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Fatal Fury Special (Neo Geo)

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Title Screen

Fatal Fury Special

Also known as: Garou Densetsu Special (JP)
Developer: SNK
Publisher: SNK
Platform: Arcade (Neo Geo AVS)
Released internationally: December 22, 1993

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

An expansion of Fatal Fury 2 in the spirit of Super Street Fighter II. Rather than introduce new characters, this one enables the four bosses as well as draw from the first Fatal Fury game with the additions of Duck King, Tung Fu Rue, and another boss, Geese, marking the first playable appearances of all three. There is even a hidden fight with some guy from another SNK fighting game...

Sound Test


In console mode, pause the game and press A, B, C, D, A for the game's sound test.

(Source: SSnesVegita)

Unused Animations and Sprites

To do:
Graphics rips.

A couple of unused animations can be seen by hacking the game's ROMs.

Apply the following patch to 058-p1.bin to see an alternate background for Terry's stage, which features the four boss characters from Fatal Fury 2 (Billy, Axel, Laurence and Krauser). This will also make Mr. Big from the Art of Fighting series appear, performing his cross diving move.

0001EED4: D6 8A
0001EED5: EE EF

(Source: abeaof)

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan US/Europe
Garou Densetsu Special title screen.png Ngfatfursp-title.png

The Japanese title screen is slightly modified from the previous game with green text for the romaji, animated flames within the kanji, and "Special" in golden text. In contrast, the international title screen uses the same design for "Special" but has another redesigned "Fatal Fury" logo over a gray background. In addition, the "Special" letters in the Japanese version appear and vanish one at a time in quick succession before the word appears in full; while the international version has the letters slide onto the screen from the right to form the word, which then gains a drop shadow.