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Super Mario Run

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Title Screen

Super Mario Run

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: December 15, 2016

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Decrypt the base game's .compressed files, they have a portion of the game's content.

Super Mario Run is a free-to-start Mario game built off the Unity engine, adapting the "endless runner"-style game to the Mario series.

Bowser has kidnapped Peach (again) and has even destroyed her castle (with the Toads setting up a tent in its place), so Mario sets out to rescue her (again), rally Toads to his side to help rebuild the castle, and embark on a separate journey to rescue Daisy (who has also been captured by Bowser but held separately elsewhere).

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Revisional Differences (addition of Remix 10, altered app icon and title screen, etc.).

Debugging Utilities

Debug Menu

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Show this in the current version. What DLLs mention this?

A Debug Menu is present in the game files based off the Unity assets and library code.


Font tests, font material tests, ghost generation, global devices, coins, FPS, visibility settings, input, additional, additional random, flags, developer root, item GUI text, reel, selector, Takebayashi, toast and utl calls are others existent.

Lua Script Managers

Two Lua script managers, AutoPilotLuaMgr and SmokeTestLuaMgr are also present, both have little typos in function naming.


To do:
What is AutoPilot?

Lua script manager for AutoPilot.



Gets the hardware name in Base64.






Download Lua script.


Download update for Lua script?

Developer Mentions

Some debugging functions also reference the first name of some developers of the game.

Anti-Modding and Tampered Device Detection

To do:
Find more protections, list all the ones the iOS version has, check if the oldest iOS version uses an iOS unique protection setting file.

This game is notorious for being well protected against modding or tampered devices, unfortunately, that affected legal devices getting the game from the platform specific app store, causing many complaints until the protection was fixed to prevent false alarms. On Android, it is known for having Google's SafetyNet and the game checks for the SHA1 hash of the current APK, rooted/custom ROM'ed devices, USB debuggers, Java debuggers, native debuggers, denies debugger attachments, emulators, checks signature and build serial, if any of those mismatch or state security violations, the game will either crash after the Nintendo logo, crash during the loading screen or throw 804-5100 randomly during gameplay. The latest iOS version uses the same protection setting file from the Android version. On iOS it checks for jailbroken devices and likely the IPA hash (?) and debuggers as well as emulators.

Developer Notes

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list them

The game assembly and likely assets mention developer notes in Japanese.

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What assembly file are they from?

, のあいている部分を埋めてください: Please fill in the gap between

Leftover demo text

The text data file (assets/message/XX/demo_XXxx.bytes, XX is game region dependent, like US, xx is similar but for language, like en) from retail demos says: This version of SUPER MARIO RUN has been created specifically for demonstration purposes., it is still present in the final release of the game and CDN assets.

Leftover Multiplatform Assets

Leftover assets from the Android version are present in the newer iOS revisions and vice versa.

Internal Project Name

Given by many calls for the game using RedBull and the message project file also uses that name, RedBull is the internal project name.