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Super Paper Mario

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Title Screen

Super Paper Mario

Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: April 19, 2007
Released in US: April 9, 2007
Released in EU: September 14, 2007
Released in AU: September 20, 2007
Released in KR: February 26, 2009

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Originally intended for the GameCube, Super Paper Mario is like the result of a high-speed collision between Super Mario Bros. and Paper Mario.

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Regional Differences
Thankfully most of the English text is the same.
Revision Changes
The little things you won't ever notice.

Unused Music

To do:
Are all the lower/higher-filesize versions used?

A stream of the World 1-1 theme from Super Mario Bros. 3. This was probably used for testing purposes, and is appropriately named dummy_32k.

A short unused tune that lasts 15 seconds. Judging by the file name b_happy_flower_44k_lp, it was likely intended to play while the Happy Flower item was in effect. In the final game, the regular stage music continues to play. Interestingly, a copy of the track is present as evt_happy_flower_44k, with a bit of the silence at the end trimmed off.

A peaceful, looping track under the name evt_relax1_44k_lp. It would have been used in some kind of cutscene or special event.

A tune that remixes part of the Super Mario Bros. theme. Given the name evt_stg3_open1_44k_lp, it was meant to be some kind of opening theme for one of the levels in the Bitlands. The cutscene at the beginning of 3-1 uses the standard tense event track, and the cutscene at the beginning of 3-4 uses the standard silly event track.

An early "puzzle solved" jingle, as heard at E3 (indeed, the file name is ff_corrrect2_e3_32k). The file name also suggests that there was going to be more than one jingle.

Another jingle by the name of ff_fault1_32k. It was likely used for failing a mini-game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Early Graphics

Title Screen

Present in the file spmario.tpl and identical to the final, with two exceptions:

  • The copyright year is 2006 instead of 2007.
  • Thoreau's spot is occupied by a strange ladder-type Pixl that also appears in early screenshots.

Player Graphics

GameCube Model Wii Model
SPMMarioGC.png SPMMarioWii.png

When the game was converted from GameCube to Wii, the player models were given a higher resolution (about 50% larger). The GameCube models are still on the disk, under p_(character). The Wii models use p_wii_(character). While most of the textures are identical barring the increased size, some images on the GameCube side weren't quite finished yet.

GameCube Model Wii Model
SPMPeachParasolEarly.png SPMPeachParasolFinal.png

The handle on Peach's parasol is properly transparent in the Wii version.

GameCube Model Wii Model
SPMPeachShortEarly.png SPMPeachShortFinal.png

The image for Peach's alternate hairstyle is an obvious placeholder image in the GameCube file, with the shortened hair being colored over. The GameCube image is also missing the ponytail.

GameCube Buttons

More GameCube version remnants are in effect.tpl; specifically, button prompts for the A and B buttons of the GameCube controller.


Early Final
SPMPigRedEarly.png SPMPigRedFinal.png

Present in e_octar (Squig's file) are two unused Squiglet body types. The first is an early version of the pink Squiglet...


The second Squiglet uses an odd body color that doesn't match up perfectly with anything used in the final game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Functional Enemies

To do:
Pictures for each enemy would be nice. I know we have the video, but it'd be nice to have something on the page.

You can see all of the enemies mentioned in the below section in this video. Enemies are tattled on by Tippi so you can see their stats, as stats are automatically generated. However, all the enemies are named "Goomba" by Tippi.

Green Boomboxer

File Name: e_bolbg
This variation of the Boomboxer attacks exactly like the ones featured in the game. It has 1 HP and 1 attack point, probably as a placeholder.

Purple Muth

This is why you don't take crystal muth.
File Name: e_manm2
This Muth is programmed into the game in the same fashion as the Green Boomboxer, but also has a few defense points.

Shady Koopa and Variations

Returning from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, this Koopa variation is only partly programmed into the game, with no death animation or much of an attack pattern present. There are four variations of it: regular, flying, flipping, and both flying and flipping. All of them have 1 HP and 2 attack points.

Unfinished Spiny

An enemy which only starts attacking when approached and does so by seemingly homing on Mario. Has 1 HP and 2 attack.


File Name: e_hannya_g
Another enemy returning from TTYD, this enemy's tougher, orange spiky brethren is featured in Floro Caverns, but the basic variation's been left out, despite seemingly being programmed in completely. Has 1 HP and 1 attack.


File Name: e_hannya_p
The strongest, pink variation in the Spinia line has been left unused as well. Has 3 HP and 3 attack.

Dark Atomic Boo

An unused, unimplemented boss enemy from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door returns in the sequel... implemented (partly; its "flip-in" box is too thin), but still unused. Has the same attack pattern as the normal Dark Boo. Has 35 HP and 2 attack points.

