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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Other languages:

We welcome any help with translating things on the wiki. However, please be sure to follow the rules we have regarding minimum levels of fluency.

Note that there are two separate things people can translate on the wiki: small pieces of unused text, images, etc. that are a piece of a larger article; and translating the entire article itself. While the rules we have for doing both are largely the same, adding a translation to an article requires no special preparation. However, when translating an entire page via the available translation plugin, some preparation of the article is needed before work can begin.

General Guidelines


Please only translate into languages you speak natively, or have a native degree of fluency in. Don't use Google Translate or other automated translators. When you do so, the preceding two sentences come out looking something like the following: "One only native speakers in the conversion of native is fluent, has a degree. Google translate or does not use other automated translation". Do not use OCR tools unless you are capable of going through their output and checking it against the original source for accuracy, since they are not accurate enough to produce reliable results on their own.

For translating from other languages, you should have a level of fluency high enough to understand the material in question. Be careful when "fixing" or "improving" existing translations; they may have been deliberately worded the way they were so as to reflect the original source. When in doubt, ask!


Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation at all times. Do your best to check over your writing before you save the page!

Translating content for articles

Transcribing text

If you are not fluent enough to transcribe text from an image, please post said image, and mark it with {{needstranslation|lang=ja|Reason}} for Japanese text. Replace lang=ja with whatever country code may apply if the source text is in different language. E.g. lang=ko for Korean, lang=fr for French, etc. Replace Reason with something descriptive like, "Debug options need to be translated" or "Kanji in lower right corner of image needs to be translated".

Translating text

Likewise, if you are not fluent enough to translate text, post it to the article in question, and mark it with {{needstranslation|lang=ja|Reason}} following the above rules. Do not replace the original text that was extracted from the game. Instead, show both the original text, as well as the translation of that text. This also goes for image translations.

Formatting tables for translators to use

Whenever possible, please add the text you wish to be translated to a table, leaving one side of it blank where the translation will be placed. This allows our translators to focus their effort on translating the text in question, rather than spending additional time on formatting the text to fit well on the page.

Two sample tables are provided below, but contributors are encouraged to adapt and expand these to suit the task at hand:

|Japanese text goes here
|(Leave this side blank for translators to fill-in)
|Japanese text goes here
|Japanese text goes here
|Japanese text goes here
|(Blank for translators to fill-in)

Translating entire pages

We're currently translating some of the main pages of TCRF (including the help page, templates, sidebars, and front page) into multiple languages. Though we are just starting out, we may add article translations in the future. If you would like to help, please contact GlitterBerri or divingkataetheweirdo.

Read these guidelines before you start translating.

Required Reading

Before attempting to use the wiki's translation options, please read through the Translate extension's documentation.

Required reading for translators are - at the bare minimum - the translation tutorial and best practices pages.

Translation administrators also are required to read the page translation example.


Don't translate the publisher and developer names for consistency across languages. Make sure the system names included in the Bob match up with those in the existing category.

{{subpage}} Translation

When translating the {{subpage}} template, DO NOT translate the title (the text between the first and second | marks). Instead, add a |tr= onto the end (before the }}) with the translated title. {{subpage|Unused text|tr=Texto sin usar}} becomes:

Texto sin usar

But would link to Help:Contents/Translation Rules/Unused text (when used on translated pages).

Placeholder Translations

Any translation made solely to translate the article headers is highly discouraged, as it can be considered the equivalent of a placeholder page. These can be deleted if nothing more than the headers is translated after one week.

User Page Language Template

To help aid communication between users that speak multiple languages, a template can be added to your user page to display your language proficiencies. Detailed usage instructions can be found on the Babel extension page.

We encourage all users who have any degree of second language ability to add the above template to their user page. A simple example is as follows {{#babel: en-N | ja-3 }}


Instead of translating the title of the template, use {{template/lang}}, where template is the name of the English language template and lang is the language to be used.

Current Translators

These people listed below have listed themselves as being a translator on the wiki. Please feel free to leave a message for them asking for their help, but also be aware that their time may be limited and that they may not be able to respond to all requests in a timely manner. They are volunteers, just like everyone else at the wiki.

Bast - Upkeep & Maintenance, Japanese
BreakingBenny - Swedish
Centaurio - Polish
divingkataetheweirdo - Spanish
Espyo - European Portuguese
Gamma - Spanish
GlitterBerri - Japanese
Gordon CMB - Russian
inductor - Japanese
inetidkm - Korean
Kobosuke - Japanese
Laenthor - French
LuigiBlood - French
Mugg1991 - German
Paul Jensen - Japanese
Sky Yoshi - Japanese
‎SMWHackedHACK - Brazilian Portuguese
TempleofDreams - Brazilian Portuguese
Ticamus - French
Yoxiz - French
zerojay - French
1468z - Italian

Pages in need of translation

An up-to-date list of pages tagged for translation can be found at Category:Articles needing translation. Additionally, articles simply in need of proofreading or of simply having their translations checked can be found at Category:Articles needing proofread.