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Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams

Also known as: Street Fighter Zero (JP/AS/SA)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Arcade (CP System II)
Released in JP: June 5, 1995
Released in US: June 27, 1995
Released in EU: 1995
Released in BR: 1995
Released in AS: 1995

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

This game marked the time that Capcom finally got through their head that they needed to move on from making updates of Street Fighter II already, and, surprisingly, they did! It features new combat elements, Final Fight characters on the roster and an intermediate story to SFI and SFII.

Despite the game being a clear step-up from SFII and its touch-ups, it still didn't end up being that successful, though the next installment was by a whole lot.

Character Test

SFA Character Test.png

To activate a character test menu, set FF8001 to 0A when in the test menu. Setting it during gameplay or attract mode can cause the game to lock up, blackout, or throw ADDRESS ERROR/ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION messages, similar to the messages appearing in Mega Man: The Power Battle.

SFA Disabled Debug.png

Setting the value to 06 instead (while in the test menu), or pressing both players' Start button, causes the game to lock up at the test menu's main mode. The other listed features are SCR2 and SCR3 BLOCK TEST, MESSAGE TEST, ATACK CHECK EX, and SCROLL TEST. They probably would have worked similarly to the ones in X-Men: Children of the Atom.

Regional Differences

Mode Select

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
Japan International
StreetFighterAlphaArcManualJP.png StreetFighterAlphaArcManualINT.png

The Japanese version has a description for the Manual mode on the character select screen like the Auto mode also does, but on the international versions, the box is conspicuously empty instead.

Character Names

Japan International
StreetFighterAlphaArcGouki.png StreetFighterAlphaArcAkuma.png

Apart from the Vega/M. Bison and Nash/Charlie differences that were already done first in Street Fighter II, this game marks the first time that the demon-looking Ryu/Ken head swap character's name would be mentioned In-game despite having been mentioned in other media after Super Street Fighter II Turbo's release. Gouki in Japan and Akuma elsewhere.

Continue Screen

Japan International
StreetFighterAlphaArcContinueJP.png StreetFighterAlphaArcContinueINT.png

As usual, Capcom did its localization tradition of being dicks to defeated international players by removing the gameplay tips and advice from the Continue? screen.

Gameplay Differences

  • Adon's Jaguar Varied Assault can't connect in the Japanese version after a punch or kick as the hit counter breaks after trying. This is not the case in the international versions.
(Source: Dark Noob on YouTube)
  • In the Dramatic Battle mode (Ryu/Ken vs Dictator), an instrumental version of "Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Tsuyosa to" from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie plays in the Japanese version, referencing the film's climax. On versions outside of Japan, it is simply replaced with Dictator's normal theme, the song can't be normally played from the sound test in any version. This unique song is also excluded from the console ports, including all regions of the CPS Changer version.