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Mario's Picross

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Title Screen

Mario's Picross

Also known as: Mario no Picross (JP)
Developers: Ape, Jupiter
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy
Released in JP: March 14, 1995
Released in US: March 1995
Released in EU: July 27, 1995
Released in AU: 1995

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Mario's Picross underwent a few aesthetically fitting changes when the game was released internationally, but didn't sell very well outside of Japan. As a result, the sequel never left Japan.

Hidden Credit

Located at 0x03C010 is development-credit text. Toshiyuki Ueno is the music composer.

APE (C) mcmxciv by Toshiyuki Ueno.pcs26448@asciinet.or.jp

Regional Differences

Japan International
Mario no Picross J SGB Title Screen.png Mario's Picross US EU SGB Title Screen.png

Compared to the Japanese logo, the international logo is rather bland.

Japan International
MarionoPicrossYasashii6C.png Mario'sPicrossEasy6C.png

Puzzle 6C in Easy Picross was changed from a cocktail to a Boo.

Japan International
MarionoPicrossYasashii7B.png Mario'sPicrossEasy7B.png

Puzzle 7B in Easy Picross was changed from a wineglass to a silk hat.

Japan International
MarionoPicrossKinoko2F.png Mario'sPicrossKinoko2F.png

Kinoko Puzzle 2F was changed from a tsurigane (a type of bell commonly found in Buddhist temples in Japan) to garlic.

Japan International
MarionoPicrossKinoko2H.png Mario'sPicrossKinoko2H.png

Kinoko Puzzle 2H was changed from a kama (a kettle commonly used in Japan for making tea) to a hamburger.

Japan International
MarionoPicrossKinoko4D.png Mario'sPicrossKinoko4D.png

Kinoko Puzzle 4D was changed from tsukimi dango to a unicorn.

Japan International
MarionoPicrossKinoko6H.png Mario'sPicrossKinoko6H.png

Kinoko Puzzle 6H was changed from a beer stein to a crow.

Japan International
MarionoPicrossKinoko7F.png Mario'sPicrossKinoko7F.png

Kinoko Puzzle 7F was changed from a folding fan to an angel.

Japan International
MarionoPicrossStar6H.png Mario'sPicrossStar6H.png

Star Puzzle 6H was changed from the face of a Nio to a couple of chili peppers.

Japan International

And finally, three Time Trial puzzles were changed. The den-den daiko, karakasa-obake, and tobacco were replaced by a bee, a giraffe, and a rabbit.

Virtual Console Changes

Because the game is locked in Game Boy mode, the Super Game Boy borders are inaccessible.