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Street Fighter: The Movie (PlayStation, Sega Saturn)

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Title Screen

Street Fighter: The Movie

Also known as: Street Fighter: Real Battle on Film (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom (JP), Acclaim Entertainment (US/EU)
Platforms: PlayStation, Sega Saturn
Released in JP: August 11, 1995
Released in US: September 9, 1995 (PlayStation), August 23, 1995 (Sega Saturn)
Released in EU: October 1995 (PlayStation), September 1995 (Sega Saturn)

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The console version of Street Fighter: The Movie serves as the first Street Fighter video game released for the "big two" 32-bit CD-ROM consoles (PlayStation and Sega Saturn), based on the 1994 live-action movie. Unlike the arcade adaptation, Capcom saw fit to develop this version themselves, the end result retaining the digitized actors with the gameplay now being that of Super Street Fighter II Turbo with EX moves being introduced to the series and previously-cut characters Dee Jay and Blanka appearing in the roster (but with the Bison Trooper palette swaps now being absent).


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Prerelease Info

Build Data

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Is it different in the Japanese and European versions? Also find any possible equivalent in the Sega Saturn version.

In the PlayStation version only, the file CAPCOM.INF on the disc contains build information.


Regional Differences

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Get the Japanese title screen.

While the boxer, claw-wielder, and the dictator retain their international names in the Japanese version due to the movie using those names, Akuma is named Gouki in the Japanese version of the game, consistent with his other appearances (but not the game's arcade counterpart). Additionally, the versus screen's name calls in matches involving him are only played in the Japanese versions.

Version Differences

PlayStation Sega Saturn
StreetFighterTheMovie title.png Street Fighter The Movie title Saturn.png

The American PlayStation version of the game includes a licensed by SCEA credit in the title screen, also present in some early PlayStation games.