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Proto:Mario Paint

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mario Paint.

This article is a work in progress.
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The prototype of the best drawing game in the world. This holds a lot of small differences to the final product.

Download.png Download Mario Paint (Prototype)
File: Mario Paint (Prototype).zip (481 KB) (info)


Mario Paint Note.png
Early and Unused Audio
Just try to find the difference...


Title Screen

After clicking on the letter "N" to trigger the staff credits, the normal title screen music plays instead of the final game’s bongo medley.

Proto Final
Mario Paint (Prototype)003.png Mario Paint (JU) -!-003.png

During the credits, the prototype lists only one programmer, Kenji Imai. The other two names, Kenji Nakajima and Genji Kubota, as seen in the final version, are missing in action.

Proto Final
Mario Paint (Prototype)009.png Mario Paint (JU) -!-008.png
Proto Final
Mario Paint (Prototype)010.png Mario Paint (JU) -!-008.png

Under the Mouse Maker Staff category of the credits, the prototype displays each name separately instead of all together on one single screen. The prototype also has no special thanks at the end of the credits.

Coloring Book

Proto Final
Mario Paint Prototype003color.png Mario Paint (JU) -!-001color.png

The prototype calls the Coloring Book "Coloring Pictures".

Proto Final
Mario Paint Prototype006animal.png Mario Paint (JU) -!-003animal.png

On the prototype’s second coloring picture, the classic Japanese L and R mixup happens with "crocodile" being spelled "clocodile". In addition, the words "monkey" and "camel" are positioned differently, and the snake graphic appears farther to the right of the monkey.

Proto Final
Mario Paint Prototype005day.png Mario Paint (JU) -!-004day.png

On the third coloring picture, the prototype spells "Happy Birthday" as "Happy Birth Day."

Proto Final
Mario Paint Protozoom.png Mario Paint Retailzoom.png

The fourth and final coloring picture also contains a change, albeit much more subtle than the others. If you look closely inside of the cavernous underwater reef, you’ll notice that the outline touching the tail fin of the bottom fish has one more pixel in the prototype. This pixel was erased so the small area between the tail fin and the outline would properly fill in when using the bucket tool.