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Mario Party 9

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Title Screen

Mario Party 9

Developers: Nd Cube, CAProduction
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: April 16, 2012
Released in US: March 11, 2012
Released in EU: March 2, 2012
Released in AU: March 8, 2012
Released in KR: April 11, 2013

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

To do:
BBL files have development text.
  • There's text for using an SD Card at offset of the main executable 236FD0 (US), along with text to relating to source localization files.

Mario Party returns for one more Wii installment! Hudson Soft, however, does not.

The game changes up the typical Mario Party gameplay a bit: coins can't be collected, you collect Mini Stars instead of Stars, and everyone moves around in a single vehicle, much like Mario Party Advance.

But it's still got mini-games!

Early Toad Road Stage

An early Toad Road stage can be found on the disc in the folder /common/bd00.

Note that unlike the final version's course maps, this is all loaded in one chunk. The final game's boards have separate chunks for each "section" of the level.

MarioParty9Map00 1.png

One of the most obvious features is that there's only one branching path in the stage—the fork in the road by the large star in the west portion of the map.


The start of the board. The star marker at the start was changed in the final game to look like it's growing out of the dirt instead of just being slapped on.
A ditch where a bridge would be is replaced by two tree stumps in the final game.


The prototype version of Toad Road has three mountains, not two. The third mountain (where the vine grows) was replaced with a hill surrounded by a spiraling "staircase". The bog standard bridge was replaced with lily pad platforms.


These ruins don't appear in the final game at all! What's more, they're part of the main path. In the final game, this was replaced with a small island that's completely separate from the main area.


The lower-left corner of the map is where a special Mini-Star filled area can be found. In the final this is on an island that's in the center of the main path, but this early version is completely removed from the main path and is landlocked.

The strange mushroom platforms (which aren't scaled correctly) leading to the boss room are completely absent from the final game, as is the space ditch where a bridge would be.


A picture of Wiggler marks where the Boss Gate is found in the final game. It seems that even in this early model, Wiggler was intended to be the boss of this board. Of course, the actual Bowser Gate isn't present at all in the early model. The image used for Wiggler is the official artwork from Super Mario World.

Early Textures

Texture difference between the prototype and final level models.

Texture name Early Texture Final Texture Early Resolution Final Resolution Additional Notes
beanstalk MarioParty9beanstalkOld.png MarioParty9beanstalkNew.png 64x128 128x128 The final version is clearly modeled after the vines found in New Super Mario Bros.
The early texture doesn't have a top at all.
bgkinoko MarioParty9bgkinokoOld.png MarioParty9bgkinokoNew.png 256x64 512x128
bgmountain01 MarioParty9bgmountain01Old.png MarioParty9bgmountain01New.png 512x256 512x256 Same basic texture, but the final version is much shinier.
Some of the colors were swapped around as well.
feeld01 MarioParty9feeld01Old.png MarioParty9feeld01New.png 256x256 512x512 Final texture is much brighter and looks like it fits in a Mario game.
flower01 MarioParty9flower01Old.png MarioParty9flower01New.png 256x256 512x512
grass01 MarioParty9grass01Old.png MarioParty9grass01New.png 128x128 128x256 Final graphic is in the graphical style of NSMB.
ground02 MarioParty9ground02Old.png MarioParty9ground02New.png 256x256 256x256 Yet more texture brightening.
kinohouse01 MarioParty9kinohouse01Old.png MarioParty9kinohouse01New.png 256x128 256x128 The final door is more defined than the early texture's door.
The early texture (and level model) also have graphics for blue, green, and yellow Toad Houses.
All of the Toad Houses in the final game's level are red.
mountroard01 MarioParty9mountroard01Old.png MarioParty9mountroard01New.png 128x128 512x512 A pretty massive upgrade in texture size and quality of the mountain road texture.
mountwall01 MarioParty9mountwall01Old.png MarioParty9mountwall01New.png 256x256 512x512
rainbow MarioParty9rainbowOld.png MarioParty9rainbowNew.png 16x16 16x32 Even this small rainbow texture got an increase in resolution and brightness!
roadside MarioParty9roadsideOld.png MarioParty9roadsideNew.png 128x32 256x64 The new texture is transparent at the top.
signboard01 MarioParty9signboard01Old.png MarioParty9signboard01New.png 64x128 256x256
sky01 MarioParty9sky01Old.png MarioParty9sky01New.png 256x128 512x64 The final texture is simpler and doesn't have the sky color as part of the texture.
wall01 MarioParty9wall01Old.png MarioParty9wall01New.png 256x256 256x256 Completely redone to look more like a Mario game's graphics.
waterfall01 MarioParty9waterfall01Old.png MarioParty9waterfall01New.png 64x128 128x256 Larger waterfall = better waterfall.
windmill01 MarioParty9windmill01Old.png MarioParty9windmill01New.png 32x128 32x128 The final texture is silver but is shaded gold by the game's lighting.
windmill02 MarioParty9windmill02Old.png MarioParty9windmill02New.png 64x256 512x128 The early texture has graphics for a yellow windmill while the final texture does not.
wood06 MarioParty9wood06Old.png MarioParty9wood06New.png 128x128 256x256
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Graphics

