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Street Fighter 6

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Title Screen

Street Fighter 6

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Windows
Released internationally: June 2, 2023

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After a...mixed reaction to Street Fighter V, Capcom took it upon themselves to correct many of that title's flaws in Street Fighter 6. Moving to the RE Engine and adopting a more realistic artstyle, this game has far more polished online play, a fancy 3D lobby system, crossplay between all platforms, an extensive "World Tour" single-player mode, a custom character creator that allows you to make some absolute nightmares...and it finally sets the timeline after Street Fighter III.

To do:
  • Unused content to be documented (such as graphics, models, sounds, etc.), if there is any inside the game's files.
    • As noted in the Prerelease page's Fighting Ground sub-page, the TGS 2022 Capcom TV webstream pre-release gameplay had a windowed debug menu. Does that debug menu still exist in the final game or not?
  • Any in-game bugs to be covered and documented?


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Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info

Offscreen Areas in Fighting Ground VS Room

If someone manages to disable the user interface, and control the camera in the PC version at the Fighting Ground's Character Select screen, it's revealed that there are actually some off-screen parts of the room that are not normally seen in-game in the PS4, PS5, and Xbox versions.

Internal Project Name

In some of the filenames of the game's .pak, it seems to suggest that Street Fighter 6 was given the internal name of es (referring to the E-Sports fighting-game tournament events).

Regional Differences

To do:
  • More regional differences to cover and document.
    • For one thing, the voices in the BGM for "Channel Eternity Opening Slate" and "Pas de Deux - Manon's Critical Art" are different between the English and Japanese versions.

In the Japanese version of the game, much of the English menu text is capitalized. This change also happened in some of Capcom's other recent games, such as Capcom Arcade Stadium and its sequel, and Capcom Fighting Collection.

Presence of Akuma/Gouki

From the May 22, 2024 update onward, Akuma's name was changed to Gouki in the Japanese version, as in previous games. This change also even applies to his character logo, and his introduction card in World Tour.

Japanese International
SF6WorldTourIntroCardforAkumaJPVer.png SF6WorldTourIntroCardforAkuma.png
Japanese International
Gouki Akuma

His name in the song title of his in-game theme; "Shura" was also changed to reflect the region.

Japanese International
♪ Shura - Gouki's Theme ♪ Shura - Akuma's Theme

Fighting Ground Real-Time Commentator Names

In the non-Asian languages, the English commentators are only used by their commentator names, except Thea "Zelina Vega" Trindad (who is known in Japanese by her first name "Thea").

Fighting Ground VS Screen Cutscene

Japanese English
SF6FGVSScreenCutsceneJP.png SF6FGVSScreenCutsceneEN.png

During the VS Screen cutscene shown before a 1P VS. 2P one-on-one match in the Fighting Ground, the infomation text header that appears reads "(Number)P INFO" in Japan, and as "P(Number) Information" in English. The info text for character heights, weights, likes and dislikes are also translated to match their regional language.

Fighting Ground Results

To do:
Could all of the other regional languages (apart from English and Japanese) be added?
Japanese English
(Character) WIN (Character) WINS

At the end of a one-on-one match in Fighting Ground, the UI text reads "(Character) WIN" in the Japanese version. In English, an "S" was added to the text so that it reads "(Character) WINS". Other languages have the "WINS" text translated into their own regional language for them. This change is also affected in the Announcer's voice clips.

Japanese English
Japanese English

On the Results screen in the Fighting Ground, the text for marking won/lost players reads "WIN" and "LOSE" for the Japanese version, though they were changed to "WON" and "LOST" in English.


Internal Names

To do:
  • More internal names to cover and document in the .pak through the .list files of the CBT and Demo.

In most of the .pak's files, there are several internal names for the in-game assets.

