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Proto:Mario Superstar Baseball

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mario Superstar Baseball.

To do:
Japanese demo

A demo of Mario Superstar Baseball (at this point, Mario Baseball) is present in Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc volumes 27-30. The demo is still in the middle of localization but also predates the Japanese version by almost two weeks, revealing a few differences.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

TGC Information

The following can be seen by extracting the TGC file from the demo disc and viewing it on the Dolphin emulator.

First of all, the game has its own save banner.

Mariobaseball banner.png

Secondly, the internal title reads: "Famista2003 GC" (ファミスタ2003 GC). This would appear to refer to Namco's Family Stadium 2003 (ファミリースタジアム 2003), which was released for the GameCube on May 30, 2003.

Build Date

The dol file has a build date at DE800.


Title Screen

Mario Baseball Mario Superstar Baseball
Mariobaseball titlescreen.png Mariosuperstarbaseball title.png

The logo in the demo uses a completely different design, that of a baseball diamond. It may have been a placeholder, as the logo used in the demo disc itself matches the retail design.

Main Menu

Mario Baseball Mario Superstar Baseball
Mariobaseball mainmenu.png Mariosuperstarbaseball menu.png

As the demo is still in progress with localization, a few differences are present in the main menu:

  • The title on the left says "SUPER MARIO STADIUM" instead of "Mario Superstar Baseball" and the corner has "main menu" in low caps. This matches the Japanese version.
  • The Dictionary from the Japanese version is present in the list, albeit inaccessible. Attempting to open it crashes the game.

Menu Previews

Many of the menu previews have differences, but in general:

  • The capital letters used in the demo's English header text is smaller.
  • The "p" in "For 1 to 2 Players" isn't capitalized and the lines also end with a period.
  • All the inaccessible previews are still in Japanese.

Exhibition Game

Mario Baseball Mario Superstar Baseball
Msb usdemo exhibition.png MSB us exhibition.png

The description for Exhibition Game is aligned differently.

Toy Field

Mario Baseball Super Mario Stadium (JP) Mario Superstar Baseball
MSB usdemo toyfield.png MSB jp toyfield.png MSB us toyfield.png

The Toy Field's stadium appears to have a very different design, resembling Super Mario Bros. instead of how it does in the final game.


Mario Baseball Mario Superstar Baseball
Mariobaseball minigames.png Mariosuperstarbaseball minigames.png

The preview for the minigames has a different picture in the top left.


Some songs are a bit different at this point in development.

Title Screen

Mario Baseball Mario Superstar Baseball

Very slightly different, with the final having more depth and instruments.


Mario Baseball Mario Superstar Baseball

Has a more triumphant feel in the final.


Mario Baseball Mario Superstar Baseball

Sounds a little more MIDI-ish in the prototype.