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Super Mario Run

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Title Screen

Super Mario Run

Developer: Nintendo EPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: December 15, 2016

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

So very stubbly.
This page is rather stubbly and could use some expansion.
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To do:
Decrypt the base game's .compressed files, they have a portion of the game's content. There appears to be debug events set to happen if Takebayshi or other first names of developers is set as the player's name.

Super Mario Run is a free-to-start Mario game built off the Unity engine, adapting the "endless runner" game style to the Mario series.

Bowser has kidnapped Peach (again) and has even destroyed her castle (with the Toads setting up a tent in its place), so Mario sets out to rescue her (again), rally Toads to his side to help rebuild the castle, and embark on a separate journey to rescue Daisy (who has also been captured by Bowser but held separately elsewhere).

To do:
Revisional Differences (addition of Remix 10, altered app icon and title screen, etc.).

Debugging Utilities

Debug Menu

To do:
Show this in the current version. What DLLs mention this?

A Debug Menu is present in the game files based off the Unity assets and library code.


Font tests, font material tests, ghost generation, global devices, coins, FPS, visibility settings, input, additional, additional random, flags, developer root, item GUI text, reel, selector, Takebayashi, toast and utl calls are others existent.

Lua Script Managers

Two Lua script managers, AutoPilotLuaMgr and SmokeTestLuaMgr are also present, both have little typos in function naming.


To do:
What is AutoPilot?

Lua script manager for AutoPilot.



Gets the hardware name in Base64.


Runs on the start of the game, purpose is unknown.


Runs every frame, purpose is unknown.


Download Lua script.


Download update for Lua script?

Developer Mentions

Some debugging functions also reference the first name of some developers of the game.

Anti-Modding and Tampered Device Detection

To do:
Find more protections, list all the ones the iOS version has, check if the oldest iOS version uses an iOS unique protection setting file.

This game is notorious for being well protected against modding or tampered devices. Unfortunately, that affected unmodded devices getting the game from the platform specific app store, causing many complaints until the protection was fixed to prevent false alarms. On Android, it is known for having Google's SafetyNet, and the game checks for the SHA1 hash of the current APK, rooted/custom ROM'ed devices, USB debuggers, Java debuggers, native debuggers, denies debugger attachments, emulators, checks signature and build serial, if any of those mismatch or state security violations, the game will either crash after the Nintendo logo, crash during the loading screen or throw error 804-5100 randomly during gameplay. The latest iOS version uses the same protection setting file from the Android version. On iOS it checks for jailbroken devices, debuggers, emulators and likely the IPA hash.

Developer Notes

To do:
List them.

The main game assembly and likely assets mention developer notes in Japanese.

