of Archanea?

What, he never existed and was only invented for this remake? Don't be ridiculous.

Unused Items

Once again, the Torch, used for expanding a unit's vision in fog of war maps. Probably cut due to just how limited its usefulness would be, as fog of war only appears in two of the game's 45 total story maps, besides being an option for multiplayer versus matches.

Debug Map

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Specifically: Other consequences of the code.

Like many Fire Emblem games, Shin Monshou contains a debug map. To access this chapter, go to 39C585D in a hex editor and replace the "bmap202" string with "bmap000". This will take the player to the debug map upon completion of Prologue 1. Alternatively, one can disassemble their ROM and edit any of the "bmap" files in the "script" folder.

This code can be used to load the debug map as well. Hold L when loading from suspend.

02021164 E0820280
94000130 FDFF0000
02021164 E1A00002
D0000000 00000000
(Source: GSCentral)
"Chapter 99: Debug Map (デバッグマップ)"
Chapter 99: Debug Map

The map itself is comprised of a simplistic recreation of the first chapter of Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and Book 1 of Monshou, "Marth Embarks". As opposed to reusing the map texture of Shadow Dragon's version of the chapter, tiles corresponding to the appropriate terrain are placed without any heed being paid to it actually looking visually appealing.
In addition to the standard geography of Talys, a door connecting to a roof, a drawbridge, and a treasure chest are located at the southeast tip of the island, south of the player's starting position. Unit placement is similar to the chapter's previous incarnations for general consumption, but somewhat offset from their actual locations.
The player has access to 16 playable units, twice the standard amount of 8 that the chapter normally has by its conclusion.

Name: Class: Location: Inventory Notes
Marth Lord 26, 7 Rapier, Lightsphere, Lifesphere Marth holds a standard rapier along with the Light- and Lifespheres. This allows for testing of their effects. Marth can also use the Falchion that one of the enemies drops.
Kris Choice 25, 8 Own items Kris is loaded in before the debug map is ever accessed. Therefore, their default inventory cannot be seen.
Phina Dancer 26, 8 Ladyblade The Ladyblade can only be used by women. Men are incapable of using it. In addition, Phina's presence allows for testing of dancing.
Caeda Pegasus Knight 27, 7 Wing Spear She has a conversation with Marth, but it does absolutely nothing. It presumably was intended to serve as a test of talking.
Cain Cavalier 24, 9 Iron Lance, Iron Sword There is nothing of interest here.
Abel Cavalier 25, 9 Javelin, Iron Sword, Door Key, Bridge Key In addition to Abel's starting inventory, he comes with two keys to open the door and bridge close to his initial location. Abel is a Paladin when he is actually recruited, as is the case in FE3. However, he is a Cavalier in his FE1 appearance, which this layout is based upon.
Draug Knight 24, 4 Iron Lance There is nothing of interest here.
Gordin Archer 26, 5 Iron Bow Still nothing interesting.
Julian Thief 25, 11 Iron Sword, Master Key Julian has a Master Key to test its usage on the locks to the south. However, he makes no use of it because as a Thief, he can already pick these locks naturally.
Lena Sage 27, 9 Resire, Barrier, Unlock, Thief Lena comes with a variety of staves to test. Interestingly, she is a Sage here rather than her standard Cleric or Bishop. Why her class was changed is unknown; she remains a Bishop in her appearance in the final chapter.
Tiki Manakete 24, 6 Divinestone, Firestone, Magestone, Icestone, Wyvernstone Tiki comes with every dragonstone available to the player, so presumably she's present to test their functionality.
Xane Freelancer 23, 7 Iron Sword Xane is present in order to test his transformation functionality.
Palla Pegasus Knight 29, 4 Iron Lance, Elysian Whip Level 10
Catria Pegasus Knight 28, 5 Iron Lance, Elysian Whip Level 10
Est Pegasus Knight 29, 6 Iron Lance, Elysian Whip Level 10. All three pegasus sisters have identical inventories. Their purpose is twofold: one is to test the triangle attack, the other is to test Falcon Knight promotion.
Merric Sage 23, 8 Excalibur, Starlight, Glower, Meteor Merric should be capable of using these tomes to test their effects, but in the final version he has a mere D rank in tomes and even the promotion to Sage does not grant enough extra Tome proficiency to allow him to use Starlight, Glower, or Meteor.

Most of the enemies are still equivalent to the Galder Pirates, the standard enemies fought in Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light's first chapter. Their positions are offset slightly for unknown reasons, which leads to the boss no longer sitting on his gate. In addition, almost every enemy is named "NoName" in plain English. Only the more interesting enemies will have their information shown here; assume the remaining enemies to be level 1 pirates with iron axes. Note that none of them move or attack, so they just stand around for the player to deal with at their leisure.

Name: Class: Location: Inventory Notes
NoName (Gazzak) Pirate 6, 4 Steel Axe, Vulnerary (Drops) Level 5. Despite lacking a name, Gazzak still has boss music play when he is engaged.
NoName Thief 23, 11 Iron Sword, Vulnerary (Drops), Falchion (Drops), Vulnerary (Drops), Master Key This thief drops several items, most importantly the Falchion. It is most likely dropped in order to test the "key item obtained" sound effect.
Hardin Emperor 21, 8 Gradivus, Darksphere Hardin takes his standard Chapter 20 appearance. Neither of his items drop. The Lightsphere Marth holds pierces the Darksphere's protection, but few in the army have enough strength to exceed Hardin's defense.
Gharnef Sorcerer 22, 9 Imhullu, Meteor Intended to test Imhullu's effects and the use of siege tomes. However, grinding on the weak enemies is required for Merric or Lena to acquire enough tome rank to use Starlight and pierce Imhullu's protection. Ten casts of their starting tomes will get them to this mark.
Bantu Earth Dragon 21, 5 Dark Breath Presumably present to test dragon functionality. Bantu is a Fire Dragon, not an Earth Dragon.

