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X-Men: Children of the Atom (Arcade)

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Title Screen

X-Men: Children of the Atom

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Arcade (CP System II)
Released in JP: December 1994
Released in US: January 1995
Released in EU: January 1995
Released in BR: 1995
Released in AS: December 1994

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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X-Men: Children of the Atom is a fighting game starring everyone's favorite mutants and their enemies, plus a hidden, playable master warrior that opened the floodgates for a crossover series.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Debug Menu

A debug menu is accessible by setting FFEAEB to E5 and entering the test menu.

Option Function
HIT EDITOR A character editor. Make sure to disable character cheats, or the game will lock up with Wolverine's name on the screen. Controls:
  • 1P Start - Selects between Character Move and Hit Editor modes.
  • 2P Start - Selects the background color. Some background color causes another character to appear.
  • LP - Select character or effect (use joystick. To select Akuma, set the character in the debug menu as the last effect, then set FF4051 to 18; his name will appear as nine question marks).
  • MP - Animates.
  • HP - Animates, but faster (effective mostly on Psylocke and Akuma).
  • LK - Select flip.
  • MK - Adjusts position (use joystick).
  • HK - Resets to the first frame.
PARTS EDITOR Edits hitboxes.

Use EDIT to select a character (you cannot select Akuma), Save to save changes, and Exit to leave. The Save and Exit confirmations are in Japanese only.

TSUKAMI EDITOR Shows throw movements. (You will hear Wolverine's grunt when you enter this menu) Controls:
  • 2P Start - Change background color.
  • Joypad Left/Right - Change animation.
  • 1P LP - Change character (you cannot select Akuma. Choosing Wolverine or Sentinel will play one of their grunts).
  • 1P MP - Animate.
  • 1P HP - Animate (faster).
  • 1P LK - Flip.
  • 1P MK - Move.
  • 1P HK - Play grunt.
  • 2P LP - Same as 1P LP.
  • 2P MP - Change priority.
  • 2P HP - Animate the victim (always Wolverine).
  • 2P LK - Flip the victim.
GAMEMAP TEST Allows you to view backgrounds used in the endings. Use 1P LP to change the background (space with either Avalon, villains' escape pod, a flying Sentinel, or the Blackbird in it, or an unused screen of a painting with the X-Men team minus Colossus, or a forest as used in Wolverine's and Psylocke's ending) and the 1P arrow keys to move the background.
ENDING OBJECT TEST Views objects used in the ending. Change objects with the joypad and animate with MP (one frame) or HP (all frame), and reset to the first frame with HK. You can also move the object by holding MP.
MESSAGE TEST Allows you to see messages (win quotes, endings, etc.). Select region/language (Japan, United States/English, Spanish, Italy) and message type (win, ending, or continue).

Akuma's lines exist only in English and Japanese. In Italian and Spanish, win messages 60 and after that are omitted, with the quote 5F consisting only of ellipses. His ending line ("I am the master warrior!") was left untranslated. Furthermore, viewing the continue messages in Italian or Spanish will cause the game to crash to attract mode since they were not translated to these languages.

SCR PRI TEST A scroll test (stage viewer). The weak attack buttons correspond to the S1 scroll, the middle ones to the S2 scroll, and the fierce ones to the S3 scroll. By default, Colossus' stage is displayed.
  • Press 1P Start to change modes.
  • In SCROLLMOVE-TEST mode, hold the kick button(s) while moving the joypad to move the objects.
  • In CHANGE-PRIORITY mode, use the joypad to select the scroll/object (S1, S2, S3, or OB), and use the 1P LP to select it, then press 1P LP again to select the new priority.
  • In SCROLL-ON/OFF mode, use the punch buttons to show or hide the scrolls.
SCR BLK TEST A scroll block test used to view objects for a stage. You will be asked to select a scroll before starting. By default, Colossus' scroll blocks are displayed.
  • Use the 1P joypad to move the currently selected object.
  • Press 1P LP or 1P MP to select an object.
  • Press 1P HP to select toggle the scroll marker.
  • Press 1P LK to speed up the movement of the cursor.
  • Press 2P Start to return the object to its original position.
SENSEI Tests various attack information for every character. Select a character, then press 1P LP. This will take a few seconds.

It's possible that "Test Data" in this mode corresponds to Akuma.

EXIT Exactly what it says on the tin.
(Discovery: Abystus)

Unused Graphics

Two unused frames for the female Acolyte (Anne-Marie Cortez) that's seen only in the endings on the 1.00 version of the game. It appears that she would've leaned against Magneto after helping him get up.

