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Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: June 25, 1994
Released in US: 1994
Released in EU: 1994

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

DCIcon.png This game has a Data Crystal page

A Genesis port of Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, notable for being the only licensed Sega Genesis game to use bankswitching.

It's also notable for being one of few Wii Virtual Console releases to have online support.

Debug Menu

To do:
  • Other region codes (including checksum bypass?)
  • Investigate the second 'Demo menu'.
SSF2Gen TestMenu.png

Enter the Pro Action Replay (PAR) code 0000A1C0:79B6 and select OPTION at the main menu to enter the Test Mode Menu. You can return to the Test Mode Menu at any time by pressing Start.

While in the menu, select an option with the Control Pad and press Start on Player 1's controller to activate it.

  • Object Test allows you to test character sprites and animations.
  • Scroll Test is a stage background test, with a palette editor.
  • Sound Test allows you to play game music and sounds.

Object Test

SSF2Gen Objtest.png

The Object Test is a stripped-down version of Street Fighter II's Object Test. It is unstable and crashes quite often. Text displaying the character color, and Art Pointers that are bullet pointed in blue stars were added.


  • Up/Down: Selects animation pattern number. The game will crash on out-of-bounds values.
  • Left/Right: Flips the character horizontally.
  • A: Hold the button to animate.
  • B + Up/Down: Selects character.
  • C: Toggles character palette and visibility of Vega's claw.
  • C + Up/Down: Selects shadow type.
  • C + Left/Right: Flips character vertically.
  • X: Increments animation frame.
  • Y + Up/Down/Left/Right: Moves character around.
  • Y: Toggles display of character sprite, hitboxes, shadows, tile numbers, and center position. Only Player 1 can do this.
  • Z: Increases animation pattern number with 10.

Player 2 Controls

  • Start - Join/Disappear, the axis mark will still remain visible if it is displayed.

Hitbox Colors

  • Red: Attack box
  • White: Head vulnerability box
  • Aqua: Body vulnerability box
  • Cyan: Pushbox
  • Yellow: Foot vulnerability box

Art Pointers

  • Number of tiles the Art Pointer loads
  • ROM Address of the art to load from
  • VRAM Address

Scroll Test

SSF2Gen Scrolltest1.png

Also a stripped down version of Street Fighter II's Scroll Test. When entering the Scroll Test, you will first get to a stage selection screen. Select a stage with the Control Pad and press the A button to enter it.


Normal View
SSF2Gen Scrolltest2.png
  • Control Pad: Move around.
  • A: Returns to the stage selection screen.
  • B: Resets position.
  • C: Enters the Palette Editor.
Palette Editor
SSF2Gen Scrolltest3.png
  • Control Pad: Move cursor.
  • A: Increases the color.
  • B: Decreases the color.
  • C: Exits the palette editor.
  • X: Selects the current palette line. There are 4 palette lines.
  • Y: Toggles hex view.
  • Z: Moves the palette editor to the left or right side of the screen.

Sound Test

SSF2Gen Soundtest.png

Just like what it says on the tin.


Use the Control Pad to move the cursor and select sounds.

  • A: plays the selected BGM + SE sound.
  • B: plays the selected PCM CH.1 sample.
  • C: plays the selected PCM CH.2 sample.
  • X: toggles pause on or off.

Unused Text

To do:
There's definitely more.

There are text leftovers from the SNES version and possible references to another debug menu in this game.

SNES Leftover

This Game Pack is not
designed for use with
your Super Nintendo
Entertainment System.

Demo Menu?

These are probably leftovers from a menu designed to quickly jump to different parts of the attract mode screens for development purposes.

The New Challengers
Versus Screen Demo
Stage Clear Demo
Target Player Select Demo
Profile Demo
Play Demo
Ranking Display

Unused Sound

ID: $34

A Score Tally sound that resembles the one from the Arcade version (in terms of melody) can be played with the code 02C99A:7034/GXET-FA64.

Unused Voice Sample

ID: $3F

Zangief's voice sample that plays when he performs his Medium Kick Throw or his Spinning Piledriver in the original arcade version exists in the game, and can be played in the Sound Test, but a different voice sample plays instead in the Genesis version. Using the code 02016E:703F/H6AT-FA5R will make his Spinning Piledriver play this voice sample. His Medium Kick Throw can also play this voice sample using the code 1FC1E:423F/C3GA-S0J8.

Unused Sprites

Zangief Crouching Heavy Punch Throw

ID's: $4D, $51, $52

SSF2 MD Zangief CHP throw.png A leftover from Special Champion Edition, these sprites still exist in the game's data. They were actually updated to match the design of his other sprites where his "scars" aren't costume-colored. Zangief gained a Kick Air Throw that poses similarly to these sprites.

