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Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Also known as: Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Arcade (CP System II)
Released internationally: February 23, 1994

MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo is yet another tweak/release/whatever of Street Fighter II, and was pretty much the definitive version of the game (at the time). This entry in the series marks the first appearance of the popular hidden Ryu/Ken head swap character, Akuma (Gouki in Japan). It was also the first fighting game to use Super Combos.

To do:
  • More regional differences.
  • Plenty of unused frames for Ryu and Akuma that were either changed or scrapped; Cammy also has an unfinished frame that has an earlier contour shading.
  • Akuma's portrait has sprite work that is obscured by the black palette
  • There's an "Ultimate Championship" prototype?
  • The Sound Test; some are unused, others are leftovers from The New Challengers.
  • Three unused stages, two of which are Bonus Stages from the previous version.
  • A leftover developer mugshot from CPS1 Street Fighter games somewhere inside the ROM.
  • Plenty more stuff related to "The League Battle".
  • Akuma's portrait wasn't entirely silhouette, it can be seen fully for a split second after choosing him. It's basically the same as the one from the intro and the post-credit sequence.

Unused Graphics

UltimateChampionship.png Super-street-fighterii-turbo-z-logo.png
A The New Challengers-style subtitle and a "Z" like the "X" on the Japanese version's logo. The Ultimate Championship was intended for the international title, as seen in a prerelease promo (shown above). Whether the "Z" was also meant for the international logo or was for an early Japanese title is unknown. The Ultimate Championship subtitle was added to the selection menu in Capcom Arcade Stadium and in the Game Center selection menu in Street Fighter 6.

I dunno, maybe we went a tad overboard.
This mockup title screen shows how the Z would've looked on top of the normal title.

Unused Used
Plain and Simple Glowy + Tiled Logos

An alternate, simpler world map backdrop, similar to The New Challengers.

Hadouken Windup 1 Hadouken Windup 2 Hadouken Windup 3
A normal Hadouken windup animation for new hidden character Akuma, like the one for Ryu and Ken. In the actual game, he does his trademark bowlegged stance and then goes straight to the outstretched arm pose. This was later used in X-Men: Children of the Atom as his normal Hadouken's animation and the bowlegged-stance transition for his Shakunetsu Gou Hadou and the Hyper-X Messatsu Gou Hadou.

Standing Hard Kick Startup
An extra frame intended for the beginning of Akuma's far-standing hard kick.

Vertical Jumping LK/MK Startup Vertical Jumping LK/MK Recovery
Two frames intended for the startup and recovery of Akuma's vertical jumping light and medium kicks.

Rolling Throw 1 Rolling Throw 2 Rolling Throw 3 Rolling Throw 4
Akuma frames for Ken's rolling throw. This was used in X-Men: Children of the Atom for his high kick throw.

A unique electrocution sprite, with Akuma's characteristic topknot. In the actual game, he borrows Ryu and Ken's. This possibly went unused because it isn't properly indexed to fit the palette electrocuted sprites use, instead seemingly being indexed to fit Akuma's normal palette.

Akuma has the same unused Tatsumaki Zankukyaku startup animation frame that Ryu and Ken have (although in Ken's case, it's more "used to be unused").

Akuma's downward-angled Zanku Hadoukens get a newly drawn angled variant of the standard projectile impact animation... and just like the standard one, its last frame goes unused as the effect disappears before it can be displayed.

Interestingly, dizzied sprites for Akuma do not exist at all. He is the only character in the game that cannot be dizzied, but since this is an otherwise global mechanic and his sprites are mostly modified from Ryu and Ken, it might be reasonable to expect that dizzied sprites for Akuma exist... but they don't. For his X-Men: Children of the Atom appearance, he can be dizzied and so he has the similar dizzy sprite that Ryu and Ken have here.

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby
Sprites for an unused variant of Cammy's Hooligan Combination exist in the raw graphics data. Here she spins on a vertical axis rather than a horizontal one. No associated tilemaps or animation data seem to exist.

As if he needed even more drills.
Along with the animations for the newly-introduced sharp and shallow-angled variants of Dhalsim's drill kick exists an animation of a horizontally-oriented version, which was made by slightly redrawing the animation of his head drill attack. The animation has no attack box assigned and has the same vulnerability boxes as the medium-angled drill kick, implying it was abandoned fairly early in the development process.

Ssf2t-winicon1.gif Ssf2t-winicon2.gif Ssf2t-winicon3.gif Ssf2t-winicon4.gif Ssf2t-winicon5.gif Ssf2t-winicon6.gif Ssf2t-winicon7.gif Ssf2t-winicon8.gif
8 alternate styles of victory icons exist unused in the graphics data.

Ssf2t-super1.gif Ssf2t-super2.gif
Unique sprites of an icon for a full Super meter effect go unused in the graphics data, the actual game simply uses the game's standard font and an electricity effect from the title screen.

What the Super icon might have been intended to look like in action.

Ssf2t-ko5.gif Ssf2t-ko1.gif Ssf2t-ko2.gif Ssf2t-ko3.gif Ssf2t-ko4.gif
Several alternate versions of the "K.O." icon on the players' health bars exist, the actual game simply reuses the same icon from The New Challengers.

Ssf2t-ko-anim1.gif Ssf2t-ko-anim2.gif
They were likely intended to flash like this upon a character's health becoming low, like the one actually used in-game.

The "TURBO" in the game's non-Japanese title screen is actually formed from a font set, the rest of which goes unused.

The New Challengers had a special variant subtitled The Tournament Battle, which allowed 4 networked cabinets to be used for 8 player tournaments. It would appear that a similar variant was planned for this game but never realized, many graphics seemingly intended for such a version remain unused in the game's data:

A "The League Battle" subtitle, very similar to the one used in The Tournament Battle.

