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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

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Title Screen

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

Also known as: Mario & Luigi RPG 3 DX (JP)
Developers: AlphaDream, Arzest
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: December 27, 2018
Released in US: January 11, 2019
Released in EU: January 25, 2019
Released in AU: January 26, 2019

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

The much-needed(?) remake of the DS game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story on the 3DS. While more faithful than its predecessor, it still sadly ended up being one of the worst-selling Mario games in nearly 24 years (being on a dying platform that could already play the original game certainly didn't help matters), and was AlphaDream's last main title before entering bankruptcy later in 2019.

And yes, they actually skipped over remaking the second Mario & Luigi title.

To do:
  • Debug Menu strings? In RO/HugeBattle.cro.
  • There are various unused sprites:
    • Ludwig in a Clown Car.
    • Unused sprites of Iggy on the ground in battle.
    • Bloopers
    • Golden Eggs
    • Toads with colors other than red.
    • Differently colored Magikoopas on broomsticks.
  • Developer interview

Unused Rooms

There are currently five known test rooms, each one of them being set in a specific part of Plack Beach. Every room lacks loading zones, and has a bright red background.

First Test Map

Room ID: 260

A room filled with Toads which was used to test NPC behaviors. Speaking with any of the Toads will cause something to happen to another, like disappearing, running back and forth on a set path, or temporarily increase in size.

Second Test Map

Room ID: 264

An empty room, purpose unknown.

Third Test Map

Room ID: 265

Similar to room 260, with the difference being that there additional Toad colors as well as animated Goombas.

Fourth Test Map

Room ID: 268

A room filled with Goombas which may have been used to test some enemy behaviors. In the top-left corner of the screen is a group of motionless Goombas, one simply being by itself and the others set in a "V" position with colored squares attached to the lower half, which may have been signs of a layering test.

Around the center of the room is a Goomba different from the others, not only is it animated but it can also be interacted with, making it jump when doing so.

Fifth Test Map

Room ID: 269

A room which was used to test overworld mechanics, namely Bowser's shell smash platforms and the air/water pipes. The large central platform burns the Bros.

(Source: Toad's Depot Discord (test map info))

Deleted Music Tracks

To do:
Add the info about duplicate tracks in the original game, to the original games page

There's some skipped music tracks according to Snd/stream (23, 24, 47, 52, 53, 56, 57, 58, and 59). Comparing to how the tracks are sorted from this and the original game, 23 and 24 were another version of dark_area1_a and dark_area1_b (21 and 22). In the original game however, those track slots (MUS_DARK_AREA_A2 and MUS_DARK_AREA_B2 in the original game) were just using a duplicate of the same songs (MUS_DARK_AREA_A1 and MUS_DARK_AREA_B1), so this is most likely why these track slots are skipped. Track 47 is likely MUS_MINI_GAME2 from the original game, according to how the tracks are sorted. This one didn't get carried one for some reason, even though they have some differences. The other skipped tracks are likely related to Bowser Jr.'s Journey, so those are unknown. It's likely these skipped track slots are just kept for sorting reasons.

Early Character Name

To do:
Check the other localization languages, as well as other instances of Kaley's name in the Japanese version.

During the first encounter with the Best Fitness Friends in Bowser Path, Dieter refers to Kaley as "Leana", which comes out of left field as she is never referred to as such anywhere else in the game. This discrepancy does not exist in the Japanese version, which implies that "Leana" was an early English name that got left in by accident.

Japanese Translation English
It seems Kaley is
lending her assistance.
So, you meet the real Leana.
She's not so friendly, this one.
キミたちには ここで・・・
Well then...
I'll just get her...
In fact, you might say...
To expurgate you!
She's not friendly at all!
(Source: Gaming Reinvented)


In the bcsar (the game's sound archive), the Mario and Luigi Battle theme and Bowser's Battle theme each have 2 sound streams, which uses the same bcstm file. Mario and Luigi's are both named MUS_ML_BTL and MUS_ML_BATTLE, and Bowser's are both named MUS_KP_BTL and MUS_KP_BATTLE. It's unknown which one is actually used or if the game uses both at certain points in the game. This isn't the case with the original DS versions.

Revisional Differences


Nintendo eShop Update Content Description:

  • Depending on the event, sometimes the player got stuck on a certain map when controlling Luigi solo and trying to save the game progress by using the Save Block. The issue has been fixed.
  • By downloading the update data, this issue will no longer occur.
  • Also, if the issue has already occurred, it will be fixed so that the player can continue playing.


