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Street Fighter Collection 2 (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Street Fighter Collection 2

Also known as: Capcom Generation 5: Dai Go Shuu - Kakutouka-tachi (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom (JP/US), Virgin Interactive (EU)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: December 3, 1998
Released in US: October 31, 1998
Released in EU: May 1999

Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Street Fighter Collection 2 is a compilation for the PlayStation that contains the first three iterations of the Street Fighter II series (World Warrior, Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting) in what were the first truly accurate home conversions of these games (barring the rare X68000 version of Champion Edition exclusive to Japan), right down to Ryu's "Sheng Long" victory phrase. As a result, these versions would serve as the basis for subsequent ports of the games that were included in later Capcom compilations... that doesn't depend on arcade ROMs, anyway.

All this plus the hidden "Deluxe Versus Mode" (think Hyper Street Fighter II but drawing only from the original Street Fighter II's), which they were kind enough to carry over to said compilations as well.

Unused Moves

Street Fighter Collection 2 psx dhalsim unused moves.png

Using GameShark code 3016BF84 0000, you can use low kick/punch moves for Dhalsim that went unused. In the final game, the low kick is replaced with a slide, and the low punch with the elongated punch.

(Source: bigbossman120277 (YouTube))

Regional Differences

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International Japanese
Street Fighter Collection 2 psx title.png Cg5ps title.png

Street Fighter Collection 2 was released as part of the Capcom Generation series of classic games compilations in Japan. This was originally the plan for the US version as well, but for some reason Capcom couldn't manage to release any of the other compilations in the US (despite having advertised them in a sales catalog, and having the first four compilations released into one game in Europe), so they changed the title for the international releases. Since a Street Fighter Collection was already released, they simply took the title of the previous compilation and slapped a "2" next to the logo.

Now Loading

International Japanese
Sfc2ps loading.png Cg5ps loading.png

The "Now Loading" screen that is displayed following the Capcom logo animation is a bit fancier in the international version.


International Japanese
Sfc2ps ww logo.png
Sfc2ps ce logo.png
Sfc2ps hf logo.png
Cg5ps sf2 logo.png
Cg5ps sf2d logo.png
Cg5ps sf2dt logo.png

Subtitles were added to the logos on the opening sequence to make the different iterations of the game more distinguishable for overseas players. Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting were titled Street Fighter II Dash and Street Fighter II Dash Turbo respectively in Japan, but the word "Dash" was represented by the apostrophe-like symbol (a prime to be precise) next to the numeral, rather than being a written word on the title. Moreover, the Hyper Fighting logo was different for the international releases - since the word "Turbo" wasn't actually written on the international version of the game's title, it was instead added to the subtitle.

International Japanese
Sfc2ps game menu.png Cg5ps game menu.png

These subtitles are used in place of the actual logos on the game selection screen for the international version. The regional differences between the games themselves are the same as they were in their original arcade releases.


International Japanese
Sfc2ps collection 1.png
Sfc2ps collection 2.png
Sfc2ps collection 3.png
Cg5ps collection 1.png
Cg5ps collection 2.png
Cg5ps collection 3.png

The Collection mode, which contains supplemental materials related to each game, has two additional sections of content per game in the Japanese version: "Profile", which is just a general overview of the game; and "Etc.", which actually contains pages of a development document for the original Street Fighter II.