A set of large ranking numbers, complete with proper suffixes and even an alternate Japanese suffix.

Some messages written with the font used for the non-Japanese title screen's "TURBO" text, except that they are stored separately and have different gradients.

An explanation of the tournament rules. The Japanese text translates to:

Official Rules
This is a round-robin tournament against X other players.
You will fight X rounds against X players, a total of 9 rounds against X players.
Placement is determined by winning percentage.
If you win more rounds, your rank will increase.
Aim for a Perfect (total X wins)!

This is substantially different from the rules of the previous Tournament Battle variant, which used a 3-round single elimination style format.

To do:
Messed-up Shinkuu Hadouken frame.
In-game Fixed
Standing Block
Far Standing Hard Kick
Far Standing Medium Kick
Standing Block
Far Standing Hard Kick
Far Standing Medium Kick

A few of Akuma's animation frames have some of his hair or gi clipped off, although the tiles for them actually exist.

In-game Fixed
Ssf2t-akuma-aura.gif Ssf2t-akuma-aura-fix.gif

Of the eight frames that exist within the raw graphics data for Akuma's trademark fiery aura animation, only six have tilemaps defined... and the animation data doesn't even play those in the proper order!

In-game Full
Ssf2tarcintrocammy.png Ssf2t-cammy-body.gif Ssf2t-cammy-gauntlets.gif

Cammy's graphic in the attract mode's intro is slightly cut off by the bottom of the visible screen, which in addition to being blocked by her gauntlets causes much of her body to be unseen. Speaking of which, the gauntlets extend beyond the bottom of the screen as well.

In-game Fixed
Ssf2t-cammy-beret.png Ssf2t-cammy-fixed.png

While not egregious, Cammy's beret also suffers from a mismatched palette, which is pretty hard to unsee once you notice it. Applying the correct palette reveals her hair around that area was inverted as well. This was fixed in later ports of the game, including those for PC and 3DO.

Tournament Battle Mode

To do:

The CPS-2 network emulation has been emulated.

Try to see if this feature function in this game.

Ssf2t-tourn1.png Ssf2t-tourn2.png
The framework of The New Challengers‍ '​ Tournament Battle mode remains in this entry. Setting address FF8349 to a non-zero value will enable the mode. It has not been updated to incorporate the new graphics or rules that were seemingly intended for The League Battle.

Unused Music

ID Sound Notes
The "Champion" screen theme from the previous entry's Tournament Battle release and its console ports. This might've been used in the win screen of this game's scrapped The League Battle mode. This was later used again for the standard end credits of Hyper Street Fighter II.
A track of unknown purpose.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan International
SSF2T-Title-JP.png Super Street Fighter II Turbo-title.png

Gameplay Differences

  • The computer-controlled opponents are much harder in non-Japanese versions, even if the difficulty setting is at Easiest. This difficulty change was not carried over to the international versions of the game in Street Fighter Collection for PlayStation and Sega Saturn.
  • In the Japanese version, Zangief's jumping headbutt move (jump straight up, hold up and press strong or fierce) does more damage and more stun. It will usually cause dizziness the first time it connects in a round, the amount of stun required to cause dizziness goes up the first two times a character is dizzied.
  • In the World sets only, if Old Zangief's roundhouse suplex is performed as a reversal attack, it can throw the other character from any distance.
  • The speed numbering in the operator's menu is different between versions:
Japan 1 2 3 4
International 0 1 2 3
(Source: https://wiki.supercombo.gg/w/Super_Street_Fighter_2_Turbo)

Win Quotes

JP Text フン、その程度か。。。くだらん!
Translation Hmph, is that all you've got? Pathetic!
JP Text 天命、 我にあり!!
Translation My destiny is in me!!
JP Text 我が拳に敵なし!
Translation My fist has no equal!
JP Text おろか者め、去ねい!!
Translation Leave, fool!!
JP Text 真の勝者は一人でよい。弱者死すべし!
Translation There can be only one true victor. Let the weak die!
JP Text ・・・・・・。
Translation ...

Akuma/Gouki actually has win quotes in the Japanese version, but unlike the other characters, he doesn't have a single quote in the international versions ... not even the one with just dots!

Akuma Boss


JP Text 我は、拳を極めし者。
Translation I am the Master of the Fist.
You shall learn how weak you are!

In the introduction of the secret fight with Akuma, the Japanese version has a brief quote that appears after he attacks M.Bison/Vega (Dictator) and just before his fight starts. On the international versions, he doesn't say anything, the fight just starts as soon as Bison is dealt with...

...this also makes an animation of Dictator's body falling to the floor go unused in non-Japanese versions.

Akuma's Ending

The game has two different endings when playing as Akuma: one for defeating Bison and the other after defeating Akuma's boss version. In non-Japanese versions, all the dialogue and a piece of narration on the latter ending were removed.

After Defeating Bison:

JP Text 「悪の帝王だと・・・フン、くちほどにもない」
Translation "The Emperor of Evil, huh? Hmph, nothing to write home about."


JP Text 「拳を極めた者が勝つ。それだけだ」
Translation "He who has mastered the fist wins. Nothing more."

After Defeating Boss Akuma:

JP Text 「うぬは・・・何者だ?」
Translation "Who... are you?"


JP Text 「俺はキサマのかげ・・・
Translation "I am your shadow...
Anyone who is possessed by their own shadow must die. This means that you are finished!"


JP Text 「フン!もとよりわれは闇の住人。
Translation "Hmph! I have always lived in darkness.
I will never fear death... Pointless!"


JP Text ・・・その男は、再び闇に消えた。
Translation ...The man returned to the darkness,
leaving behind many mysteries...