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The Switch (*Click*) is Nintendo's second shot at a hybrid console design, following very quickly in the footsteps of its short-lived predecessor. The console can be used with a television and then instantly transformed into a handheld unit in a matter of seconds. To say it has sold better than the Wii U would be a massive understatement. Most of the Switch’s game library is Wii U ports with exclusive enhanced content for the console.

Like Nintendo's other handhelds, the Switch got an enhanced version called the "Switch Lite" that turns the Switch into a proper handheld, forgoing the IR Tracker, HD rumble, and separable Joycons, in favour of making the switch about 20% smaller in size, dropping the price from $250 to $150, and adding in a better battery. Nintendo also released two revisions of the regular Switch; a minor one which patches the Fusée Gelée homebrew exploit and later a more significant one which came with a newer Tegra X1 processor, improving the battery life. Since no game is exclusive to either the Switch Lite, or the updated regular Switch, all Switch games can be on this list.

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