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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition

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Title Screen

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition

Developers: Rockstar North, Grove Street Games, Video Games Deluxe (iOS/Android)
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: November 11, 2021

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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"Ah shit, here we go again."

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition is nothing but a port of the infamous mobile version, with several "enhanced" features that broke the game.

To do:
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  • Mobile leftovers, such as pop-ups referencing touch controls
  • Hidden Interiors Comparison
  • A patch made a modification to Old Reece's character model to make him look older and added the glasses, as his old character model looked like a younger version of him and he had no glasses. Screenshots of his old model from launch need to be compared to the new one.
  • Document Nefilix/mobile version,seem like few stuff fixed


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info

Development Leftovers

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Specifically: Look through everything.

Uncompiled Mission Script

In the files for the Switch port, Gameface\Content\OriginalData\GTASA\Scripts contains the uncompiled scripts for story missions, side missions and various other parts of the game. In most cases they also contain notes from developers, possibly from the original developers as well as Grove Street Games.

Touch Features And Keyboard Support

In the Nintendo Switch version during portable mode it is possible to play with touch controls to perform certain actions. Some of these features were intentionally included while others are leftovers from the mobile version, as the game still maintains the Widgets but in an invisible way.

On the other hand, the console versions of PlayStation and Xbox have half mouse and keyboard support, because you can only do a limited number of actions.

-A and D move the character left and right

-Left clicking and moving the mouse will move the camera to a certain point.

-The directional keys and the enter key work in the menus.

-ESC Pause and unpause the game, it also serves to go back in the menus.

-Using the mouse wheel zooms in and out on the map.

-F11 for some reason freezes the game for a second.


Found in Gameface\Content\OriginalData\GTASA\Text is notusedtext.txt, which unsurprisingly contains a large amount of unused text from an earlier point in development.

GXT Maker

Found in Gameface/Content/OriginalData/GTASA/Text is gxtmaker.exe, an application used to convert .txt files into .gxt text containers for the game.

Edit Docs

The Text folder also includes a folder of documents detailing changes made to the american.gxt file during the development of the PC version. The files are dated between January and April (presumably) 2004.

Unused Interiors Changes

To do:
Compare the unused interiors of the classic version with the definitive edition by providing images.

The unused Interiors and even the ones used during the Hot Coffee were remastered with improved textures, rescaled and some taken from Grand Theft Auto V/Online. Some of these interiors have strange changes, such as Helena's barn, which has all the collisions corrected, since in the original version it had some very bugged ones but they didn't matter due to the use of the interior. Another example is the interior of the Fanny Batters, which in the original version had a low quality texture of a woman with her breasts exposed, while in the Definitive Edition the image was changed to a better quality one, with the exception that she has two stars that cover her breasts. This leads one to think that there was human work to make these unnecessary changes and they were not by an AI.

Unused Music

Much like the previous re-releases, certain songs were cut. However, instead of actually removing them completely, these songs are still in the files but prevented from being played in-game by a script.

(Source: @Ash_735)

Regional Differences

Japanese Version Changes

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  • As in the original Japanese release, missions that involve killing innocent civilians will now be indicated by the game as being affiliated with the Ballas, but now the Pimping missions and the 4th quarry mission have been brought back for this version. But now in the prostitutes they are referred to as "temporary workers" in the pimping missions. And in the quarry burn 4th mission the game will tell you to burn belongings/evidence, instead of burning the bombers. Although you can still see the bodies of the bombers in the dump truck.
  • Now the Sex Shop employees use the same Millie skin with the sadomasochistic outfit. This is probably due to a bug for porting the mobile versions to the unreal engine, since previously for the Japanese port of PS3, the sex shop employees and millie shared a totally different skin from the rest of the versions.
  • The decorative dildos that were inside the sex shop were removed for the Japanese version. This is something that did not happen in the previous Japanese versions.
  • Both the dildo and the vibrator in this version have their modeling completely straight and with flat edges, at the same time that their icon in the interfaces was changed to resemble the new modeling of this version.

Revisional Differences

Shortly after release, the Windows version was made unavailable as Rockstar "remove[d] files unintentionally included" in the game. The game was restored on November 14, 2021 with the uncompiled mission scripts and unused music removed from the files.

[11/11/2021] 1.0.0 / Patch 1.0.1 (NSW : 1.0.3)

- Initial release

[11/19/2021] Patch 1.0.2 (NSW : 1.0.4)

- Better rain effect
- A fog option is added to make the Mount Chiliad more beautiful
- A big hole around Grove Street is fixed
- View distance is improved on Nintendo Switch
- Another bugfixes

[11/30/2021] Patch 1.0.3 (NSW : 1.0.5)

- Cinematic camera
- The missing bridge bug is fixed
- "Old Reece's" now appears really old
- The Burger Shot sign is now animated
- Another bugfixes

[02/25/2022] Patch 1.0.4 (NSW : 1.0.6)

- Framerate improvements
- Tail Lights for the cars
- Another bugfixes

However, this patch add one new issue : Incorrect background texture in selection wheels (on NSW)

[10/18/2022] Patch 1.04.5 (NSW : 1.0.7)

- The rain have a better effect in movement
- The fog was increased in some areas