There are several landmarks scattered around for the player to interact with.

  • A save point can be found at 25, 10.
  • The right hand village hands out a Steel Sword and a Vulnerary in addition to its standard 10,000 gold reward.
  • The left hand village cannot be visited.
  • There is an armory available at 27, 3, selling:
    • Iron Sword
    • Brave Sword
    • Iron Lance
    • Brave Lance
    • Iron Axe
    • Brave Axe
    • Iron Bow
    • Fire
    • Heal
    • Vulnerary
    • Master Seal
    • Elysian Whip
  • An arena can be found at 29, 7.
  • The seize point is at 25, 7. Seizing takes the player to Chapter 1.
  • The treasure chest contains a vulnerary.
  • The drawbridge can be lowered, but this does nothing.
  • The door removes the roof when opened.
  • Several houses are scattered around the map, but they cannot be visited.

Unused Dialogue

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
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During Prologue 7, Katarina asks My Unit if there's somebody important in their life; usually Kris responds that person is their liege, but there is an unused dialogue branch where they say that they don't know if there's such a person. Presumably this branch was removed because Kris is going to become one of Marth's knights tomorrow and it would seem odd if My Unit doesn't want to serve their liege, Marth.

String ID Japanese Translation

クリス: いや、おれには… まだよくわからないな。

カタリナ: そうですか。 あはは…なんか私変ですね。

私の気持ちを [Avatar]にわかってもらいたくて… いっぱい喋ってしまいました。

もうすぐですね…私たちは もうすぐアリティア騎士になる。 そうなったら…





クリス: ごめんなさい。 私には… まだよくわからないわ。

カタリナ: そうですか。 あはは…なんか私変ですね。

私の気持ちを [Avatar]にわかってもらいたくて… いっぱい喋ってしまいました。

もうすぐですね…私たちは もうすぐアリティア騎士になる。 そうなったら…




At the end of Prologue 8, there is an unused scene where Norne says goodbye to My Unit, like most of their other allies. Judging from the dialogue, it seems Norne was going to be playable in the Prologue, possibly if Ryan reached 0 HP. Norne also has an unused retreat dialogue for the Prologue chapters.

String ID Japanese Translation

ノルン: [Avatar]さん、 じゃああたし、 村に帰りますね。

ライアンくんのケガ、 もうじき治るそうですよ。 良かったですね。

クリス: 今までありがとうございました、 ノルン殿。

ノルン: お役に立てて嬉しかったです。 また何かあったら 気軽に言ってくださいね。





ノルン: 無茶… しすぎちゃった……

[Avatar]さん、ごめんなさい。 傷を治さないと… 私一旦下がります。

Norne: Did I... push myself too much...... I'm sorry, [Avatar]. I must tend to my wounds... I'll fall back for now.

At Chapter 3x, Clarisse has encounter and defeat quotes. Normally, she would flee from the field after a few turns before anyone (aside from Wrys) can reach her, but with cheating devices, you can attack and see the quotes. The encounter dialogue has her hang a lampshade about the encounter, and the defeat quote has her telling you the player she's leaving.

String ID Japanese Translation

クライネ: なん…ですって? お前、一体どこから…!



クライネ: ち…まずい… こんな連中相手に退くなんて… おぼえてなさいよ…!


Maria, Nyna, Elice, and Lena have How's Everyone quotes, which go unused because they join during the battle of Endgame and How's Everyone is accessible only from the preparation menu. Their dialogues are same for each situation.

String ID Japanese Translation
今日はなんだか調子が良いわ。 I'm feeling great today.
That was a good training session.
I feel like I'm getting the hang of things.
MRC_TALK_ITEM_* ん? これは…なんだろう。 Huh? I wonder what this is...
MRC_TALK_RELIANCE_* なんだか[Avatar]のことが気になる… I wonder how [Avatar]'s doing...

Asterisks at the end of the string IDs stand for any of MARIA, NIENA, ERICE, or RENA.

Gotoh has death and retreat quotes as a playable character, but those are unused, as Gotoh is never playable in the game.

String ID Japanese Translation

ガトー: ここで…果てるか…

Gotoh: To think... I would fall here...

MDIE_GATO (m/DieRookie)

ガトー: わしをここまで追い込むとは… すまぬが離脱させてもらうぞ…

Gotoh: To think I'd be cornered like this... My sincerest apologies, but I must withdraw...

(Source: Fire Emblem wiki)

Unused Playable Character

To do:
Find his stats.

Gotoh is the only playable character from Shadow Dragon who doesn't make a return in New Mystery. His single non-playable appearance in a scene in Chapter 14, though, does have stats attached.

Max HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance
Base Stat 12 0 9 11 14 0 7 4

(Source: http://serenesforest.net/general/unused.htm)


There exists after battle dialog for Chapter 6x, if both Caesar and Radd were killed. The dialog implies that Kris is speaking the dialog to Marth, but it uses Marth's portrait. There's an mistake in the internal script, where a control character giving the dialog to Kris was forgotten, and so it assigns the dialog to Marth in error.

String ID Japanese Translation

マルス: マルス様、戦闘は終了しました。

マルス: [Avatar]、 シーザとラディは…前の戦争では ぼくたちの仲間だったんだ。

(Omitted below)