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Proto:Mario Artist Paint Studio

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mario Artist Paint Studio.

A prototype of Mario Artist Paint Studio was found and recovered from a 64DD development disk. It is dated February 11, 1999, almost nine months before the final build.

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Title Screen

Proto Final
Mario Artist- Paint Studio-titleproto.png Mario Artist- Paint Studio-title.png

The prototype version has a much different title screen. It also lacks the "PUSH START" text, and others.

Main Menu

Proto Final
Mario Artist- Paint Studio-mainmenu-proto.png Mario Artist- Paint Studio-mainmenufinal.png

The prototype version contains two options. It uses what became the "Animate" icon (in the final build) for its 3D World mode (named 3D Movie in the final build). No separate Gallery or Animate mode in the prototype, these were incorporated into the 2D Paint mode.

2D Paint

Internal Early Names for Planet Mars Creatures

Inside Banjo & more Stickers, there are renders of the 3D World's Planet Mars creatures. While they use their final names in-game, the internal name is different. Oddly, they use their final English names internally in 3D Movie mode. They can be found at offset 0x1E87D4.

Early Final (English) Final (Japanese)
Snorky Snorky スノーキー
Sploog Colon コロン
Gurble Gaburr ガブール
Filbert Filbert フィルバート
Gloobey Jack ジャック
Wizzle Laura ララ
Lush Linda リンダ

Gnat Attack

Mario Artist- Paint Studio-Gnat Attack-proto.png

Of particular note is that this build contains the "Gnat Attack" minigame seen in some magazine previews. It can be accessed by selecting the Coffee icon in the 2D Paint mode.

Unused Medals

A medal is awarded when you finish a full loop of all four stages. After finishing five loops, the mini-game goes back to its first-loop difficulty and will crash when awarding a 6th medal.

Mario Artist Paint Studio Proto GnatAttackMedals.png

Oddly, while the game does have five different medal graphics, only the first one is used.