Name Refers to Notes
esf Masters This internal name is seen on assets for the masters (the playable fighters in Fighting Ground).
ess Battle Stages This internal name is seen on assets for stage battle enviroments.
fg Fighting Ground This internal name is used on assets for the Fighting Ground.
wt World Tour This internal name is used on assets for World Tour.
bh Battle Hub This internal name is used on assets for Battle Hub.
cfn Capcom Fighters Network This internal name is used on assets for the CFN online network.
commentator Real-Time Commentary This internal name is used on assets for the Real-Time Commentary feature.
sa Super Arts This internal name is used on assets for the characters' Super Arts.
ca Critical Arts This internal name is used on assets for the characters' Critical Arts.
cs Cutscenes This internal name is used on assets for cutscenes.
mame MAME Emulator This internal name is used on assets for the emulator used to run game roms in the Game Center.
cnt Closed Network Tests This internal name is used on assets for the Closed/Open Beta Tests.

Character Roster Order

In the game's files, the character roster order is listed differently than in the game itself, revealing that the game has 22 characters total, with only 18 of them being fully playable at launch. There are also ordered internal numbers for the four Year 1 DLC characters (Rashid, Ed, Akuma/Gouki and A.K.I.).

Number Character Base/DLC
01 Ryu Base
02 Luke Base
03 Kimberly Base
04 Chun-Li Base
05 Manon Base
06 Zangief Base
07 JP Base
08 Dhalsim Base
09 Cammy Base
10 Ken Base
11 Dee Jay Base
12 Lily Base
13 A.K.I. DLC
14 Rashid DLC
15 Blanka Base
16 Juri Base
17 Marisa Base
18 Guile Base
19 Ed DLC
20 E. Honda Base
21 Jamie Base
22 Akuma/Gouki DLC

Scrapped E3 2022/2023 Demo Presence

Inside the .pak (package) file for the PC Demo in "natives/stm/product/flow", there's a folder with the internal name of e3rom, referencing to a scrapped event kiosk demo for E3 2022/2023 that never made it past the pre-release proposal stage, due to that event already being cancelled in place of Summer Game Fest.

Update Patch Differences

To do:
  • More revisional differences between patch updates to cover and document. This will probably be put into a sub-page in the future.

Version 1.0001.005

Released on June 14, 2023, with the following changes:

  • Maintenance work was carried out to fix various bug issues with the game.
  • Battle balance adjustments have been fixed.
  • The "Early Summer Vibes" Fighting Pass starts.

Version 1.0001.010

Released on July 2, 2023, with the following changes:

  • The "Rashid Arrives!" Fighting Pass has started.
  • A club recruitment campaign is now underway.
  • The number of Battle Hub servers have been adjusted in order to lessen network strain.
  • A temporary fix has been implemented to address a known Throw Escape bug. The current fix makes it much more difficult to intentionally replicate the bug, and a solution to address the root as it is still being worked on.

Version 1.0001.011

Released on July 24, 2023 with the following changes:

  • New items were added to the Goods Shop.
    • DLC character Rashid, with his Outfit 2 and Colors 3-10 and character story added to Arcade Mode in Fighting Ground, and his Master Missions added to World Tour. To play as him, you must have either the Year 1 Character Pass or the Year 1 Ultimate Pass or have purchased the character from the Goods Shop. You can also use a Rental Fighter ticket to play the character for one hour.
    • Avatar gear: Pirate Captain Bundle, Resort-Style Bundle, Breezy Resort-Style Bundle, which are also available as individual items.
  • Added an Easier way to switch between Record and Playback in the Training Mode pause menu.
  • Master League added (which coincides with the beginning of Phase 1 on August 1st).
  • World Tour Missions featuring Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium Tournament and Suval'hal Arena (you must complete the main game to access these missions).
  • New cutscenes were added to the Gallery under Cutscenes > World Tour.
  • Other miscellaneous bugs were fixed.