Original Translation
アスレチック_地面_1 athletic_terrain_1
地上地面_1 overworld_terrain_1
スタート地形 start terrain
地上スタート地形 overworld start terrain
ゴール地形 goal terrain
地上ゴール地形 overworld goal terrain
流砂 quicksand
地上土管_上 overworld_pipe
地上土管_下 overworld_pipe_down
地上土管_左 overworld_pipe_left
地上土管_右 overworld_pipe_right
パックン土管_上 piranha_plant_pipe_up
パックン土管_下 piranha_plant_pipe_down
パックン土管_左 piranha_plant_pipe_left
パックン土管_右 piranha_plant_pipe_right
半当たり地形_1 half_hit_detected_terrain_1
半当たり地形_2 half_hit_detected_terrain_2
半当たり地形_3 half_hit_detected_terrain_3
半当たり地形_岩 half_hit_detected_terrain_fortress
半当たり地形_草 half_hit_detected_terrain_grass
半当たり地形_木 half_hit_detected_terrain_tree
キノコ地形_赤 mushroom_terrain_red
キノコ地形_黄 mushroom_terrain_yellow
キノコ地形_緑 mushroom_terrain_green
キノコ柄_奇数 mushroom_terrain_odd
キノコ柄_偶数 mushroom_terrain_even
飾り_森_1 forest_decorations_1
飾り_森_2 forest_decorations_2
飾り_森_3 forest_decorations_3
飾り_森_4 forest_decorations_4
飛行船中_飾り_1 airship_decorations_1
飛行船中_飾り_2 airship_decorations_2
飛行船中_飾り_3 airship_decorations_3
飛行船中_パイプ_縦 airship_pipe_vertical
飛行船中_パイプ_横 airship_pipe_horizontal
飛行船中_パイプ_┘ airship_pipe_┘
飛行船中_パイプ_└ airship_pipe_└
飛行船中_パイプ_┐ airship_pipe_┐
飛行船中_パイプ_┌ airship_pipe_┌
飛行船中_パイプ_┴ airship_pipe_┴
飛行船中_パイプ_┬ airship_pipe_┬
飛行船中_パイプ_┤ airship_pipe_┤
飛行船中_パイプ_├ airship_pipe_├
飛行船中_パイプ_┼ airship_pipe_┼
飛行船中_横柱 airship_horizontal_pillar
飛行船中_柱_1 airship_pillar_1
飛行船中_柱_2 airship_pillar_2
森_地面_1 forest_terrain_1
Not found file, course data. N/A
Not J2M format, course data. N/A
Invalid data, course data. N/A
.txt N/A
.j2m N/A
城ゴールデモイベント Castle Goal Demo Event
城クッパゴールデモイベント Castle Bowser Goal Demo Event
ゴールデモイベント Goal Demo Event
ゴールポールデモイベント Goal Pole Demo Event
クッパクラウンの爆発 Koopa Klown Car Explosion
ミニゲームイベント Mini Game Event
NextGotoイベント NextGoto Event
プレイヤー変身イベント Player Transformation Event
プレイヤーダメージ後復帰待ちイベント Player Damage Recovery Waiting Event
わんこそばイベント Wanko Soba Event
?? ??
地下 Underground
アス Athletic
艦中 Ship inside
艦外 Ship outside
お化中 Haunted Mansion Inside
お化外 Haunted Mansion Outside
お城 Castle
砦  Fort
森  Forest
対応する character_list がありません There is no compatible character_list
Assert(※DEBUG以外のアサートは無効) Assert(*Non-DEBUG asserts are ineffective)
(※DEBUG以外のアサートは無効) (*Non-DEBUG asserts are ineffective)
シーン切り替え Scene Transition
シーン生成 Scene Creation
ユーザーネームを直接参照すると 40B 確保される Referencing Username Confirms 40B
Update: スレッドからのイベントが来ない。 Update: No event from thread.
Update: スレッドが起きてこない Update: Thread not occurring
MainLoop_ のスレッドが待機状態にならなかった MainLoop_ thread did not enter waiting state
スコア画面 Win screen
購入条件が定義されていない Purchase condition not defined
指定したmasterShopItemが見つからない The requested masterShopItem cannot be found
シーンにDialogCanvasが存在しませんが COMPUTERNAME が SRD で始まっているのでアサートにしません No DialogCanvas exists in scene, but SRD begins with COMPUTERNAME so not converted to an assert.
ワールド1クリア World 1 cleared
ワールド2 World 2
ワールド3 World 3
ワールド4 World 4
ワールド5 World 5
ワールド6 World 6
キノピオラリー1勝 Toad Rally - 1 win
キノピオラリー10勝 Toad Rally - 10 wins
キノピオラリー50勝 Toad Rally - 50 wins
キノピオラリー100勝 Toad Rally - 100 wins
不明なリソースタイプ Unknown resource type
親のGameObjectにRbScrollRectが見つかりません。 No RBScrollRect found in parent GameObject.
親のGameObjectにRectTransformが見つかりません。 No RectTransform found in parent GameObject.
アニメーターが2つセットされています 2 animators are set
RandomAnimatorがKingdomObjectにセットされていません RandomAnimator not set to KingdomObject
SequentialAnimatorがKingdomObjectにセットされていません SequentialAnimator not set to KingdomObject
城のマスターデータが見つかりません Castle master data not found
最初の島が見つかりません First island not found
島のオープンに失敗 Error opening island
アイテムのストックに失敗 Error stocking item
アイテムの設置に失敗 Error setting item
橋の設置で致命的なエラー Fatal error placing a bridge
enter mini gameでエラー Error entering minigame
MoveItemで致命的なエラー: Fatal error with MoveItem:
ケーキの設置で致命的なエラー Fatal error placing a cake
PutItemで致命的なエラー: Fatal error with PutItem:
RemovalDebrisで致命的なエラー: Fatal error with RemovalDebris:
ReceiveRewardでエラー : ー Fatal error with ReceiveReward:
購入エラー Purchasing error
StockItemで致命的なエラー: Fatal error with StockItem
課金ステータスが不正です Purchase status is illegitimate
Lockされています Locked
Lockが呼ばれていない Lock not set
購入で致命的なエラー : Fatal error from purchase
自分の名前 Your name
他人の名前 Other's names
, のあいている部分を埋めてください Please fill in the gap between
MessageStudioDataManagerの生成に失敗 Failed to generate MessageStudioDataManager

Unused text

Leftover demo text

There's leftover text present in the demo text data file message/RG/demo_RGln, RG is region, like US, and ln is language, like en). It is still present in the final release of the game and CDN assets.

String ID US English
This version of SUPER MARIO RUN has been created
specifically for demonstration purposes.

Debug money select

According to the project file, this is meant to be a debug function, but unfortunately data in the text file was stripped...

Leftover Multi-platform Assets

Leftover assets from the Android version are present in the newer iOS revisions and vice versa.

Internal Project Name

Given by many calls for the game using RedBull and the message project file also uses that name, RedBull is the internal project name. rb is another similar mention to that name.

Developer directories

Location Note
D:\\home\\takebayashi\\project\\RedBull\\work\\tmp\\ghost_data_sample\\100001_content.bin From main assembly.