Unused Spaces

Large Icons

Textures are stored in the file /common/board/pictures/mass.brres.lz

Texture name Texture Notes
d_star10 MarioParty9d star10.png A 10 Mini Ztar space.
In the final game these only go up to 5.
l_star10 MarioParty9l star10.png A 10 Mini Star space.
In the final game these only go up to 5.


Textures are stored in the file /common/board/pictures/mass_mini.brres.lz

Texture name Texture Notes
m_jp MarioParty9m jp.png A mysterious space that seems to be filled with Mini Ztars.
The texture's name suggest it was likely used as a minus Jackpot space.
magma_05 MarioParty9Mini magma 05.png A +5 Magma Space. This would be used in Magma Mine.
As it is, only +2, +3, and +4 spaces are used.
p_jp03 MarioParty9Mini p jp03.png A +3 Jackpot space. The mini-icons are +3 and +5; the actual icons are +5 and +8.
This was likely changed so that the Jackpot Machine would be filled faster.
red MarioParty9Mini red.png An ordinary red space with no other features.
Used in the previous games, but here a generic red space is pointless.

Other Graphics

Early Stop Space

A temporary event icon graphic found in the bd00 model file.

Mini-icon In-game Icon
MarioParty9Mini stop.png MarioParty9stop.png

The "stop" texture is blue (helpful) in the mini-icon model file and green (event) in the final icon file.
Given the texture name compared to what it does in the final (Captain Event space) it's clear that the actual purpose of this space was changed.

Early Side-by-Side Zone

Early Final
MP9-sidebysideearly.png MP9-sidebysidefinal.png

Within the .lz file of the captain event tutorial images for the Bob-Omb Factory board, an early image of the zone is leftover, revealing that the board was going to have an entirely different look. The mini-star count is also different, being much less than in the final version.

Early Heart Star Colony

Early Final
MP9-heartzoneearly.png MP9-heartzonefinal.png

Another early snapshot of a captain event can be found in the .lz file of the captain event tutorial images for Bowser Station. The heart zone underwent major changes, as the heart rocks, platform, arch, and crystals are either not present, or overhauled to a more sci-fi aesthetic.

Early Bingo Colony

Early Final
MP9-spacebingoearly.png MP9-spacebingofinal.png

An early snapshot of the Bingo Colony can also be found in the same .lz file. The early version had a hazier purple background, with the planets being aligned differently. The board itself had brighter numbers, and the solar arrays were smaller. UI is also visible in the early snapshot, which is not in the final.

Early Speed Star Colony

Early Final
MP9-spacestationearly.png MP9-spacestationfinal.png

The Speed Star Colony also underwent some changes as well. The surface of it was green instead of purple in the earlier version. For the spaces, the longest and shortest paths were one space longer than in the final version. There are also reverse spaces present, which are replaced by dash spaces in the final version. Another difference is that there are blue Mini Star spaces present, which aren't in the final version.

Dummy & Placeholders

MarioParty 9Dummycard.png
A placeholder card icon for the Dry Bones boss mini-game from mg9603/map.brres.lz.

MarioParty9Card bd dummy.pngMarioParty9Roulette dummy tex.png
Similar dummy textures exist for the Toad House and Lakitu boss mini-games. The Japanese says "Miss".

Mario Party 9 Pentaro Early.png
A very basic placeholder model of a penguin, found in the "Polar Extreme" minigame files. Has no animations assigned.

(Skawo: Original TCRF research)


A balloon with the word dummy crudely written on it found in locale_us/en/mgm/layout/mgm_roulette_lc.lz/dummy.tpl in the USA version of this game.


Another balloon with the word mask crudely written on it found in locale_us/en/mgm01/layout/mgselect_lc.lz/dum_f.tpl in the USA version of this game.

Unused Animations

To do:
Rip gifs of the animations.

Bowser Jr. has unused animations for using a vehicle. These may have either been for testing or he was going to be playable at some point.

(Source: Mario Wiki)

Internal Project Name

The game is internally titled 9Stars given by the sound archive name and message project name, ns, likely short of the latter.