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Category:Games released in 2020

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Considered to many people as being the worst year of all time thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 still had a lot of unexpected events such as the odd friendship with Doomguy and Isabelle (thanks to Doom Eternal releasing the same day as Animal Crossing: New Horizons), a new Half-Life game for the first time in 13 years with Half-Life: Alyx, another Hatsune Miku game being made, and Super Mario 3D All-Stars on the Nintendo Switch which is a compilation featuring Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. Games that ambitiously spent years in development such as Final Fantasy VII Remake (at least a part of the full game) and Cyberpunk 2077 were also finally released, one to a generally favorable reception and the other to a rather mixed reception.