Version 1.0400.000

Released on February 27, 2024, with the following changes:

  • New items were added to the Goods Shop.
    • DLC character Ed, with his Outfit 2 and Colors 3-10 and character story added to Arcade Mode in Fighting Ground, and his Master Missions added to World Tour. To play as him, you must have either the Year 1 Character Pass or the Year 1 Ultimate Pass or have purchased the character from the Goods Shop. You can also use a Rental Fighter ticket to play the character for one hour.
    • The Ruined Lab stage was added to the Fighting Ground.
    • More Avatar gear was added.
    • The Cute Style of challenge customization portraits was added for all characters, along with Ed's Cartoonish Style portrait.
  • The copyright info on the game's Title Screen was changed.
Pre-Version 1.0400.000 Version 1.0400.000
SF6TitleScreen(Pre-Ver1.0400.000).png SF6TitleScreen.png
  • The "Mega Man Gala" Fighting Pass starts.
  • In Training Mode, the dummy’s control type will now be reflected when recording inputs for the dummy.
  • For the Character Guides and Combo Trials, Shortcut Settings have been added to the pause menu. The character’s name will now play when selecting a character via the Change Character option in the pause menu.
  • In Versus Mode, the game will now temporarily remember your outfit and color choices on the Character Select screen.
  • It is now possible to select a Search Range for matchmaking.
  • A dedicated throw button has been added for Modern Controls. In addition, various tweaks have been made in battles.
  • A Player Side Notification Sound option has been added to In-Battle Accessibility Settings under Audio.
  • A Battle Hub Background Music Settings option has been added to Other Settings under Audio.
  • A Game Pad Button Icon Type option has been added to Other Input Settings under Controls. (For the Windows version only)
  • An Output Display option has been added under Graphics.
  • You can now view details of the rewards available for a tournament you have entered via a preview window on the Tournament Overview screen.
  • A feature to display a Link Code has been added. With the Link Code you can unlock outfits, colors, and titles that you own in the game for use in the japan-only arcade port of Street Fighter 6 titled Street Fighter 6: Type Arcade. The feature will be enabled in Type Arcade at a later date via an update.
  • An Extra Lighting feature has been added to the Camera in World Tour.
  • Ed's graffiti logo sticker and 24 new Pockest stickers have been added to the Chat feature.
  • Fixed an issue which made it difficult to operate the Custom Room Battle Cabinet UI in cases where the UI refreshed as the number of spectators increased.
  • It is now possible to claim and clear rewards in cases where doing so would result in having more than the maximum number of Rental Fighter tickets allowed. (The reward will be counted as claimed, but the excess Rental Fighter tickets will be discarded.)
  • Some connection error messages have been adjusted.
  • When spectating multiple matches in succession, Kudos will now be added appropriately for the number of matches spectated.
  • Adjusted so that completed challenges will now move to the bottom of the challenge list.
  • A new type of challenge, consisting of multiple tasks, has been created. For these new challenges, finishing any one of the tasks will result in the challenge being completed.
  • It was previously possible to clear World Tour battle related challenges through Avatar battles online, but this has now been fixed. (These challenges will be replaced by the new multi-task challenges mentioned above.)
  • Time information (in hours and minutes) will now be displayed on the Fighter Coin Details screen for elements like purchases on the Purchase Details tab.
  • If you enter a name for your club that cannot be used, you will now be given a reason for why it cannot be used.
  • You will now be automatically placed in a conversation with Eternity when entering the Battle Hub for the first time during an active Street Voter.
  • The Glide emote had unintentionally been set as a potential Cheering emote when spectating in the Battle Hub. It can no longer be used as a Cheering emote.
  • The Street Dance, Cameraman, Cheer 4, Laugh, and Cheer 5 emotes have all been added to the list of possible Cheering emotes.
  • Fixes an issue in Training Mode where the damage display would show more damage than intended in cases where one of A.K.I.’s poison applying attacks and one of her strikes landed at the same time.
  • Other battle-related changes and bugs have been fixed.