Spinning Wheel of Marios

Whatever this was supposed to be, it cannot be tattled. Seemingly has 2 attack points. The Marios attached to the wheel will be replaced with Peach, Bowser, or Luigi if they are the active character, and mimic the pose the player is in. Acts like a spiky enemy but can be defeated with means such as Carrie or Bowser's fire breath, however the game crashes when they are defeated.

Weaker Ruff Puff

Ruff Puffs are used in Super Paper Mario, but have 15 HP. This variation appears much earlier in the object list and only has 3. Otherwise, it's identical.

Gigantic Bombshell Bill Blaster

This invincible cannon uses the Bombshell Bill model from The Thousand-Year Door. There is, seemingly, no small variation. Has 99 HP, is invincible, and shoots 1 HP Bombshell Bills which do 5 HP of damage each.

Giant Koopa Striker Shell

Has the wrong tattle (Koopa Striker) and flies upward when hit.

White/Green/Red Magikoopas

Sporting 10, 1 and 5 HP respectively plus 1 attack each, these variations were used in The Thousand-Year Door. They're identical to regular Magikoopas. Each also has a broomstick-riding version.

Overworld Underchomp

This enemy is usually only fought in a special turn-based battle. It has a tattle which says it has 10 defense, 16 HP, and 3 attack, which is incorrect, as it's completely invincible. Four variations exist: one with two heads, one with a single head, and duplicates of those two with no tattle.

Gigantic Dimentio Dimension Cube

O'Chunks throws smaller versions of these at you in his second encounter, but this giant one is never seen. One stomp will cause it to explode into dozens of smaller, three-dimensional cubes.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Enemy Graphics

To do:

Fly Guy

File Name: e_heiho_p
The first of three unused Shy Guys, this one with a propeller on its back.

Kamikaze Goomba

File Name: e_kami_kuribo
An odd black Goomba, its full name is found in its animation file. Given its name and appearance, it might have exploded on contact with the player.

Monty Mole

File Name: e_choropu
A familiar character in the Super Mario Bros. series, this enemy also appeared in the first Paper Mario. The graphics are also based off of its design in the first Paper Mario game, but with tan instead of white.

DEE!Holey MoleyWatch out for falling rocks
Monty Moles would have attacked by throwing rocks and popping out of walls.

Spear Guy

File Name: e_heiho_y
First appearing in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Spear Guys are Shy Guys with spears. Seems kind of obvious. Spear Guys had already appeared in the original Paper Mario and would later appear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Stilt Guy

File Name: e_heiho_t
Another cut character that appeared in Paper Mario, Stilt Guys are Shy Guys on, get this, stilts!

Underchomp 2

File Name: e_wanwan_3b
An odd monochrome version of the red, blue, and yellow Underchomp mid-boss. It has a similar color scheme to the enemies appearing in Castle Bleck, suggesting that players were meant to fight it again in that area.


File Name: e_hana_body / e_hana_hed
This would have been Wiggler's first appearance in the Paper Mario series, but it got cut. It seems pretty okay with that. A Wiggler is later used as a significant NPC in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, but with redone graphics.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Graphics

To do:
Early Yold Town residents

Blank Koopa

The files e_nokoteki_j and e_nokoteki_j2 have copies of the standard Koopa sprite with the color drained. These were likely used by the artists as a reference.

Fracktail's Headgear

Interestingly, the Fracktail model has what appears to be a fake palm tree on his head, at the same location as his antenna. This was probably used for an earlier introduction for the boss. While the tree is removed from the Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy that uses the same model, the textures are still included. The textures are named zun_tree, zun_s_yasiha, and zun_yasinomi (the trunk, leaves, and coconut respectively).

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Partner Models

To do:

Every partner from Paper Mario and its sequel has a Catch Card obtainable in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials (for Paper Mario) or Sammer's Kingdom (for The Thousand-Year Door). These cards feature updated versions of the partners' models new to this game. Interestingly, the models can be found in the game's files, and are rigged for animations despite never being seen outside of their Catch Cards.

Unused Items

Of the four unused items, the pink Cooking Disk is a functional item, but it doesn't add any pages to the Dining Specializer. It is called "Cooking Disk PI" in the US English text and "Cooking Disk 1" in the UK English text and uses the standard description. It's likely that the built-in page was once obtained via a Cooking Disk. This also explains why the purple Cooking Disk is called "Cooking Disk PU" instead of simply "Cooking Disk P".

NPC Shaman

n_rebear contains what appears to be an unused NPC, looking similar in appearance to Merlee and Merluvlee. Another thing to note is that she has a close resemblance to Merlimbis, one of the four Tribe of Ancients.

