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Proto:Batman: Arkham Asylum

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

To do:
  • Add beta Character models images
  • Every image/file needs to be renamed, as they lack the game's title.
  • Describe cut takedowns and the original story in more detail, might even need subpages.
  • Remove mentions of mod (Maybe?)

A prototype build of Batman: Arkham Asylum from 2007 was found inside the deleted sectors of a leaked WB developer's hard drive, unfortunately due to being partially overwritten, the build is unplayable. However, with tools like Umodel the builds Textures, Models, Animations and .bik videos can be viewed. Concept art has been discovered showing an overall darker style to the game and a texture pack was created that restores the batsuit's old textures, gadget icons, and a lot more found in the 2007 build using the textures from said build.


.bik files

An attract mode for Rocksteady's first game Urban Chaos: Riot Response exists in the files under the name AttractMode.bik.


A logo for Dolby Pro Logic II exists in the files under the name Dolby.bik, seems to be the same video from Urban Chaos: Riot Response.


A video showing the Xbox 360 controls exists in the files under the names PC_Controls.bik and Xbox_Controls.bik.


An animated cutscene showing a man walking out of a padded cell exists in the files under the names cell_scene.bik and LoadingMovie2.bik.


An animated cutscene of a man squeezing blood into a bucket exists in the files under the name glass_qt.bik.

glass qt.bik

An animated cutscene of what appears to be Scarecrow throwing a bucket of blood (likely the same bucket from glass_qt.bik) onto a statue exists in the files under the name LoadingMovie1.bik.


Numerous other .bik files exist in the files but appear to be corrupt, their names are:

  • bird_qt2.bik
  • bloodstat_qt.bik (appears to be a copy of LoadingMovie1.bik due to the identical file size)
  • Cell_cutscene.bik
  • eidoslogo.bik
  • PS3_Controls.bik
  • rocklogo.bik
  • LoadingMovie0.bik (appears to be a copy of rocklogo.bik due to the identical file size)
  • LoadingMovie3.bik (appears to be a copy of eidoslogo.bik due to the identical file size)


To do:
Find other notable textures


Numerous UI elements are present in the files:

Main Menu

A texture of what appears to be the main menu (considering that the main menu is referred to as Frontend in localization files and the texture is named Frontend) exists in the files. It has a 1:1 aspect ratio in the files, however judging by how squished the Rocksteady logo is it was likely meant to be stretched to 4:3. Along with it exists a low resolution picture of a level select which appears to use the main menu in the background.

In Game Screenshots

To do:
Compare to final game if possible.

Numerous in game screenshots appear in the files under the names MaxA1StaticDisplay 1-13, interestingly enough MaxA1StaticDisplay10 seems to have been skipped over. These likely would've been used for some kind of camera feed in the game. Unfortunately they don't show any character models or gameplay elements, but they do the show numerous 2007 build environments where the colors appear more vibrant than in the final game.

Murder Storyboard

Numerous storyboard panels that depict a murder exist in the files under the names Murder 1-5.

Comic Book Panels

Numerous comic book panels exist in the files, possibly used for a tutorial of some sort.

Early Map

A texture named LogCasepp that shows what seems to be an early map for the asylum.



To do:
Tons of character models and prop models exist in the files and should be documented


Models for collectables that don't appear in the final release, but were mentioned in prerelease media exist in the files along with text files mentioning their coordinates in game. Unfortunately, they seem to lack textures.


Models of gadgets are in the game files. Some of these gadgets aren't in the final release. Interestingly enough there are models and text documents referencing harpoon ammo and the coordinates for said ammo in game, implying that you would have to find ammo for this gadget.


Voice Lines

To do:
  • A lot of other voice lines worth mentioning, maybe just add all of the lines?
  • Compare with the final voices

Numerous voice lines exist in the files using different voice actors, probably placeholders until the final voice actors recorded their lines.

Example of old Batman voice. (Filename: C2_Batman_MedB6_GordonSpotted_002)

Example of old Joker voice. (Filename: c7_joker_SB6_dooropen_001)

Example of old Commissioner Gordon voice. (Filename: C2_Gordon_MedB6_GordonRescue_001)

Example of old Oracle voice. (Filename: C2_Oracle_inLockerRoom_08)

Localization Files


Localization files found in the 2007 build appear to reference "LAN GAME" and "ONLINE GAME" appearing as options on the title screen. This seems to imply a planned multiplayer mode, however it likely wasn't far into development since this seems to be the only reference of multiplayer in the files. Alternatively, it could be a left over from Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

Batman- Arkham Asylum 2007 multiplayer.png

Original Story

According to early Localization files found in the 2007 build, the dialogue and objectives found suggests the game's story was going to focus more on the detective side of Batman with investigations taking place around Arkham Island around missing inmates and staff.


Cut Takedowns

Referenced in the early Localization files found in the 2007 build are many takedowns that did not make it into the final game showing that more ways to be silent were planned and a way to electrocute thugs. These were most likely removed for balance and to simplify the takedown systems for predator and combat.


Urban Chaos: Riot Response Sequel

Referenced in Localization files is a game named Urban Chaos: StormFront, while Rocksteady did make another game in the Urban Chaos series, it was named Urban Chaos: Riot Response. No released game exists under the name Urban Chaos: StormFront. This seems to hint at a possible unannounced cancelled sequel to Riot Response or it could be a name used for Riot Response while it was still in development.