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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

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Title Screen

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Also known as: Mario + Rabbids Galaxy Battle (JP)
Developers: Ubisoft Paris[1], Ubisoft Milan[1]
Publishers: Ubisoft[1] (INT), Nintendo[1] (JP)
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: October 20, 2022[1]
Released in JP: December 2, 2022[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

To do:
  • Add more screenshots.
  • Load developer maps.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is the long-awaited sequel to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, this time based off of Super Mario Galaxy. It's also notable for being one of the last original Mario games to feature the voice of Charles Martinet, prior to his retirement from voice acting Mario characters in 2023.

Developer Maps

Found in an asset folder called "launcher", Inside of the folder containing the assets of the Game Engine the game was made in. Filenames with "map" are cover arts of developer maps, "bbb" meaning it's a playable world and "dsr" meaning it's for the DLC. Assumed to be used in Ubisoft's level editor.

Dojo Maps

map_dojo_cover is a cover image for the developer maps prefixed with Dojo, which shows Mario in action on a Dojo test map.

M+RSoH-Map dojo cover.png

Dojo Game-element Showcase

map_dojo_gameelement_showcase is a cover image for a new developer map titled Dojo Game Element Showcase, showing Mario animation-less and in his default pose on another test map.

M+RSoH-Map dojo gameelement showcase.png

Dojo Showroom Summer

map_dojo_showroom_summer appears to be a wide shot of an early untextured Beacon Beach.

M+RSoH-Map dojo showroom summer.png

map_ui_dojo shows an early version of Beacon Beach with some minor changes. The name still says it's part of a Dojo developer map, most likely the Dojo Showroom Summer due to being the only Dojo map with Beacon Beach.

M+RSoH-Map ui dojo.png

Dojo Sparks

map_dojo_sparks is a screenshot of a green checkered floor found in Hero's Skill Tree, which instead shows a queue of Marios with every spark and some other things for testing, also showing a screenshot of the dev map named Gojo Sparks.

M+RSoH-Map dojo sparks.png

Audio Dojo

map_audio_dojo is an art of Rosalina playing the guitar with a Luma. This is actually fan-art by Twitter user @franmm127.

M+RSoH-Map audio dojo.png

Dojo Combat

map_dojo_combat shows art of Mario firing some what appears to be a pair of Pyrostars out of his Dual Slingers. The name suggests that this is a combat testing map.

M+RSoH-Map dojo combat.png

Dojo Cogload

map_dojo_cogload is a stock photo cover of a map named Dojo Cogload. Cog-load could be a term for Cognitive load (amount of working memory being used).

One person shoving a Pac-man disc into an open head and another holding up a lamp near it.


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: What is Layered?

map_layered seems to be the Layered logo.

Three rotated squares on top of another, each with a color from red, green and blue, with a cube on top of the text saying "LAYERED".

Playground Fourseasons

map_playground_fourseasons shows a Wiggler train and appears to be the cover of a map named Playground. Most likely a developer testing map.

M+RSoH-Map playground fourseasons.png

Playground Fourseasons FPP

map_playground_fourseasons_fpp is the same as the "map_playground_fourseasons" but with "FPP" written in big red letters on top of it, meaning first-person perspective. Perhaps it would've used the unused first-person perspective mode.

M+RSoH-Map playground fourseasons fpp.png

Test Switch World

map_test_switch_world shows a screenshot of a green tiled floor, similar to the one in the map shown in the general cover image for Dojo maps, with two switches on in the developer map Test Switch World. Mario appears once again in his default pose.

M+RSoH-Map test switch world.png


Blockout Combat

map_blockout_combat is a cover image for the map named Blockout Combat.

Looks like the map in this image was made in SketchUp.

Blockout Exploration

map_blockout_exploration is the cover image of a map named Blockout Exploration.

Same with this map here.

World Cover Images

To do:
Possibly find the source of these images.

bbb_autumn is concept art of Palette Prime.

Bbb autumn.png

bbb_springs is concept art of Terra Flora.

Bbb spring.png

bbb_summer is concept art of Beacon Beach.

Bbb summer.png

bbb_winter is concept art of Pristine Peaks.

Bbb winter.png

dsr_outlawdesert is concept art of Barrendale Mesa. The name suggests that the world would have been DLC.

Dsr outlawdesert.png

dsr_galaxytheater is concept art of the Tower of Doom DLC's main world.

Dsr galaxytheater.png

dsr_melodicgarden is concept art of the "The Last Spark Hunter" DLC's main world.

Dsr melodicgarden.png

dsr_painteddesert is concept art of a world titled "Painted Desert", seemingly created for the "Rayman in the Phantom Show" DLC.

Dsr painteddesert.png


first_time_notification_freetoads_01 is a placeholder image used in the image tutorials found around the game, this one says, "FREE TOADS IMAGE PLACEHOLDER".

First time notification freetoads 01.png