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Proto:Mario Party 5

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mario Party 5.

Included with Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Version 13, this prototype/demo of Mario Party 5 was made some time after the E3 build and a playable demo on a GameCube preview disc for those who pre-ordered Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

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Title Screen

Demo Final
Mp5 prototitle.png MarioParty5Title.png
  • The green glow on the edges of the screen is barely visible.
  • Generally a simplistic background, with less stars and white lines across.
  • PRESS START uses yellow, green and pink only as opposed to a rainbow color system. It was also positioned higher in the final.
  • The star outline effect in the background in the demo is not there in the final product.
  • The star Mario holds is slightly rotated.
  • Boo was rotated slightly and made larger.
  • Rainbow Dream was made larger.
  • Bullet Bill is at a slightly different angle.
  • The blimp on the top-right of the screen is rotated.
  • Because of the star Mario is holding is rotated we can now clearly see Green K. Kid and the Goomba more clearly.

Character Select Menu

It uses the same one as the E3 menu found in the final's game data, except:

  • COM in the demo is called CPU.
  • Boo and Koopa Kid are now selectable.
  • Rumble feature is gone because no minigame uses it in this demo.

Minigame Select Menu

It uses the same one as the E3 menu found in the final's game data. There are only five minigames in the demo, including: Coney Island, Button Mashers, Shy Guy Showdown, Dinger Derby and Pushy Penguins. This is a stepdown from eight in the E3 menu.