X-Men CotA Colossus paints.gif X-Men CotA Colossus painting hat.png
X-Men CotA Colossus picture.png
Both the Hit Editor and Ending Object Test reveal the sprite of Colossus painting a picture (including an appropriate hat for this task) of the playable X-Men with Professor Xavier in place of Colossus (found in Gamemap Test). These may have been related to the scrapped multiple ending choices referenced by unused text.

X-Men CotA Juggernaut Alternate Palette.png X-Men CotA Magneto Alternate Palette.png
Juggernaut and Magneto have unused alternate palettes for mirror matches, which can only be selected by choosing both the first and second players' characters as either Juggernaut or Magneto. The difference is quite mild, only in the brightness of the colors.

Unused Text

To do:
  • Does the Japanese version actually have references to Colossus joining Magneto?
  • Proper pictures of the dialogues.
  • Any language, Ending Message, Message ID 0: NOW MAKING X-MEN COMING SOON! CAPCOM - a typical location test leftover that would be found in later games. This message is said by Wolverine, uses the full-width font used for English text in the Japanese version, and has a broken frame.
  • Any language except Japanese, Ending Message, Message IDs 8E-90, 98-9A: (all of the following are said by Colossus)
  • ID English Spanish Italian
    8E Join Magneto.
    Refuse Magneto.
    (empty) (empty)
    8F I have lost too many of my loved ones to Xavier's failed He perdido a muchos amigos pr el sueňo de Xavier. Ho perso molti amici per il sogno di Xavier.
    90 dream. I will try yours. Probaré contigo. Combatterõ adesso per il tuo.
    98 I chose to follow Magneto because I cannot forgive the Seguiré a Magneto porque no perdonaré a los asesinos de Volevo seguire Mag-neto, perchẽ gil umani hanno
    99 humans for killing mother and father. But... mis padres. Pero... ammazzato I miei genitori.
    9A Did I truly make the right choice? ¿He tomado la decisión correcta? Perõ, ho preso la giusta decisione?

    These are all references to Colossus' stint as a member of Magneto's Acolytes in the comics' Fatal Attractions storyline (that one where Wolverine gets his adamantium ripped by Magneto), where the game is loosely based upon. An empty box also exists in the Japanese language, ending message ID 98, while Colossus' options to join or reject Magneto can be found in ID C.

    ID Japanese Other Language ID
    C マグニートーに従う

    Regional Differences

    X-Men CotA Capcom Logo.png
    The Japanese version adds a Capcom logo and a silhouette of Ryu in front of a purple globe between the Q-Sound logo and the attract mode sequence. This logo would later appear for all regions in the next Marvel/Capcom fighting games that ran on the CPS-2 board.

    Revisional Differences

    To do:
    Rip the female Acolyte sprite?

    In version 1.00 (revision 941208):

    • It's not possible to speed up the results screen at the end of every round as it is in further versions.
    • The special ending that is shown if the player completes the game without using a continue hasn't been added, but the song that plays in it is present in the sound test.
    • When Magneto walks, his fists would be always covered in animated blue energy. This detail was scrapped in subsequent revisions.
    • Magneto does not have his infamous difficulty yet. Noticeably, his EM Pulse only shoots one stream of energy.
    • A fifth, female Acolyte (Anne-Marie Cortez) appears in everyone's endings; she restrains Magneto by grabbing his crotch. Her sprites were left unused in newer versions.

    Screenshots depicting Anne-Marie Cortez.

    • The music used in the ending is different: when the Acolytes fall down, it plays track 0017, followed by track 0018 when the character leaves Magneto. All other versions use the more appropriate track 0002 during the Avalon scene, and when it explodes, it goes silent.
    • Just after Avalon explodes in everyone's ending, there is a short scene that shows the character returning to Earth. The text box for this scene is placed at the top of the screen. In all other versions, it is placed at the bottom instead.
    • There is only one dinosaur in the Savage Land, Wolverine's stage.
    • There doesn't seem to be any way to access Akuma yet.
    • It is possible to stun the opponent and gain super meter energy during the "beating the dead character" sequence (hit start when a round ends).
    • The bookkeeping feature (Game Data in test menu) does not work properly—the coin, service credit, and free play counters all report 967295 and the average operating time is always one second. This also happens in version 2.00.
    (Source: Rage Quitter 87, scoobydude51 (MAME Testers, Game Data bug))