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Dr. Mario World

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Title Screen

Dr. Mario World

Developers: Nintendo EPD, LINE, NHN Entertainment
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: July 9, 2019

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

This article is a work in progress.
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<Sanky> please suggest an unused sprite with a clock or something
This game is still under active development.
Be aware that any unused content you find may become used or removed in the future. Please only add things to the article that are unlikely to ever be used, or went unused for some time. If they do get used, please remove them from the page and specify in the edit summary!
To do:
  • english(dev), jpja(rough), krko(dev) text directories, dump the text using uTinyRipper or that premium tool or demo of it to find the true directories.
  • There are more unused graphics found in the game. Try to rip them before the game shuts down
  • A lot more revision differences

Mario thinks he isn't getting enough profit for working as a doctor, so he decides to add microtransactions to his latest game in an attempt to become rich.

The game is set to end its services on November 1, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. (UTC).

Debugging Function Leftovers

Mentions for a score viewer, saving a log, debug info toggler, debug server signature, gaining AP/SP, server management selection, game/management server selection, game/managment server IP, start game on click, delete game preferences, retry authentication + w/ Nintendo Account and FPS display visibility exist in the game's files and the game assemblies.

Internal Project Name

The game's internal name is "Matcha", according to an accidentally posted Google Play update description for Version 0.1.10, called Alpha 0.1.10-real-matcha-190703 and with matcha as the content. The name also appears in the msbp file's name, Matcha.msbp in the folder messagestudio.

(update description: 1, 2, 3)

Unused Text

Present in Login.bytes, oddly outside the text directory.

Name Japanese Translation
Please configure a nickname. 

Comparisons with Developer Text

Text in the directory messagestudio\xx\x(dev).


Name US English English(dev) Note
Your network connection appears
to be unstable. Retry?
The connection was lost
Please try again
For whatever reason, commas and periods are missing.
Connection closed
Both very vague messages.
Event information not found. It is
possible the event has already
No event information found.
Way more descriptive than development text.
The reward you are attempting to
obtain is no longer available. You
cannot receive it.
Date information is not valid.
Can not receive compensation
Way more informative but lacks info on the problem
There is an error in the item data.
It is not possible to obtain this
Item information is in error.
Can not receive compensation
Odd spelling.
To play Dr. Mario World, you must
update the Google Play service.
You must update the Google Play service,
Dr.Mario World is running.
Odd text placement.
Your device cannot access
Dr. Mario World.
The changed OS (such as 'rooting') smartphone
does not have access to the service.
Way more detailed compared to current text.

Unused Graphics


In the files of the game, several unused graphics of enemies, which are presumably unused assistants, can be found. Given the game is set to shut down in November, it's unlikely these will ever be used in the game.


Also in the files of the game, several graphics of medals, which are unlocked via Clinic Events, can be seen. One set has a Boo on it, while the other has the Super Mario Galaxy logo. No Clinic Events using these graphics were ever used in the game, and because the game is set to shut down soon, it is likely they will never be used.

Version Differences

  • The August 7, 2019 update added Daisy, Wario, and Waluigi as recruitable doctors.