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Streets of Rage 4

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Title Screen

Streets of Rage 4

Also known as: Bare Knuckle IV (JP)
Developers: DotEmu, Lizardcube, Guard Crush Games
Publisher: DotEmu
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: April 30, 2020

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After 26 years, Streets of Rage 4 heralds the return of the franchise, now developed by French studios Dotemu, Lizardcube, and the Canadian studio Guard Crush Games. Series mainstays Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding team up with newcomers Cherry Hunter and Floyd Iraia to clean up the streets (once again), this time from Mr. X's white-haired children, The Y Twins. Also, Adam Hunter is finally back and playable again, sporting some sweet sunglasses to boot.

To do:
  • Document the test stages
  • Properly document the prototype/day 1 version.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
SOR4 Unused Sprite robotx043.png
Unused Mr. X Nightmare DLC Content
You can't simulate everything Mr. X's brain has to offer.

Unused Graphics

SOR4 Unfinished Animation Axel Run.gif
Unfinished Graphics
Don't go out in the streets looking like that!

Items and Pickups

Art Filename(s) Description
SOR4 item talkie cop.png
SOR4 item talkie military.png
talkie_cop talkie_military Walkie-talkie items, both in cop and military variants (with unknown use, possibly for a discarded police summon ability for the main cast) can be found among the other pickup items. When forced to spawn, it crashes the game when picked up.
durian A placeholder graphic for the durian fruit weapon. The photorealistic render may imply that the developers didn't have time to implement it before the release of the game. It eventually got added in an update for the "Mr. X Nightmare" DLC, with a properly drawn sprite.

Retro Playable Characters

Art Filename(s) Description
SOR4 Unused Sprite adam35.png
SOR4 Unused Sprite adam36.png
adam35 / 36 Frames for SoR1 Adam kicking while being grabbed from behind. This was a normal mechanic in the previous games but in Streets of Rage 4 that isn't possible, leaving behind these frames in the game files.
SOR4 Unused Sprite sor1 blaze043.png
SOR4 Unused Sprite sor1 blaze044.png
SOR4 Unused Sprite sor1 blaze033.png
sor1_blaze043 / 044 sor1_blaze033 Same goes for SoR1 Blaze, but she comes with her unique throw sprite. The first two sprites were repurposed for an unused blitz attack.
SOR4 Unused Sprite sor3 axel0022.png
axel0022 Sprite for SoR3 Axel vault attack. This multiplayer functionality isn't present in Streets of Rage 4 as well, however, the sprite was repurposed for an unused air special move.

Miscellaneous Graphics

Smoke Bomb

SOR4 Unused Animation SmokeBomb Animated.gif

Placed inside the "fx" folder of the Margaret enemy (the ones that throw vials at you) is this "smokebomb" named animation. Probably intended for a scrapped variant of these enemies.

Sonic Mania Monitor

SOR4 Unused Graphic bonustv.png

This is an odd one. Inside the folder of the destroyable objects of the game, there is this named "bonustv" sprite from Sonic Mania! Likely intended for an easter egg or a secret stage based on a classic Sonic game, probably to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the franchise. In a past Livestream interview with Jordi Asensio, a designer for Streets of Rage 4, he talked about how difficult was trying to include Joe Musashi, of The Revenge of Shinobi fame as a playable guest character, due to how SEGA operates and handles licensing rights. The developers very likely ran into similar issues again and dropped the whole collaboration idea.

Chinatown's Destroyed Vase Pieces

SOR4 Unused Graphic vase posing 3.png

Some broken pieces from the vase object that can be found on the Chinatown stage. Perhaps intended to be used just as stage decoration or after the player breaks one of them.

Discarded Dojo Decoration

SOR4 Unused Graphic freque poisson.png

A piece of wood decoration for the Chinatown stage, meant for one of the rooms of the dojo. Discarded in favor of some fancier graphics. You can see this piece of decor in one of the images in the game's gallery. Curiously, there's also some pencil testing on the top right of the image.

Art Gallery's Broken Wall

Related to a scrapped sequence in-game where the player's character breaks the wall the connects to the next stage, instead, this happens on a short cutscene that looks very different.

DJ K-Washi Background Screen

SOR4 Unused Graphics DJ K-Washi Big Screen.png

A big screen meant to appear in the background of DJ K-Washi's arena. The game screenshot is a placeholder that serves as an example, and it suggests that it would reproduce what would be happening in the game while you fight the boss. The placeholder screenshot also shows an earlier design for the stage. It's hard to tell in which part of the background where this would fit.

Test_rond and Test_slope

SOR4 Unused Graphic test rond.png SOR4 Unused Graphic test slope.png

Two very simple graphics, which are likely leftovers from the engine and tools used during the development, and/or from testing the floor properties. Found on the Stage 2 graphic folders, oddly.

