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Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack

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Title Screen

Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Arcade (CP System III)
Released internationally: September 30, 1997

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack is the 2nd game in the Street Fighter III series. Somewhat notable for introducing EX specials, Hugo, and Urien to the Street Fighter series.

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Notes: Specifically Ken and Urien's unused voicelines.

Unused Sounds

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There are more unused sounds.

New Generation Leftovers

The previous game's subtitle which remains as a leftover sound file. It goes unused in 2nd Impact because of the new subtitle.

A rain sound. A leftover from SFIII: New Generation, where it played in Dudley's stage. Likely since there is no rain in Dudley's 2nd Impact stage, this is left unused.

Parry Minigame

These sounds suggest that the "Let's Practice Parrying" bonus game was originally planned to be playable with two players. However, the bonus game became single player only.

(Source: Rage Quitter 87)

Unknown Female Fighter Voicelines

Unused female fighter sounds of unknown usage. These are likely placeholder voices for Chun-Li, who would make her first appearance in the Street Fighter III series with 3rd Strike.

However, they are more likely to belong to Makoto, who was initially planned to be in 2nd Impact but was cut very late in development. She was eventually added in 3rd Strike. The fact that the samples sound more karate-like than previous voice samples of Chun Li's supports this.

(Source: Rage Quitter 87)


Akuma saying "Gouzanku!", the name of his air fireball special.

(Source: Rage Quitter 87)


Unused voicelines belonging to Ken.


Elena saying "I feel the spirits".


A Japanese voiceline found near Urien's voicelines.


A myriad of unused grunts that likely belong to Yang.

Regional Differences

The U.S. release features some censorship of blood for American audiences, as was typically the case for Capcom fighting games making their way to the west.

Japanese American
StreetFighter32ndImpact-AkumaBloodJPN.png StreetFighter32ndImpact-AkumaBloodUSA.png

When Akuma loses a match in the Japanese version, red blood can be seen on the win quote screen after the fight. In the American release, Akuma's blood was changed to green.

Japanese American
StreetFighter32ndImpact-UrienBloodJPN.png StreetFighter32ndImpact-UrienBloodUSA.png

When losing a match by time-out in the Japanese release, blood squirts out of Urien's body. The blood has been completely removed from the American release.

(Source: Rage Quitter 87)
Japanese International
SFIII2I LetsBlocking.png SFIII2I LetsPracticeParrying.png

The text that shows before the ball-parrying minigame is different across versions. In the Japanese version, it says "Let's BLOCKING!", but in every other version, it says "Let's practice PARRYING!" Note that parrying is called blocking (ブロッキング) in Japan.