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Proto:Pocket Fighter (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Pocket Fighter (PlayStation).

A demo of Pocket Fighter was included on the Japanese HYPER PlayStation Re-Mix 1998 No.5 (SLPM-80308) demo disc, with some minor differences compared to the final game.

Title Screen

Demo Retail (Japan)
PocketFighterPSXTitleScreenSampleDemo.png PocketFighterPSXJPTitle.png

The demo has "SAMPLE" next to the logo.

Title Menu

Demo Retail (Japan) Retail (US/Europe)
PocketFighterPSXTitleMenuSampleDemo.png PocketFighterTitleMenuJP.png PocketFighterTitleMenuUS.png

The demo only has the mini logos for the Pocket Fighter and Edit Fighter modes. The Japanese retail game adds a mini logo for the Rival Schools: United By Fate Trial Version, while the international releases use a slightly different version of the demo's placement.

Attract Demos

Demo Retail
PocketFighterPSAttractDemoTrialVersion.png PocketFighterPSAttractDemoFinal.png

The attract demo only shows battles between Morrigan, Tessa, and Zangief at Ski Resort "La Menkoi" and Demitri's Moving Mansion, the characters and stages being the only ones selectable in the demo. Capcom's Japanese website URL is also absent.

Battle Select

Demo Retail
PocketFighterPSXBattleSelectSampleDemo.png PocketFighterPSXBattleSelectFinal.png

Due to being a demo, most of the options are inaccessible.

Free Battle

Demo Retail
PocketFighterPSXFreeBattlePlayerSelectSampleDemo.png Everyone is here!

Just three fighters can be chosen: Morrigan, Tessa (Tabasa in Japan), and Zangief.

Demo Retail
PocketFighterPSFreeBattleStageSelectTrialDemo.png PocketFighterPSFreeBattleStageSelectFinal.png

Only two stages can be chosen: Ski Resort "La Menkoi" and Demitri's Moving Mansion.

Running Battle

Demo Retail
PocketFighterPSXRunningBattleSampleDemo.png PocketFighterPSXPlayerSelect.png

While selectable, the demo only shows the stage preview (with no cameos) and a short description.

Japanese Translated
ライバルたちを倒しながら, 砂漠を駆け
抜けろ!! 走り間え, 間い走れ!! その先の
Run through the desert while defeating your rivals!!

Run, run for a while!!

Can you see what's waiting for the call ahead?

Edit Fighter

Demo Retail
PocketFighterPSXEditFighterSampleDemo.png PocketFighterPSXEditFighterMenu.png

Selecting Edit Fighter on the title menu will display a screen describing the mode.

Japanese Translated
A mode in which the abandoned sorcerer Tessa diagnoses your

personality and creates your very own alter-ego character for you.

Collect items, make your fighter stronger, and play against your friends!!