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Batman: Arkham City

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Title Screen

Batman: Arkham City

Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 18, 2011

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Batman: Arkham City is the followup to Arkham Asylum. The inmates have now taken over a portion of Gotham City, and Batman heads in there to make things right.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics/Models

Character Trophies

These character trophies were either edited or cut before the final release. A video covering them can be found here.

Unused Textures

Talia Clayface

It seems originally Clayface was meant to impersonate Talia, just like he does with Joker, Gordon, etc. While this was cut from the final game, all of the textures for such are left in the files.

Talia Al Ghul based Clayface.

Other Graphics

A variation of Clayface's icon in Arkham City was found in the files.

Cut clayface icon ac.png

Another cut enemy, a second Clayface henchman, also didn't make it into the final game.

Clayface enemy.png
(Source: IceMage)

Unseen Locations

In the Wayne Manor Challenge Map, behind an inaccessible wall outside the map, a staircase and a small room can be found. This looks like an unfinished section, so perhaps developers just didn't want to continue expanding the map. This is highly likely, as the staircase also appears in the Community Challenge Pack in Arkham Knight.

(Source: MrJAG)



According to the credits, Nightwing is voiced by Quinton Flynn. However, he has no lines in the game, which could mean he was supposed to have a larger role.

Wii U

Some parts of the E3 demo area for the Wii U release have been made partially playable. Gameplay footage can be found here.

(Video: Wastelander121)

Playable Joker

Joker was originally going to be a playable character, but wasn't in the final game for unknown reasons. Proof of this can be found in Return to Arkham City's files, as it uses an older version of City as a base, and in Batman: Gangland (the unofficial precursor to Arkham Origins Online) which contains assets from this game's Joker. Gameplay footage of him (restored by modding) can be found here.

While no story elements are present, it appears Joker would've functioned merely as another challenge map exclusive like Robin and Nightwing.

(Source: Wastelander121 (video))