Unused Tattles

To do:
Other unused text. Text formatting/css.

The Underchomp

The Underchomp

That's the Underchomp...

<wait 150> It's a three-headed Chomp that guards The Underwhere...

Max HP is %d, Attack is %d, Defense is 10.<wait 150> It's immune to flames...

Its Defense is high, so try using Cudge, Boomer, Thudley, or any special attack.

The three Dorguys enjoy springing this fearsome Chomp on unsuspecting travelers..

Tippi cannot be used during cutscenes or in the special turn-based battle, so the Underchomp cannot be tattled normally. It does have a tattle and an ename entry, after the regular Chain Chomp entries. Oddly, ename_123 to 127 are missing, with ename_128 being being the Bald Cleft.



That's Dimentio. He's a weird dimensional magician who works for Count Bleck...

Max HP is %d and Attack is %d.<wait 150> Dimentio can flip between dimensions...

He can also clone himself. Attacking his double won't do anything to him...

Hit the real one, and the double will disappear. Then, he can't clone again for a while...

In both of the battles with Dimentio, Tippi cannot be used at all, due to being kidnapped in Chapter 3 and due to Luigi not using any Pixls in his fight with Dimentio in Chapter 8. Something to note is that there is a copy of this tattle named anna_ehelp_247_01, which is presumably for the Castle Bleck fight in Chapter 8.



That's Nastasia, the count's executive assistant. <wait 150>She has served him the longest...

Without him, she is quite lonely, but she manages to go on in her new life...

It is hard for me to see her like this...<wait 150> I think I know exactly how she feels...

A rather unusual tattle. Nastasia normally has a different tattle in the post-game, which is sorted with the NPC tattles rather than the enemy tattles, unlike this one. It also implies in the last two sentences that this is actually Tippi speaking, which is impossible, since Nastasia can only be tattled in the post-game, when Tippi is replaced with Tiptron.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Catch Cards

17 characters have Catch Card text that can't be viewed in-game, and were probably cut to keep the total at 256.

Internal Name Character Card Text
ehelp_390 Saffron
This foodie runs Sweet Smiles,
Flipside's finest eatery.
Her home-cooked dishes are
out of this dimension.
ehelp_391 Dyllis
This crabby caterer runs Hot
Fraun, a Flipside bistro.
She cooks breakfast for
Tinga's hotel guests.
ehelp_392 Howzit
It's Howzit, the friendly
item-shop entrepreneur.
He's got everything you
want, and things you don't!
ehelp_393 Notso
Notso is the ultimate steely-
eyed businessman.
Could he be Howzit's twin,
separated at birth?
ehelp_394 Hoodin
This guy runs Catch a Dream,
the card shop.
He pens the tiniest novels
in existence.
ehelp_395 Boodin
He runs Fondest Hopes, selling
big reads for small spaces.
He wears shades, but just
for literary cred.
ehelp_396 Garson
This gossip gatherer runs
the local beveragarium.
He was quite the party
animal in his youth.
ehelp_397 Carson
This beverage slinger hears
all the rumors around town.
He likes beverage slinging
because it sounds dangerous.
ehelp_398 Inga
This innkeeper knows how to
keep the customers happy!
She's a widow, but I hear
she runs a weird fan club.
ehelp_399 Tinga
This modest keeper of inns
runs a tight ship in her hotel.
She gets along well with
Saffron, her former classmate.
ehelp_400 Flimm
This questionable dealer has
a hidden underground shop.
The legality may be iffy,
but the deals aren't!
ehelp_401 Flamm
This shady cartographer
sells treasure maps.
He may look shifty, but
the maps are apparently OK.
ehelp_403 Ackpow
This "motivator" oversees
prisoners in Merlee's Mansion.
Nothing says motivation like
the crack of a whip!
ehelp_419 Captain Gills
This cute fish lives in the
canals of Flipside.
...Well, it was cute until it
grew freakishly big.
ehelp_420 Heronicus
This adventurer is a hero
of many faraway lands.
He's retired, but he still
likes to get out sometimes.
ehelp_421 Blappy
Blappy is an alien elder
from way-outer space.
He likes to ponder the
secrets of the cosmos.
ehelp_422 Marbald
It's Marbald, the respected
Cragnon elder.
He may look shifty and
wrinkled, but he's reliable.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Maps

To do:
Document these levels further.

The game contains 9 unused maps. In the "dan_xx" maps, there were doors that could have been reached.

