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Street Fighter: Duel

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Title Screen

Street Fighter: Duel

Also known as: Jiē Bà Duìjué (CN)
Developers: Capcom, TOPJOY (CN), Tencent Games (CN), Crunchyroll Games
Publishers: Crunchyroll Games, Tencent Games (CN), A PLUS (CN)
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released internationally: February 28, 2023
Released in JP: March 27, 2024
Released in CN: November 26, 2020

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

"The fight's just begun! We need your help!"

Combining the classic 2D-fighting gameplay that the series is known for, with 3-vs-3 team battles and a handful of action-RPG elements, Street Fighter: Duel has more fighters than any other spin-off game in the series: a total of more than 101 of them (44 of which coming back from Street Fighter IV and it's Super and Ultra updates), compiles classic locations and stages from both the IV and V eras of the series (while also adding in brand-new ones), and features an original extensive storyline.

To do:
  • Unused content, if there is any.
  • More regional and revisional version differences, if there are any.

Regional Differences

App Icon

China International
SFDuelCHNAppIconVer.1.7.000.png SFDuelENAppIcon.png

The Chinese app icons have the Tencent Games logo symbol, while the English app icons have the Crunchyroll Games logo symbol.


China International
SFDuelCHNTOPJOYGamesLogo.png SFDuelENCrunchyrollGamesonscreenlogo.png

After the Capcom logo, the Chinese version has the animated TOPJOY and Tencent Games logos. The English version, only just has an animated Crunchyroll Games logo.

Download Screen

China International
SFDuelCHNDownloadScreen.png SFDuelENDownloadScreen.png

While the Chinese version of the game uses it's own unique artwork on the download screen, the English version re-uses the animated background from the title screen.

Opening Movie

China International
SFDuelCHNOpeningMovieLogo.png SFDuelENOpeningMovieLogo.png

At the beginning of the game's opening movie, the logo was changed between regions.

Title Screen

China International
SFDuelCHNTitleScreen.png SFDuelENTitleScreen.png

The game's logo and background on the title screen looked different between the Chinese and English versions.

Version Differences

Chinese App Icon

Version 1.0.10 Version 1.0.22 Version 1.6.301 Version 1.7.000
SFDuelCHNAppIconVer.1.0.10.png SFDuelCHNAppIconVer.1.0.22.png SFDuelCHNAppIconVer.1.6.301.png SFDuelCHNAppIconVer.1.7.000.png

The App Icon is different for each revision of the Chinese version of the game. Version 1.0.10 had an icon with Ryu, Version 1.0.22 had an icon with the game's Chinese logo, Version 1.6.301 had an icon with Chun-Li, and Version 1.7.000 has another Ryu icon.

English App Icon

Version 1.1.2 Version 1.1.5 Version 1.1.9 Version 1.2.1 Version 1.2.3
SFDuelENAppIcon.png SFDuelENAppIconVer.1.1.5.png SFDuelENAppIconVer.1.1.9.png SFDuelAppIconVer1.2.1.png SFDuelAppIconVer1.2.3.png

Like the Chinese version, each revision of the English release of the game has a different App Icon. Version 1.1.2 used an icon with Ryu, Version 1.1.5 uses an icon with Gore Magala Ken for the game's Monster Hunter crossover event, Version 1.1.9 uses an icon with Dante for the first Devil May Cry 5 crossover event, Version 1.2.1 uses an icon with Vergil and Nero for the second Devil May Cry 5 crossover event and Version 1.2.3 uses an icon with Chun-Li.

English Title Screen

Normal Monster Hunter Crossover Event Devil May Cry 5 Crossover Event 1 Devil May Cry 5 Crossover Event 2
SFDuelENTitleScreen.png SFDuelENTitleScreenMHCrossoverEvent.png SFDuelENTitleScreenDMC5CrossoverEvent.png SFDuelTitleScreenDMC5CrossoverEventPart2.png

The English version's title screen was changed for certain events.