Thanks for Playing Screen

SOR4 Unused Screen endscreen pax2018.png

Leftover end screen that was used extensively during the demo presentations in gaming events (like the Pax 2018, which the filename indicates). It's located in the "menus" graphic folder.

Title Screen Key Art


Likely a mockup of the title screen and/or a placeholder used during development. It may have been intended to be used in the Gallery, but even there it goes unused.

Unused "Base" Enemy Colors

SOR4 Unused Base Color diamond 0000.png SOR4 Unused Base Color donovan 0004.png SOR4 Unused Base Color signal 0060.png SOR4 Unused Base Color galsia 0000.png SOR4 Unused Base Color dylan 0000.png

In the game files, there are folders with a full set of graphics with unique colors for these five enemies (respectively: Diamond, Donovan, Signal, Galsia, and Dylan), named "base". As the name implies, very probably it was used as the base for making new color variants for the enemies and wasn't really intended to be ever used as actual variants.

Dummy Graphics

Several Galsia images with a red circle and a blue arrow can be found inside the "sprdummy" folder, along with a placeholder for the pipe weapon. Likely used as references to test out the engine physics, different types of damage, or even the hitboxes during development.

Obscured Graphics

Victy/Roo Cameo

In-game Full Graphic
SOR4 Roo Cameo.png SOR4 Full Roo Sprite.png

Despite being only partially visible, Victy/Roo was fully drawn in the style of the game. Don't ask why.

DJ K-Washi Arena Elevator

In-game Original
SOR4 Obscured Graphics DJ K-Washi Arena In-Game.png SOR4 Obscured Graphics DJ K-Washi Arena Elevator.png

A part of the elevator below DJ K-Washi's arena that leads to the airport take-off is actually visible in the game files. The transition just happens in a cutscene and not during the gameplay, but apparently, that wasn't always the case.

Unused Playable Retro Character

Shiva (Streets of Rage 2)

To do:
  • Having a video of him in action would be nice.

Streets Of Rage 4-Shiva-SOR2.png

Placed in the internal playable character folders is a complete rip of the Streets of Rage 2 version of Shiva (sprsor2shiva). While this version of Shiva is encountered as a hidden boss fight, only the third and fourth installment versions are selectable. Weirdly enough, in a short video posted by Dotemu you can see this version being used like a playable character (sorta).

Unused Enemies

"Boss" Galsia

SOR4 Sprite btgalsia 0000.png

A very weird and completely unused Galsia that uses the same sprites of the B.T variant was left unused into the game. Its most notable difference is a headbutt grab move that is exclusive to him (the animation just re-uses the hurt sprites in a clever way). It's likely that this version of Galsia was used a lot during development as a placeholder boss since it has a lot of traits that are more commonly seen in the boss characters, like the abundant super-armor frames on wake-up and its large health bar.


SOR4 Sprite koobo 0000.png

An unfinished version of the Koobo enemy named CHR_Koobig. While its behavior is very similar to the used Koobo, it's very glitchy and doesn't work as intended. It has missing hitboxes on the stomp move, most of the sound effects and voices are absent, and it isn't considered a "heavyweight" enemy (like Big Ben). Interestingly, the "Koobig" name might imply that this version was once planned to be an oversized variant of this enemy that unfortunately didn't go far into development.

Tatsu and Tora

Tatsu Tora

Two variants of the Goro enemy, respectively named Tatsu and Tora (karate2 and karate_tiger in the game files), go unused in the main game. They both more-or-less act in a similar to the used Dokuja variant. While Tora is mostly a faster version of Dokuja, Tatsu attacks the player from both sides with a flurry of punches, before finishing with the strong one. Tora's color scheme seems to be a reference to Jim Kelly's role in the classic action movie, "Enter the Dragon". Both variants ended up being used in "Mr. X Nightmare" DLC's Survival Mode with no changes.

Alternative Ralphy and Dunphy

Ralphy Dunphy

Two alternative versions of the Ralphy and Dunphy enemies, which behavior are more focused on dealing powered-up attacks with the shield, that are strong enough to make the player bounce off the walls. Each of them has slight differences from each other but they act mostly in the same way. Both are compatible with weapons and work normally if you force them to spawn with any valid ones. While Dunphy was already used in the main game with another behavior, Ralphy was completely unused until it ended up being used in the "Mr. X Nightmare" DLC's Survival Mode. However, it just acts like (if not identically to) the default variant (Murphy) and wields a Halberd weapon when spawned.

Unused Abilities

Original Blaze Air Special

Shown in some early gameplay footage, Blaze's Air Special was originally a powered singular dive kick before being replaced with an upwards, repeatable kick, presumably for greater combo potential.