To access a map through a loading zone, the address containing the map to load (offset 0x4D0C60, string of length 32 in the US version) must be changed between the time the game changes it and the loading of the maps it will intend to load. Because of the short timeframe, it is preferable to simply freeze the address. If the desired map to load is not located in the same zone of the map the player is currently in, the zone to load address (offset 0x4D0C40, string of length 32 in the US version) must be changed or frozen the same way to the corresponding zone of the desired map which is the first 3 characters of the map ID.

Additionally, it is possible to change the map to save address (offset 0x4E3F94, string of length 32 in the US version) before saving with a save block. This will change the map in which the player will spawn upon the loading of the file from the file selection screen.

ID Level Description
dan_11 Flipside Pit of 100 Trials Room with all doors, pipes and walls (placeholder for the treasure chest rooms)
dan_12 Flipside Pit of 100 Trials Underground map with brown walls, green background wall and green doors
dan_13 Flipside Pit of 100 Trials Underground map with brown blocks walls, yellow background wall and yellow doors
dan_14 Flipside Pit of 100 Trials Wracktail fight room (with a black background)
dos_01 Map with yellow ground and ceiling with black background
gn3_02 Floro Caverns map with two pipes, two doors, a save block and some enemies
go1_01 Game Over map with Japanese letters
ls4_02 Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum Large empty map with a door
sp4_09 The Whoa Zone Map with grey blocks and an upside down treasure chest containing Piccolo's card
(Source: aldelaro5 for everything, Got4n for the video with help of aldelaro5)

Unused files

To do:
Are these viewable? Most have textures, it seems.

Five unused files remain in the "a" folder, where most graphics are stored.


This is dated "Tue Oct 07 21:15:01 2003", long before the game's development.

(Source: Robotortoise)


This file is dated "Tue Oct 07 21:04:56 2003". It mentions the following strings: pPlane2_q00Shape2, pPlane1_q00Shape1, pCube1_q00Shape0, /haikei/back.tga and /haikei/front.tga.

(Source: Robotortoise)


This file does not contain a creation date.

(Source: Robotortoise)


A file named "vivian.bin". It's only 3 KB, and has a different extension than the other files. (bin vs no file extension) It was also found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

(Source: Robotortoise)


This file was created "Tue Oct 07 21:05:37 2003". It mentions "ppPlaneShape1", "pPlane1", and "locator1". It was also found in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Unused Error Messages

Two errors message leftover from when Super Paper Mario was on the GameCube.

An error has occurred.
Turn the power off and refer to
the Nintendo GameCube
Instruction Booklet
for further instructions

The GameCube "fatal error" message can be found in different languages beside related used messages in boot.dol.

(Source: Original TCRF research)
You will not be able to save.
Do you still want to continue?
You can't save, but would
you like to continue anyway?

Unlike the GameCube, there is no normal situation where the game cannot access the save data, as the medium where the saves are stored is not removable.

(Source: RedBees)

Unused Animations



Mario's player model contains an unused side-view climbing animation. In-game, the player can only see the character from behind when climbing. The other playable characters don't seem to have an equivalent animation. It may have been intended to be used in 3D mode on 2D ladders, which can't be climbed in 3D in the final game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)



Dimentio's model contains a walking animation despite him never actually walking in-game, instead floating. There is both a slow walk animation and faster running animation.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


To do:
These are only known to be present in the US release. Check other releases for them.

Chapter 1

To do:
Grab some screenshots.
  • When playing the game in 16:9, the flip-in boxes for Fracktail during his intro cut off a small amount of his chin and appear wider than they should. This doesn't happen when playing in 4:3. This scene was likely finished before development had moved to the Wii from the GameCube (though a demo exists of the fight, it skips over the intro, likely due to time purposes), and since most GameCube games play in 4:3 only, the same parameters were used in the 16:9 rendering mode, stretching the boxes. The same problem is present in Wracktail's intro as well, so they probably use the same files.
  • Around half of Fracktail's dialogue is contained in standard text boxes rather than the intended "robotic" ones, which are used by all other robotic characters and things like the Dining Specializer.

Chapter 4

  • The background is improperly aligned in 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3, despite the fact that the texture used for them is perfectly tileable.
  • When Mr. L is first introduced, he stomps on Squirps from the left side of the screen, and lands offscreen to the right, obscuring him until he makes his entrance... unless you're playing in 16:9, that is, where he instead just lands at the outer edge of the screen and waits there, which looks rather awkward. Note that before he does this, he is properly offscreen.

Chapter 8

  • When the Pure Hearts are used on Count Bleck during the faux final battle, Princess Peach says "What is now happening to... Count Bleck?!" This is likely intended for Bleck, since it matches his speech pattern and is preceded by him saying "What... What's this?", which seems like an underwhelming reaction on its own.

Internal Name

The game's internal name is "WiiMario", according to its sound archive, wiimario_snd.brsar.