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Me on GitHub
Me on Twitter

I'll probably have a real website soon enough.

Useful things I've made

KALE, a level editor for Kirby's Adventure
KDCEditor, a level editor for Kirby's Dream Course
exhal compression tools

Still under construction:

bsnes-plus debugging emulator
xkas-plus multi-platform assembler, supports NES, SNES (with SPC), TG16, GBA, and more

Probably permanently on ice:

TriStar, a level viewer for Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kirby: Return to Dream Land

To do

Bug me about these things on IRC literally every day until I complete them or die trying:

I'm probably forgetting something from my vast archive of invisible and nonexistent research notes that might appear here later!


Stuff I've done. Everything here is a product of my own research; my contributions page also lists stuff I've found on other wikis and sites, plus the occasional miscellaneous cleanup edits.

SNES debug modes and stuff

My main "project" on the wiki - finding debugging stuff in SNES games, along with hidden sound tests, level selects, and previously undiscovered cheats.

I originally started doing this as a way of practicing assembly, but I kept on doing it just because I'm the special kind of individual who finds this sort of thing entertaining. If you think there may be a yet-undiscovered debug mode in a SNES (or, alternatively, NES) game, I'd be happy to check it out!

127 games and counting:

Other stuff