SoR1 Blaze Blitz Attack

A completely unused blitz attack for SoR1 Blaze can be activated back into the game with the use of external programs (such as Cheat Engine). Despite the fact that blitz attacks did not exist in Streets of Rage 1, she has one in her list of "actions", which is locked by not having a properly assigned input. If a input is assigned to it, works perfectly without any issues. The true reason for it to be scrapped is currently unknown but it was likely meant to be unlocked by playing the Survival Mode (like the rest of the alternative moves).

(Source: I Am Me)

SoR3 Axel Air Special Attack

Weirdly, despite looking like a blitz attack, it's registered in the game as an air special but works without having to jump at all... Also makes use of the unused SoR3 vault sprite for it. With the exception of Roo, none of the SoR3 characters have an air special attack, just like in Streets of Rage 3. Likely another scrapped move meant to be unlocked in Survival Mode.

(Source: I Am Me)

Unused Music

Gameplay Teaser Trailer Theme

To do:
This does NOT belong here, since it isn't present in the game files at all. Move it to the pre-release subpage

This music was used in the first gameplay trailer uploaded March, 26 2019 by Dotemu. Olivier Derivière shared it in 2022 on his twitter. According to him, this theme was just a temporary track for development purposes and was never intended to be part of the game.

(Source: Merusu Surume)

Early Demo Track

A completely unused track (named 846343275.wem in the PC game files) that was used in the demo presented at the Pax West 2019, for Stage 1, after the car crash. It's a rather weird piece of music, that prominently features a reversed sample of a dude singing in Portuguese. It wasn't present in the game files on the release but was added to the game files after the Mr.X Nightmare DLC update. It ended up being repurposed for the Level Select/Loading Screen for Stage 1, where it sounds a lot more muffled and the "lyrics" were removed, giving place to louder city ambiance sounds. The composer is Olivier Derivière. On Twitter, he confirmed that it was always meant to be a placeholder, while the dev team was waiting for Yuzo Koshiro's music.

(Source: B. Comet)

Stage 1

A demo version of "They're Back", hidden in the game files as 273746065.wem. and referred to as 20191129_SOR4_Stage01_bgm01-07_B812F123.wem on the Nintendo Switch version. You could hear this version of it when playing the Stage 1 in the Battle Mode during the launch day, which was fixed shortly after.

When asked about this version on his Twitter, Yuzo Koshiro said: "That's a demo version that once I sent to Dotemu to check if it's ok. All the instruments in it are plugins at the point. If they love it, I record live instruments and replace them. I didn't know it was hidden."

(Source: Merusu Surume)

Stage 5

Named as 103994451.wem in the game files (stage5-3_BOSS_SOR2-v2-01 on the Switch). Judging by the Switch name, it was probably an early alternative boss theme meant for Barbon, since he is the main boss for the stage and is originally from Streets of Rage 2 as well. The composer is currently unknown.

Barbon's Theme

A slightly different version of Barbon's Boss theme, under the name "103994451.wem" in Steam version. According to Motohiro Kawashima on his Twitter, he stated that it's the music "in the state before mastering" .

(Source: Merusu Surume)

Unused Sounds

To do:
  • Identify and rip the remaining Streets of Fury (EX) leftovers? There is a lot of them.

Main Game Sounds

Filename(s) Sound Description
Similar to his playable appearance in Streets of Rage 2, it's the boss version of Max shouting its iconic voice line. It could have been used for his flying kick attack but goes unused for... whatever reason. After the Mr. X Nightmare DLC update, this sound was removed.
A classic extra-life sound mixed with something else...? Feels like it could have got some use on the Pier stage, along with the arcade house. After the Mr. X Nightmare DLC update, this sound was removed.
A "Dropkicku" sound effect leftover from Streets of Fury (EX), a game made by Guard Crush Games before Streets of Rage 4, which uses the same engine. This line was later referenced by Max's playable appearance, where he has a small chance to say it when doing his flying kick attack. Before the Mr. X Nightmare DLC update, this sound was named .0488.
Two very similar "bonk-like" sounds, with unkown purpose.

Two voice lines that don't seem to belong to any characters in the game, possibly more leftovers from Streets of Fury (EX). Before the Mr. X Nightmare DLC update, both sounds were respectively named .0665 and .0844.

