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Mario Superstar Baseball

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Title Screen

Mario Superstar Baseball

Also known as: Super Mario Stadium: Miracle Baseball (JP)
Developers: Namco, Nintendo SPD Group No. 4
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: July 21, 2005
Released in US: August 29, 2005
Released in EU: November 11, 2005

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Mario Superstar Baseball is about Mario, Superstars, and Baseball.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Regional Differences
A blue Nintendo logo?

Unused Models

There exists leftover early models of a few characters that are noticeably off-model; The final counterparts rather look more-or-less identical to how they appear in the GameCube-era Mario Party games.

Early Bowser

koopa_t00 (Early) koopa_skintest00 (Early) koopa00 (Final)
MarioSuperstarBaseballUnusedBowser.png MarioSuperstarBaseballUnusedBowser2.png MSSBFinalBowser.png

Two early models of Bowser labelled koopa_t00, and koopa_skintest00. Both models share the same texture and model, but has the arms and head ajusted between the two.

Along with the models, an earlier texture for the unused models was found. The early texture much resembles Bowser's appearance from Super Smash Bros. Melee with a darker tone, and detailed hair.

Early Used
MarioSuperstarBaseballEarlyBowserTexture.png MarioSuperstarBaseballEarlyBowserTexture2.png
koopa_t00 (With Early Texture) koopa_skintest00 (With Early Texture)
MSSBUnusedBowserEarlyTexture.png MSSBUnusedBowser2EarlyTexture.png



An untextured model of Peach labeled peach_test00. This model of Peach has her wearing her princess dress, instead of her sports uniform.



An untextured model of Daisy labeled daisy_t00. Just like peach_test00, this model of Daisy has her wearing her princess dress, instead of her sports uniform.


mario (Early) mario00 (Final)
MarioSuperstarBaseballUnusedMario.png MSSBFinalMario.png

An early model of Mario labeled mario. The model does not contain a texture for the mustache, hair, and shoes, so it reuses the lip texture instead.

This early model can be seen in early build screenshots, where textures for the mustache, hair, and shoes are present.


dydy_skin_t00 (Early) diddy00 (Final)
MarioSuperstarBaseballUnusedDiddyKong.png MSSBFinalDiddyKong.png

An early model of Diddy Kong labeled dydy_skin_t00. This model is slighly different from the final model, with different proportions, textures, and a different posed model rather than a T-posed model.

Oddly, the Nintendo emblem on Diddy's hat is inverted (white outline on red), as it would appear in later games, first appearing in renders for Diddy Kong Racing DS before being implemented in-game in Mario Kart Wii.


waluigi (Early) waluigi00 (Final with bat)
MSSBEarlyWaluigi.png MSSBFinalWaluigi.png

An early model of Waluigi labeled waluigi. This model is slighly different from the final model, having a slightly different color for Waluigi's overalls. The unused model contains a model for both hands (parts.gpc), with the right hand holding Waluigi's baseball bat.

In the final game, the models for each hand model such as holding the bat, and ball, are located as separate model files instead of one.



jyugem is an unused model of Lakitu, who appears in the games menus and challenge mode, but doesn't have an in-game model.

This model of Lakitu does not have any hands, similar to the playable characters because they have multiple hand models for holding the bat and ball.


Model Texture Mockup
MSSByakyukun00.png MSSByakyukun00Textures.png

yakyukun00 is a model leftover from Family Stadium 2003, another baseball game for the GameCube developed by Namco.

Textures were found alongside the model, but the model contains no UV data.

Petey Piranha's Bat

MarioBaseball Peteyunusedbatsmall.png

Found among Petey Piranha's character files is an unused bat. The model is internally named L_bat, and is located in both the right and left hand files.

In the final game, Petey Piranha bats with his leaf arms.



An unused model of a red Koopa shell labeled test.

Unused Graphics

Toad's Bat

Early Final
MSSBEarlyRedToadBatTexture.png MSSBRedToadBatTexture.png
MSSBEarlyBlueToadBatTexture.png MSSBBlueToadBatTexture.png
MSSBEarlyYellowToadBatTexture.png MSSBYellowToadBatTexture.png
MSSBEarlyGreenToadBatTexture.png MSSBGreenToadBatTexture.png
MSSBEarlyPurpleToadBatTexture.png MSSBPurpleToadBatTexture.png

Found within the Toad's low-poly files are early textures of their bats. The early textures consists of the spots seen on Toad's head, rather than a depiction of Toad's head.

Blue Toad is the only one to keep the Toad emblem for the low-poly bat texture, but with a blue colored bat instead of a white one.

Below are mock-ups of what these early bat textures would've looked like in-game:

Early Final
MSSBEarlyToadBatTextureIngame.png MSSBFinalToadBatTextureIngame.png
MSSBEarlyBlueToadBatTextureIngame.png MSSBFinalBlueToadBatTextureIngame.png
MSSBEarlyYellowToadBatTextureIngame.png MSSBFinalYellowToadBatTextureIngame.png
MSSBEarlyGreenToadBatTextureIngame.png MSSBFinalGreenToadBatTextureIngame.png
MSSBEarlyPurpleToadBatTextureIngame.png MSSBFinalPurpleToadBatTextureIngame.png

Toadette's Low-Poly Eye


A low-poly eye texture for Toadette, found within her low-poly files. The final game has Toadette's low-poly model share the same eye texture used for the high-poly model.

