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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

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Title Screen

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Also known as: Super Mario 3D World + Fury World (JP)
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: February 12, 2021

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury = a pretty solid package. Super Mario 3D World is a port of the Wii U game, while Bowser's Fury is a brand-new game in which Mario forms an uneasy alliance with Bowser Jr. to put a stop to a giant, corrupted form of Bowser known as Fury Bowser, featuring a lot of elements from both 3D World and 2017's Super Mario Odyssey.

To do:


DebugData Directory

Unused Models


SM3DWBF KinokoGiga.png

An unused Giga Mushroom powerup named KinokoGiga can be found in the game data. It has 7 animations, but each one contains no data. Presumably, this powerup would have been used in Bowser's Fury and acted similar to the Giga Bell, turning Mario into Giga Mario.

(Source: KibiDoesStuff)

Unused Sounds


To do:
Find these sounds and rip them.

Toadette has sounds for being selected, which are ripped from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. It is unknown whether she was planned to be a 6th character for regular gameplay, or a multiplayer character for the Captain Toad levels.

She is playable in Super Mario Maker 2's 3D World level style, so it isn't a stretch to think that she may have been planned to be playable in this port as well, using the resources created for her in that game.

Development Text

Build Info


Change 924546 on 2020/11/25 13:28:12 by p4_jenkins_build@Jenkins_RedCarpet-S_ContBuild 'RedCarpet-S - Automated Latest_'
SVN 1887

This text file shows that the game was built off a version of the source code from November 25, 2020, around 3 months before the release date. It was built automatically by Jenkins, an automated build system used by Nintendo. The word "Monitor" on the third line is probably the build target. "SVN 1887" most likely corresponds to the SVN revision number of the source code. Similar build information files can be found in the 3DS/Switch port of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker & Photos with Mario.

(Source: Hiccup)

Patrol List

To do:
What is this, exactly?


scene SingleModeScene sequence DevelopSequence stage SingleModeOceanStage
(Source: Hiccup)

MiiFairy Text File

Despite the removal of all Miiverse-related functionality, the Mii Fairy's model remains. However, the model archive was actually updated, now including a stray text file named material_update_txt.txt. It seems to show the file path and filename of one of the source textures.


Luigi Bros.

NES Cheat Codes

To do:
  • These can probably be found in Wii U and maybe 3DS virtual console titles too.
  • Decode the format and work out what each cheat one does.

/LuigiBros/debug/cheat_code/ contains some text files containing cheat codes for some NES games.

WUP-FA8J.txt (Metroid)

Japanese Translation
# メトロイド
WRAM, 0106, 0990, =, always, エネルギー99
PRG, 7411, 01, |, always, ボム
PRG, 7411, 02, |, always, ハイジャンプ
PRG, 7411, 04, |, always, ロングビーム
PRG, 7411, 08, |, always, スクリューアタック
PRG, 7411, 10, |, always, モーフボール
PRG, 7411, 20, |, always, バリアスーツ
PRG, 7411, 40, |, always, ウェイブビーム
PRG, 7411, 80, |, always, アイスビーム
PRG, 7411, 06, =, always, エナジータンク6個
PRG, 7412, FF, =, always, ミサイル255
PRG, 7413, 01, |, always, ミサイル表示
PRG, 7414, 8282, |, always, ツーリアンに行ける
Energy 99
High Jump
Long Beam
Screw Attack
Morph Ball
Barrier Suit
Wave Beam
Ice Beam
Energy Tank x6
Missile 255
Show Missile
Go to Tourian

WUP-FBAJ.txt (The Legend of Zelda)

