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Proto:Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES).

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So much more! A good place to start might be Matt Callis' article!

A very early prototype version of Street Fighter Zero 2 on the Super Famicom. Released on May 14th, 2018 by Matthew Callis of elude visibility, this prototype shows the rough beginnings of what would later become a very impressive, if not scaled back, port of the arcade smash hit.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Sprite Changes
Some World Warriors got a makeover!
Stage Changes
Backgrounds that really came to life!
Music Differences
From weak renditions to full-blown arrangements!

Game Start

Right from the start, there is a massive difference: the copyright information screen and blurb have yet to be written and the intro sequence has yet to be made. Instead, the prototype jumps right into the title screen.

Prototype Final
SFZero2 Proto SFC-Title1.png SFZero2 SFC-Title.png

The "Press Start Button" message uses the basic 8x8 font in the final instead of the unique font used in the prototype.

Prototype Final
SFZero2 Proto SFC-Title2.png SFZero2 SFC-Title2.png

The final game uses the basic 8x8 font for menu choices instead of the 16x8 dialogue font. Additionally, the final game adds an "Option Mode" to the menu.

Also of note, the prototype is locked into "Versus Mode" as the Arcade Mode (single player) hasn't been started yet.

Versus Mode

Player Select

Prototype Final
SFZero2 Proto SFC-Versus Mode.png SFZero2 SFC-Versus Mode.png

There are several things to note, here:

  • The "Player Select" font was wider, not unlike the graphics of the arcade version.
  • The "VS" graphic was redrawn a little.
  • The background was cyan, here, instead of the traditional green.
  • The cursors for 1P and 2P were very basic compared to the final version's flashy borders.
  • The final version puts the 2P cursor on Ken by default.
    (Sakura is selected here purely for a direct comparison.)
  • The roster was far from complete in the prototype, limited to only four characters.
    • However, there are around nine characters in varying states of playability which can be utilized via patch codes.
  • The character icons are perfectly straight rather than angled like in the final version and arcade original.
  • There are no options for Speed or Automatic Guard yet.
    • Because of that, characters have easy access to all six of their color palettes, though the button combinations are different:
Prototype Final
Color 1: A
Color 2: X
Color 3: L
Color 4: R
Auto Color 1: B
Auto Color 2: Y
Color 1: Punch
Color 2: Kick
Color 3: 2 Punches
Color 4: 2 Kicks
Auto Color 1: Use Color 1/3 + Auto
Auto Color 2: Use Color 2/4 + Auto

Stage Select

Prototype Final
SFZero2 Proto SFC-Stage Select.png SFZero2 SFC-Stage Select.png

The Stage Select screen was just getting started in the prototype with only five stages available. Strangely enough, aside from some tweaking, the stage preview graphics remained consistent through to the final version. The final version also added a "Handicap" option akin to the other console ports of Street Fighter games.

Like with the character roster, other unfinished stages can also be accessed via patch codes.


To do:
Images, more differences, all that.
Prototype Final
SFZero2 Proto SFC-In Game.png SFZero2 SFC-In Game.png
  • Matches can only last for 4 Rounds instead of up to 5.
    • In the event of a draw, Player 1 gets the victory. Period.
  • There is no post match dialogue.
  • The game goes to a "Game Over" screen after every fight instead of the Character Select screen.

Other Things

  • The vertical resolution was already locked to 193 pixels.
  • Several sound effects and a few voice clips are missing.