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Mario Superstar Baseball

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Title Screen

Mario Superstar Baseball

Also known as: Super Mario Stadium: Miracle Baseball (JP)
Developers: Namco, Nintendo SPD Group No. 4
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: July 21, 2005
Released in US: August 29, 2005
Released in EU: November 11, 2005

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Mario Superstar Baseball is about Mario, Superstars, and Baseball.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Models

Petey Piranha's Bat

MarioBaseball Peteyunusedbatsmall.png

Petey Piranha bats with his leaf arms during a game, but found among his character files is a bat. Note that the texture that appears on this bat may be the result of indexing a texture which no longer exists.

Build Date

The dol has a build date for the game in all versions.

Version Build Date

Regional Differences

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  • Lakitu uses a different voice in the Japanese version, than in the North American/PAL versions.
  • Add the team names that were changed in localization.
  • Birdo makes a different sound when selecting her in the Japanese version.
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Title Screen

Super Mario Stadium Mario Superstar Baseball
Mariobaseball jp title.png Mariosuperstarbaseball title.png

Aside from the name of the game, the design of the title screen is completely different for whatever reason. Interestingly, the international version's title screen uses the same image of Mario from the Japanese box art of the game.


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  • Add footage of the Dictionary mode showing how it works.
  • Also, the Dictionary mode contains some music which isn't heard anywhere else in-game.
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Super Mario Stadium Mario Superstar Baseball
MSB jp menu.png Mariosuperstarbaseball menu.png

A Dictionary mode is present in the Japanese version, which was removed in the localizations. The Japanese text for Dictionary mode reads: "You can look up word terms related to baseball"

Command Prompts

Many English text were rewritten in the international versions to make it more descriptive.

Main Menu

Japan International
[main menu / Exhibition / Mini Game / Training / Record / Option] [Main Menu / Exhibition Game / Minigames / Practice / Records / Options]

During Gameplay

Japan International
[Data / Level / Captain / Member / Order / Character] select Select [Data / Level / Team Captain / Teammates / Batting Order / Character]
[1P / COM] [P1 / CPU]
[team mark / Game option / Position change] [Team Mark / Game Options / Swap Positions]
A challenge between rivals! Superstar Matchup!

Challenge Mode

Japan International
[TEAM MEMBER / COIN / Member] [Teammates / Coins / Team Members]

Barrel Batter Minigame

Japan International
[#] BARRELES GET! You got [#] barrels!

Wall Ball Minigame

Japan International

Other Changes

The SBO Counter shown during gameplay had its order changed (from top to bottom) from Strike, Ball, Out in the Japanese version to Ball, Strike, Out in the international versions.