Japanese Translation
# ゼルダの伝説
WRAM, 062D, 00, =, always, セーブデータ1表ゼルダ
WRAM, 062D, 01, =, always, セーブデータ1裏ゼルダ
WRAM, 062E, 00, =, always, セーブデータ2表ゼルダ
WRAM, 062E, 01, =, always, セーブデータ2裏ゼルダ
WRAM, 062F, 00, =, always, セーブデータ3表ゼルダ
WRAM, 062F, 01, =, always, セーブデータ3裏ゼルダ
WRAM, 0675, 01, =, always, マジカルブーメラン
WRAM, 0676, 01, =, always, マジカルシールド 
WRAM, 0657, 03, =, always, 剣
WRAM, 0658, FF, =, always, 爆弾
WRAM, 0659, 02, =, always, 矢
WRAM, 065A, 01, =, always, 弓
WRAM, 065B, 02, =, always, ロウソク
WRAM, 065C, 01, =, always, 笛
WRAM, 065D, 01, =, always, エサ
WRAM, 065E, 02, =, always, 命の水
WRAM, 065F, 02, =, always, マジカルロッド
WRAM, 0660, 01, =, always, イカダ
WRAM, 0661, 01, =, always, バイブル
WRAM, 0662, 02, =, always, 指輪
WRAM, 0663, 01, =, always, ハシゴ
WRAM, 0664, 01, =, always, マジカルキー
WRAM, 0665, 01, =, always, パワーブレスレット
WRAM, 0666, 01, =, always, 手紙
WRAM, 0667, 01FF, =, always, コンパスLV1..9 
WRAM, 0669, 01FF, =, always, マップLV1..9
WRAM, 0671, FF, =, always, トライフォース所持 
WRAM, 066C, 01, =, always, 時計発動
WRAM, 066D, FF, =, always, ルピーx255
WRAM, 066E, FF, =, always, キーx255
WRAM, 066F, FDFF, =, always, LIFE
WRAM, 067C, FF, =, always, 最大爆弾数x255
WRAM, 04F0, FF, =, always, 当たり判定なし 
WRAM, 0662, 0F, =, always, LIFE減らない
The Legend of Zelda
Save data 1 main Zelda
Save data 1 bonus Zelda
Save data 2 main Zelda
Save data 2 bonus Zelda
Save data 3 main Zelda
Save data 3 bonus Zelda
Magical Boomerang
Magical Shield
Water of Life
Magical Rod
Magical Key
Power Bracelet
Compass LV1..9
Map LV1..9
Have Triforce
Activate Timer
Rupee x255
Key x255
Max Bombs x255
No collision
LIFE won't decrease

WUP-FBBJ.txt (Kid Icarus)

Japanese Translation
# 光神話 パルテナの鏡
WRAM, 0728, 04,   1, =, always, 無敵(ただし毒池は無効)
WRAM, 00A6, 27,   1, =, always, LIFE
WRAM, 00AA, 04,   1, =, always, MAX LIFE
WRAM, 014A, 03E7, 2, =, always, ハート
WRAM, 0152, 04,   1, =, always, 攻撃力
WRAM, 014F, 63,   1, =, always, ハンマー
WRAM, 0151, 88,   1, =, always, 酒樽
WRAM, 0130, 00,   1, =, always, エリア0
WRAM, 0130, 01,   1, =, always, エリア1
WRAM, 0130, 02,   1, =, always, エリア2
Kid Icarus
Invincible (But not effective to poison)
Attack Power

WUP-BVCJ.txt (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link)

Japanese Translation
# リンクの冒険
WRAM, 76F, FF, =, always, HP減らない
WRAM, 770, FF, =, always, MP減らない
WRAM, 77F, 08, =, always, 最大HPx8
WRAM, 780, 08, =, always, 最大MPx8
WRAM, 777, 01, =, always, 魔法SHIELD所持
WRAM, 778, 01, =, always, 魔法JUMP所持
WRAM, 779, 01, =, always, 魔法LIFE所持
WRAM, 77A, 01, =, always, 魔法FAIRY所持
WRAM, 77B, 01, =, always, 魔法FIRE所持
WRAM, 77C, 01, =, always, 魔法REFLEX所持
WRAM, 77D, 01, =, always, 魔法SPELL所持
WRAM, 77E, 01, =, always, 魔法THUNDER所持
WRAM, 700, 0A, =, always, 残り人数10
WRAM, 78F, 09, =, always, 鍵x9
WRAM, 773, 09, =, always, 武器LV9
WRAM, 774, 09, =, always, 魔法LV9
WRAM, 775, 09, =, always, 体力LV9
Link's Adventure
HP won't decrease
MP won't decrease
Max HP x8
Max MP x8
Have Magic SHIELD
Have Magic JUMP
Have Magic LIFE
Have Magic FAIRY
Have Magic FIRE
Have Magic REFLEX
Have Magic SPELL
Have Magic THUNDER
Remaining lives 10
Key x9
Weapon LV9
Magic LV9
Stamina LV9
(Source: Hiccup)

Leftover Wii U Virtual Console Sounds

/LuigiBros/snd/wiiu_shared.bfsar is a sound archive left over from the Wii U version when it used the Wii U Virtual Console menu. The Switch release does not use said menu, so this file goes unused.


Propeller Platforms

Due to the lack of a microphone on the Nintendo Switch, all Propeller Platforms (normally activated by blowing into the Wii U Gamepad's mic) have been replaced with normal yellow moving platforms. However, on the world map, the propeller noise from the Propeller Platform can be heard when the normal yellow platforms move in the level's "miniature". See World 2-2 for instance.

Another interesting thing to note is that World 2-2's internal name is TouchAndMikeStage, despite no longer having the Propeller Platforms.

Shadow Mario

The filename of the archive that stores the data for how to move the Fury Shadows across the map is named ShadowMarioData.szs. This suggests that the Fury Shadows were originally based on Mario, and not Luigi.

Internal Project Name

According to strings in the game's executable and BuildInfo.txt, the game's internal name is RedCarpet-S. This continues the trend of first-party Wii U games ported to the Switch having "-S" added to the end of the original project name.