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The Switch is Nintendo's second shot at a hybrid console design, following very quickly in the footsteps of its short-lived predecessor. The console can be used with a television and then instantly transformed into a handheld unit in a matter of seconds. To say it has sold better than the Wii U would be a massive understatement. A number of Switch games are ports of Wii U titles with exclusive new content for the console.

In 2019, Nintendo released a revision which replaced the console's Tegra X1 processor with the Tegra X1+, improving the system's battery life. Soon after came the Switch Lite, which turns the Switch into a proper handheld by dropping the IR Tracker, HD rumble, and separable Joy-Cons in favor of a better battery and making the console about 20% smaller (and as a result a lower MSRP of $200 versus the standard model's $300). An upgraded OLED Model released in 2021 features a larger screen (using OLED instead of LCD), more internal storage, enhanced audio functions, and a wider adjustable stand for tabletop play among other things.

As there are currently no games that require the Lite, OLED Model, or the X1+-powered regular Switch, this category will also cover those systems.

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