A weird "bump" noise. Maybe intended for a destroyable object.
Mr. Y's old laugh, which was changed in favor of a younger-sounding one. This version of his voice could actually be heard in the launch build of the game, which was fixed on the same day (except for the Xbox One version). You can still find some gameplays where you can hear this version of his voice instead.
A alternative version of Mr Y's laugh. Likely discarded because it did not fit well with his animation.
It's someone/something blowing on a tube...? Or a bottle...? Hard to tell without a clear context.
The sound of a microphone drop on the floor? Could have been related to DJ K-Washi's boss fight.
Some cracking sounds.
A rather low quality engine(?) sound. Maybe related to the scrapped idea of playable motorcycle stages.
A scrapped version of the confirmation sound used in the menus, reminiscent from the original games.
A rather goofy boss/playable character defeated sound. It's currently unknown to who this was supposed to belong.
Basic gunshot sound. Likely used as a placeholder at some point.
Two "anime" sounds. Once again, most likely leftovers from Streets of Fury (EX) or the developers were just joking around.
A unused grunt from Adam.
Probably an unused version of the Sugar enemy (the Biker girls) charge attack.
A short "Itae" voice line for Blaze(?).

Retro Sounds

Filename(s) Sound Description
The two of the defeated enemy sounds from the original Streets of Rage, which has no secret stages based on it, nor the regular enemies make an appearance in the Survival Mode.
SoR3's Shiva "Final Crash". The character uses the Streets of Rage 2 variant of the voice line instead. Likely an oversight.
The Gatling Gun sound from the original Streets of Rage player 2 police call. Only the player 1 variant is used for all the SoR1 characters.
SoR2 Barbon's classic C'mon!. Maybe his classic variant was planned to appear as a secret boss fight in the main game. This version of him ended up appearing in the Survival Mode, but this voice line is still unused despite that.
Abadede's arena cheers, which were supposed to play when the player is knocked down, like in Streets of Rage 2.
The voice of SoR1 Blaze clones from the original game.
The stomping sound of the Particle enemy from Streets of Rage 2.

Unused Text

Internal Names

In the game files, some enemies are referred to by early, or placeholder names.

Internal name Final name
Kalaas Beyo
Mariah Riha
Electra Belle
Georgia Caramel
Janet Candy
Tin Iron
Karate Goro
Karate2 Tatsu
Karate_masa Dokuja
Karate_tiger Tora
Elite Murphy
Elite_l3_gold Ralphy
Elite_l4_dark Dunphy
Elite_l5_shadow Shadow
Elite_l6_light Sand
Cop Feroccio
Cop2 Dick
Copbad Barney
Copbad2 Lou

Regional Differences

Move Name Changes

The Japanese physical version of the game came with a big poster ala Bare Knuckle III: its backside compiles all the move sets of the 4 initially available characters. The names of the blitz and special moves are also available in-game in the Extra section. The move names in-game in the different languages are all direct translations of the English names. But the big poster does give different names for some moves of Cherry and Floyd.

Move In-game Name Poster Name
Cherry's blitz Flying Knee Cherry Kick
Cherry's special Sound Check Elec Shock
Cherry's forward special Townshend Smash Guitar Strike
Floyd's blitz Thunder Twins 前方衝撃波 Zenpou Shougekiha (Forward Shockwave)
Floyd's special Thunder Sphere Shock Wave
Floyd's forward special Magnetic Grab Rocket Arm
Floyd's grabbing special (no name assigned) Power Spark

Logo Changes

To do:
  • Better quality screenshots.

Changing the game's language to the Asian ones also changes its logo to "Bare Knuckle IV" on the menu, story mode intro, credits, and changes Skate's name back to Sammy. in a similar way to the previous entries in which the game name changes to "Bare Knuckle" when playing the Japanese versions. The cinematic intro, however, stays with the "Streets of Rage 4" logo regardless of the language chosen.

Streets of Rage 4 Bare Knuckle IV
Main Menu
SOR4 Menu.jpg BKIV Menu.jpg
Story Mode Intro
BKIV Intro.jpg SOR4 Intro.jpg

Launch Build Differences

To do:
  • In retrospect, this kinda sucks, but the video is nice. This section needs to be reworked to be it's own page, and the version needs to be properly documented as well, since there might be unique stuff hidden in the files.

(Almost) All versions of the game got a day one patch to fix various issues, however, the Xbox One version remained in 1.0/launch Version for some weeks.

Here is a list of the main differences of that build:

  • The combo system was slightly different in this build. The delay during which the combo value is blinking wasn't implemented yet, thus the only way to get a combo was to wait without getting hit.
  • Some voices were completely different, while others are completely missing (like most bosses). There were even extra voices compared to the updated versions, especially to enemy grunts when they get hit.
  • Lots of sound effects are different. It goes from punches to the cop's shields impacts and even sharp weapons attacks.
  • In battle mode, the music from Stage 1 is in the beta unmastered state.
  • Many advanced options were missing. It wasn't possible to set any post-effect filter yet nor set the level of details of visuals among other things. This resulted in missing CRT TV scanlines in the secret arcade machine bosses.
  • There are a lot of other minor differences, like text font color, missing visual impacts, and objects placement.