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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

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Title Screen

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Also known as: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. (EU/AU), Mario & Luigi RPG 4: Dream Adventure (JP)
Developer: AlphaDream
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: July 18, 2013
Released in US: August 11, 2013
Released in EU: July 12, 2013
Released in AU: July 13, 2013

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the fourth installment in the Mario & Luigi RPG series, featuring an evil dream vampire and a narcoleptic Luigi.

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Regional differences. Title screens are the only ones that come to mind, but there may be more.

Unused Bros Attacks

Multiple Bros Attacks were planned to return from previous entries in the series, but were cut for unknown reasons.

Ice Flower


The Ice Flower is very incomplete and was likely scrapped early on. The bros sprites seem to have very little to do with actually attacking and lack the light blue clothes they don after they collect an ice flower.

(Source: Ploaj, Teawater (The Spriters Resource))

Yoo Who Cannon

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The sprites for the Yoo Who Cannon are noticeably more complete than the Ice Flower's, with it only really lacking the necessary sprites for the cannons.

(Source: Ploaj, Teawater (The Spriters Resource))

Jump Helmet


The Sprites for the Jump Helmet are largely complete. The attack was even changed to make use of the new foreground to background battle mechanic. The reason this attack was removed is unclear, but it may have been because the attack relied on both the top and bottom screens, similar to Bros. attacks in the previous games, while Dream Team only uses the top screen in battles.

DreamTeamJumpHelmet-MarioGoodJump.gif Mario bouncing on the Jump Helmet with Good timing.
DreamTeamJumpHelmet-LuigiWave.gif Luigi waving after Mario successfully lands the attack.
DreamTeamJumpHelmet-LuigiFreakout.gif Luigi freaking out after Mario presumably misses the Jump Helmet.
DreamTeamJumpHelmet-LuigiRun.gif Luigi running to catch up with Mario after bouncing him forward.
DreamTeamJumpHelmet-LuigiRunSide.gif Same as above, except Luigi is adjusting his path to stay under Mario.
DreamTeamJumpHelmet-Luigi Bounce.gif Luigi bouncing Mario up into the air.

(Source: Ploaj, Teawater (The Spriters Resource))

Unused Sprites


MLDTUnusedAntasmaAnimation.gif An unused animation for Antasma, which was presumably meant for a transformation or an alternate death scene.

(Source: Ploaj, Teawater (The Spriters Resource))

Dreamy Bowser


Dreamy Bowser has two unused identical sprites showing an early design for the boss. The most notable difference is that instead of the Dream Stone on his stomach, a spiral is present instead.

Placeholder(?) Orb

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An...odd orb with a strange palette.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Mario-Luigi-Dream-Team-Jigsaw-Test-1.png Mario-Luigi-Dream-Team-Jigsaw-Test-2.png

Two test images for jigsaw puzzles. The first one is official artwork from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Final jigsaw images all feature horizontal borders, as opposed to the test image's vertical borders.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Bowser's Inside Story Leftovers

Various sprites from the previous game were left in Dream Team's files, completely unused. Near-complete sprite sheets for Mario and Luigi exist, but other assorted sprites are present, such as the Shroobs, a Goombule, and the Blitties.

Revisional Differences

Version 1.1

A downloadable update released on September 3, 2013. Along with adding a "Version 1.1" graphic to the top-left of the title screen, this update fixed several major bugs:

  • In one segment of the first Mount Pajamaja tour, the Mario Bros. would have to spin jump into the Massif Bros. to clear fields of icicles obstructing their path. A major oversight in the original release was that if the player were to take certain actions during this point, they would inadvertently prevent themselves from progressing by leaving the required path obstructed.
  • In the original release, the game had a tendency to freeze repeatedly at inconvenient times, especially in Somnom Woods and Neo Bowser Castle.
  • In the original release, playtime on a file continued to be counted while the Nintendo 3DS was closed or the game was suspended. Version 1.1 only counts playtime while the game is actively playing.
  • In the original release, a bug was present that prevented Mario from defeating Antasma in Neo Bowser Castle. After his defeat, Antasma leaves behind a "rare drop" present; in Version 1.0, there was a chance that this present would never open, forcing the player to reset.
  • In the original release, when fighting Antasma X in the Battle Ring, the game had a chance of freezing when Dreamy Luigi is freed from an Antasmunchie X.

Internal Project Name

The game is internally refered to as "REDSPARK", fitting with the other Mario games.



When exiting the Battle Ring, shortly after Dreambert disappears, the screen briefly blinks and Starlow's twinkle sound can be heard. Nothing else happens, and you gain full control of Mario and Luigi immediately afterward. It's likely this is just the game checking if the Zeekeeper's Feathers were just collected from battling Grobot X, and attempting to play the brief cutscene afterward.

After the Feathers are collected, there's no need to redo the cutscene when exiting the Battle Ring, so the action stops midway, causing the screen flash and twinkle sound effect.