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X-Men: The Official Game (Nintendo DS)

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Title Screen

X-Men: The Official Game

Developer: Amaze Entertainment
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in US: May 16, 2006
Released in EU: May 19, 2006

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The official game supporting the third FOX X-Men movie.


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Prerelease Info


There is a file called dialog_English.txt, but contrary to its name, it does not hold English dialogue, but merely says

Place Holder.

The game's dialogue is stored in .dlg files, which are just .txt files with a different extension. The .dlg files however all start with a test line of dialogue:

Test Line

The file TableStr.log appears to be the log of some kind of file packing or exporting process.

Reading 46 entries from description Table 
Reading 137 entries from Table 0 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L00.txt
Reading 6 entries from Table 1 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L01.txt
Reading 328 entries from Table 2 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L02.txt
Reading 60 entries from Table 3 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L03.txt
Reading 209 entries from Table 4 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L04.txt
Reading 5 entries from Table 5 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L05.txt
Reading 150 entries from Table 6 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L06.txt
Reading 66 entries from Table 7 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L07.txt
Reading 1 entries from Table 8 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L08.txt
Reading 25 entries from Table 9 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L09.txt
Reading 22 entries from Table 10 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L10.txt
Reading 159 entries from Table 11 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L11.txt
Reading 1 entries from Table 12 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L12.txt
Reading 270 entries from Table 13 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L13.txt
Reading 873 entries from Table 14 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L14.txt
Reading 144 entries from Table 15 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L15.txt
Reading 29 entries from Table 16 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L16.txt
Reading 27 entries from Table 17 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L17.txt
Reading 22 entries from Table 18 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L18.txt
Reading 31 entries from Table 19 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L19.txt
Reading 8 entries from Table 20 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L20.txt
Reading 134 entries from Table 21 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L21.txt
Reading 178 entries from Table 22 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L22.txt
Reading 12 entries from Table 23 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L23.txt
Reading 21 entries from Table 24 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L24.txt
Reading 41 entries from Table 25 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L25.txt
Reading 1187 entries from Table 26 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L26.txt
Reading 263 entries from Table 27 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L27.txt
Reading 1 entries from Table 28 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L28.txt
Reading 181 entries from Table 29 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L29.txt
Reading 7 entries from Table 30 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L30.txt
Reading 4 entries from Table 31 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L31.txt
Reading 153 entries from Table 32 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L32.txt
Reading 15 entries from Table 33 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L33.txt
Reading 274 entries from Table 34 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L34.txt
Reading 2 entries from Table 35 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L35.txt
Reading 268 entries from Table 36 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L36.txt
Reading 7 entries from Table 37 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L37.txt
Reading 6 entries from Table 38 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L38.txt
Reading 4 entries from Table 39 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L39.txt
Reading 4 entries from Table 40 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L40.txt
Reading 206 entries from Table 41 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L41.txt
Reading 4 entries from Table 42 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L43.txt
Reading 11 entries from Table 43 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L44.txt
Reading 135 entries from Table 44 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L45.txt
Reading 4 entries from Table 45 = C:\Projects\NitroDS\XMen\Game\Assets\_Access\L46.txt
debug: sorting Actions by field K_Actions
debug: sorting EntityType by field K_EntityType
debug: sorting Animation by field K_Animation
debug: sorting Moveset by field K_Moveset
debug: sorting Entity by field K_Entity
debug: sorting AnimType by field K_AnimType
debug: sorting Events by field K_Events
debug: sorting Function by field K_Function
debug: sorting MotionDescriptionID by field K_MotionDescriptionID
debug: sorting Operator by field K_Operator
debug: sorting MoveSetTypes by field K_MoveSetTypes
debug: sorting AnimationEvents by field SLL02_Animation_Name
release: sorting AnimationEvents by field SLL02_Animation_Name
debug: sorting AnimationEventType by field K_AnimationEventType
debug: sorting StateDescription by field K_StateDescription
debug: sorting State by field SLL13_Current_State
release: sorting State by field SLL13_Current_State
debug: sorting Triggers by field K_Triggers
debug: sorting VariableComparison by field K_VariableComparison
debug: sorting VariableDeclaration by field K_VariableDeclaration
debug: sorting VariableModification by field K_VariableModification
debug: sorting MotionLinks by field SLL02_Source
release: sorting MotionLinks by field SLL02_Source
debug: sorting Location by field K_Location
debug: sorting SoundType by field K_SoundType
debug: sorting GeometryTypeID by field K_GeometryTypeID
debug: sorting AppearanceType by field K_AppearanceType
debug: sorting SongType by field K_SongType
debug: sorting Map_List by field K_Map_List
debug: sorting Dialog by field K_Dialog
debug: sorting Conversation by field K_Conversation
debug: sorting Powers by field K_Powers
debug: sorting ImageID by field K_ImageID
debug: sorting SpeakerId by field K_SpeakerId
debug: sorting ZoneFlag by field K_ZoneFlag
debug: sorting ZoneBone by field SLL33_Skeleton
release: sorting ZoneBone by field SLL33_Skeleton
debug: sorting SkeletonType by field K_SkeletonType
debug: sorting BulletProps by field K_BulletProps
debug: sorting BulletCollisionType by field K_BulletCollisionType
debug: sorting WeaponProps by field k_WeaponProps
debug: sorting AnimGroups by field K_AnimGroups
debug: sorting AnimationSelectorTypes by field x_AnimationSelectorTypes
release: sorting AnimationSelectorTypes by field x_AnimationSelectorTypes
debug: sorting WeightClass by field x_WeightClass
release: sorting WeightClass by field x_WeightClass
debug: sorting HeroType by field K_HeroType
debug: sorting EnemyType by field K_EnemyType
debug: sorting BulletType by field x_BulletType
release: sorting BulletType by field x_BulletType
debug: sorting BossEntry by field K_BossEntry
debug: sorting Palette_Cycle by field SLL25_Map
release: sorting Palette_Cycle by field SLL25_Map
debug: sorting MovieType by field K_MovieType