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Proto:X-Men 2: Clone Wars

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This page details one or more prototype versions of X-Men 2: Clone Wars.

A bunch of prototypes were part of Hidden Palace's massive February 23, 2008 proto release.


X-Men 2 - Clone Wars-intro screen-May 06 1994.png
May 6, 1994 Build
The earliest available build, with the most differences from the final.
May 10, 1994 Build
A slightly newer build with some additional things here and there.
Oct 18, 1994 Build
A build that seems to have had a bad ROM dump...
Nov 17, 1994 Build
The first available build containing most of the final levels in the game.
X-Men 2 - Clone Wars title screen Nov 23 1994.png
Nov 23, 1994 Build
Now with a title screen and character select screen!
Nov 30, 1994 Build
Has a more polished version of the final boss, among other differences.
Dec 2, 1994 Build
Getting closer to the finished product.