Glove Textures

Magikoopa Monty Mole

Glove textures for Magikoopa and Monty Mole can be found within their character files, implying that these characters were meant to use catching gloves when fielding at some point in development.

In the final game, these graphics go unused since Magikoopa catches the ball with his scepter, while Monty Mole catches it with his claws.

Mario Stadium Background


A blurry image of Mario Stadium, presumably meant for the title screen. The screenshot has the palm trees missing behind the scoreboard, but the shadows for it still remain.

This graphic is used as the icon for Mario Stadium in the stadium select screen, as well as the background for the records preview in the main menu. but the stadium select icon appears in a lower quality, while the records preview is tinted blue.

Early Build Screenshots

Seven screenshots of an earlier build of the game. These screenshots can be found in both all released versions of the game and the demo.

There are some differences in these screenshots which were changed in the final game:

  • The main menu uses a completely different design making the grid background appear bright blue, which was changed to be dark blue.
  • On the captain select screen, Mario and Yoshi use their artwork from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.
  • Bowser and Bowser Jr. are not present on the captain select screen.
  • Mario is erroneously labeled as a power character, instead of being a balanced character.
  • The character icons are remnant of the early designs used in pre-release screenshots, while the mugshots are different. Curiously, the early icons of Petey Piranha and Hammer Bro exist unused in Mario Kart Wii.
  • A Piranha Plant is present as one of the playable team players. In the final game, Piranha Plant is not playable.
  • On the bottom of the teammate select screen, Yoshi is erroneously labeled as "Boomerang Bro".
  • The batting order select screen shows a heart icon for Mario.
  • Mario's team logo is erroneously labeled as the "Donkey Wilds", while Yoshi's team logo is labeled as the "Mario All Stars"
  • The last three screenshots seem to be different designs for the star meter, with the team members showing who's batting / picthing, and who's up next to bat being Bowser and Bowser Jr.
  • Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong use their early models.
  • Mario Stadium originally had a shine sprite in the outfield, which was removed in the final game.
  • The HUD design seen in the last three screenshots appear in a pre-release screenshot.

Early Level Icons

Early Final (US & EU) Final (JP)
MSSBMushroomLevelEarly.pngMSSBMFlowerLevelEarly.pngMSSBMStarLevelEarly.pngMSSBMSpecialLevelEarly.png MSSBMushroomLevelFinal.pngMSSBFlowerLevelFinal.pngMSSBStarLevelFinal.pngMSSBSpecialLevelFinal.png MSSBMushroomLevelFinalJP.pngMSSBFlowerLevelFinal.pngMSSBStarLevelFinal.pngMSSBSpecialLevelFinal.png

Early graphics for the Minigame and Challenge Mode level options. The early icons use artwork similar to the cups seen in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. The only exception is the Flower level icon, which uses its design from Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Oddly, the Mushroom level icon in the Japanese version was changed to use the modern design of the Super Mushroom, rather than the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! design.

Title Screen Sketch


A grayscale sketch of the games title screen, featuring crudely-drawn versions of Mario and Luigi behind what appears to be a baseball stadium, presumably Mario Stadium.

The text PRESS START can be seen on the bottom, and the games title above amusingly reads "Luigi's Brother Baseball".

Test Graphics

MSSBUnusedSmile1.png MSSBUnusedFrown.png MSSBUnusedSmile2.png MSSBUnusedTurningArrow.png

Found are 4 test graphics, with two of them being a smiley face, a frowning face, and a corrupted turning red arrow.

0 Number


An unused 0 graphic, using a different font compared to the one used with the rest of the numbers.


Playable Character Filenames

All the playable characters (excluding Shy Guy, Petey Piranha, and Hammer Bro) have 00 at the end of their filename, but no 01s or 02s exist.

Pianta is the only character who's filename (monte_B00) ends in a letter (B possibly standing for blue, Pianta's default color), followed by 00.


Toadsworth's character file contains a duplicate model of his head labeled test. The head model that is used in Toadsworth's model is called kinopio_head, which shares the same filename as Toad and Toadette's head model.

Mario Stadium Screenshot

Preview Image Pre-Release Screenshot
MSSBMarioStadiumPreview.png MSSBIGNBetaBattingScreenshot.png

On the stadium select screen, one of the preview images of Mario Stadium is actually taken from a pre-release screenshot from IGN. This is evident by the IGN watermark being partly visible in the bottom right corner of the preview image, and a little bit of the original image's JPG artifacts can be seen through the texture compression.

Build Date

The main.dol executable has a build date for the game in all versions.

Version Offset Build Date
USA (Demo) 0xDE800 Ver.05/06/07-21:39:14
Japan (Demo) 0xDE820 Ver.05/06/07-22:12:40
Japan 0xE1C00 Ver.05/06/22-22:33:07
USA 0xE3380 Ver.05/07/23-11:48:04
Europe 0xE3CC0 Ver.05/09/23-17:32:56