Dhalsim Sweep Lie Down

ID: $1A

Ssf2 md dhalsim trip liedown.png Dhalsim's sprite of him lying down from a sweep knockdown exists in the game, but his respective animation simply reuses his standard lying down sprite. Use the code 075206:1D1A/DKKA-S4AG to make his sweep lie down animation use this sprite. Note that this sprite was actually used in Special Champion Edition. Why it ended up being unused here is anyone's guess.

Dhalsim Kick Startup

ID: $3B

SSF2 MD Dhalsim SLK Startup.png Dhalsim has an unused sprite that, judging by its position in the ROM, was going to be used for the startup of his Far Standing Light Kick. Use the code 074C1E:3B16/C3GA-S0J8 to see how this sprite would look if it was actually used.

Dhalsim Yoga Fire/Flame Startup

ID: $5B

SSF2 MD Dhalsim Yoga Startup.png A sprite that was clearly meant to be used in the animations of his Yoga Fire and Yoga Flame. The animations can be smoothed out with this sprite by using these codes:

  • 74EC2:5B55
  • 74EE4:5B55
  • 74F06:5B55
  • 74F30:5B55
  • 74F56:5B55
  • 74F7C:5B55

Sagat Standing Medium/Heavy Kick Startup/Recovery

ID: $1C

Ssf2 md sagat smk startup.png The animations mistakenly recycle Standing Light Kick's Startup/Recovery sprite.

These codes will have the animations use the sprite:

  • 77B16:1C1A/DK7T-S2A0
  • 77B1E:1C1C/DV7T-S2A8
  • 77B38:1C1E/D37T-S2B2
  • 77B40:1C1C/DV7T-S2CA

Dee Jay Diagonal Jumping Medium Punch

ID: $5D

Deejay diagonal jmp.png The animation recycles his Jumping Light Punch sprite. The code 7FD76:5D52 will display this sprite when he uses said attack.

Dee Jay Neutral Jumping Medium Kick

ID: $65

Deejay neutral jmk.png The animation mistakenly recycles his Diagonal Jumping Medium Kick sprite. Correct the sprite the animation uses with the code 7FDE4:6562.

Dee Jay Machine Gun Upper Startup

ID: $80

Deejay mgu startup.png The animations recycle Far Standing Heavy Punch's first startup sprite. Fix the 1st frame of the animations using these codes:

  • 803AA:80D5
  • 803FC:80D5
  • 8044E:80D5

This sprite is horribly misaligned, however, as it's slightly below his drop shadow.

Unused Palette

Ssf2 md blanka electrocuted.png

Each character uses their own palette for their electrocution sprite. However, the game is coded so that Blanka specifically remains in his standard palette when electrocuted, leaving this palette unused. You can make Blanka use his electrocution palette with the code 1E56:0010.

Sprite Errors

Zangief Punch Air Throw Sprite

Original Corrected
Ssf2 md Zangief punch airthrow1.png Ssf2 md Zangief punch airthrow1 fixed.png

Zangief's 1st Punch Air Throw sprite has a piece of his back arm disconnected. Use the code 2B70FC:FFD8/5B2C-1996 to piece it together.

Balrog (Boxer) Crouching Light Punch Startup Sprite

Original Corrected
Ssf2 md balrog clp startup.png Ssf2 md balrog clp startup fixed.png

For whatever reason, this sprite has an extra tile map that consists of an elbow tile and part of his front hand. Use the code 2BE594:0000/ADWW-0AEY to hide this tile map.

Sagat Tiger Knee 2nd Hit Sprite

Original Corrected
Ssf2 md sagat tigerknee2.png Ssf2 md sagat tigerknee2 fixed.png

The piece of tiles that make up part of Sagat's back leg in one of his Tiger Knee sprites is misplaced downwards. Fix it with the code 2BCDB6:FFC3/2SGW-1970.

Sagat Jumping Punch Startup Sprite

Original Corrected
Ssf2 md sagat jumppunch1.png Ssf2 md sagat jumppunch1 fixed.png

Part of his arm is off by a pixel. Correct it with the code 2BCC74:FFFE/95GC-195Y.

Cammy 1st Tripped Sprite

Original Corrected
Ssf2 md cammy tripped1.png Ssf2 md cammy tripped1 fixed.png

A foot tile on this sprite is off by a pixel. The code 2C1A2A:FFE5/6YPC-393L will fix it.

Cammy Crouching Light Punch Hit Sprite

Original Corrected
Ssf2 md cammy clp2.png Ssf2 md cammy clp2 fixed.png

Three parts of this sprite are placed too far away from her body. Piece them together correctly with the codes 2C0DE2:FFED/7YGW-399C, 2C0DDC:FFE5/6YGW-3986 and 2C0DD6:FFD5/4YGW-3980.

Cammy Thrust Kick/Spinning Back Fist Startup Sprite

Original Corrected
Ssf2 md cammy tkbf.png Cammy tkbf fixed.png

One of Cammy's sprites has a block of tiles misplaced, causing the bottom of her legs to look like they aren't connected to the rest of her body. Use the code 2C26A0:FFDF/56XC-397A to fix this sprite.