Nintendo eShop Update Content Description:

Addressed an issue where sound wouldn’t play for music from the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story in the Music Menu, under Records.

Unused Text

Cacti may speak Japanese, but do they speak it well?
...But does it make sense?
The translations on this page need to be proofread. If you are fluent enough in this language, please make any corrections necessary!
To do:
Restore the formatting when text viewing is more stable. Create table for files in BMsg/FMsg.dat.

Present in b_sys:

Name Text Translation
Test quest for debugging

Localized text for an error message (anti-out of bounds?) is present in fcommon:

Name Text
=== Notice ===
An error has occurred.
To avoid corrupting your data, your
character has been moved to a safe place.

Present in i_air_21:

Name Text Translation
=== 仮・未実装 ===
=== Temporary/Unimplemented ===
The events before and after the Dark Star 
battle have not been implemented yet.
The game will now skip to 
the part where it escapes.

Present in i_energy_32, i_tainai_01, o_chika_01, o_peach_1f_01, o_town_34,:

Name Text Translation
=== 1月末版 終了 ===
1月末版は ここまでとなります。

=== January Version End ===
This concludes the January version.
Thank you very much for your verification.

Present in i_power_arm_01 and i_pump_16, i_tainai_01, o_chika_09_before, o_ekubon_02_after, o_ekubon_07_2, o_koopa_24, o_mushiba_05_before, o_peach_2f_04, o_test_ay_01, o_test_hk_01, o_test_mk_01, o_town_14, o_zutsada_04_after:

Name Text Translation
=== 仮・未実装 ===

=== Temporary/Unimplemented ===
This event is in a temporary or
unimplemented state.

Present in i_pump_02 and i_test_mo_02:

Name Text
This is a test.

Present in i_pump_04:

Name Text Translation
=== 仮・未実装 ===
An organ pipe was originally intended to appear here, 
but it has not been implemented yet.
The game will now warp to where the the buried organ pipe 
rises from the floor and knocks the Slide Pad down.

Present in i_pump_16:

Name Text Translation
=== α版 終了 ===
α版は ここまでとなります。

キノじいの運命や いかに!?

=== Alpha Version End ===
This concludes the alpha version.
Thank you very much for your verification.

Just what will become of Toadsworth!?

Present in o_ekubon_15, o_koopa_19:

Name Text Translation
Minigame failure
Minigame success
To do:
This uses encoded text.

Present in o_evselect_U, sounds like text for a debug menu:

Name Text Translation
ケタの移動 数値の変更 決定
Degree of movement:    Value of change:    Decision: 

Present in o_ibiki_03, sounds like text for a debug menu:

Name Text Translation
=== 仮・未実装 ===
=== Temporary/Unimplemented ===
The Yikk encounter event has not been implemented yet.
The game will now skip to its endpoint.

Present in o_mushiba_24:

Name Text Translation
=== 仮・未実装 ===

=== Temporary/Unimplemented ===
The sequence of events that leads to 
learning a new attack in Dimble Wood (2nd 
time around) has not been implemented yet.
The game will continue from the point where 
the player learns the attack and
returns to Chakron once more.

Present in o_test_ay_01, o_test_hk_01, o_test_jk_01, o_test_mk_01, o_test_mo_01, o_test_mo_02, o_test_mo_03, o_test_mo_04, o_test_mo_05, i_test_dnh_01, i_test_hk_01, i_test_ik_01, i_test_mo_01:

Name Japanese Translation

Present in o_peach_3f_13:

Name Japanese Translation
=== 仮・未実装 ===

=== Temporary/Unimplemented ===
The catapult's speedup roller has not been implemented yet.
The game will now skip to the part where it launches.

Present in o_test_fh_01 and o_test_fh_02:

Name Japanese Translation
It will blink!!
Yボタンをおすと とじるよ
Press the Y button to close

Present in o_test_ho_01:

Name Japanese Translation
Do Training 1
Training 2

Present in o_test_mk_01:

Name Japanese Translation
Test text

Present in o_zutsada_04_after:

Name Text Translation
=== 仮・未実装 ===

This portion of the raft-caused terrain capture has not been implemented yet.
The game will now skip to the end of the capture sequence.

Present in o_zutsuda_10_before:

Name Text Translation
=== 仮・未実装 ===

The sneeze event and raft-caused terrain capture 
have not been implemented yet. \
The game will now skip to the end of the sneeze event.

Present in o_zutsuda_16_before:

Name Text Translation
=== 仮・未実装 ===


=== Temporary/Unimplemented ==

The Tower of Yikk appearance event has not been implemented yet.
The game will now skip to the end of the giant battle.