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Nintendo Puzzle Collection

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Title Screen

Nintendo Puzzle Collection

Developer: Nintendo Software Technology[1]
Publisher: Nintendo[1]
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: February 7, 2003[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DummyIcon.png This game has unusual dummy files.

To do:
  • ycookie_20021227.bin doesn't seems to be used. Probably originated from an earlier build?

Nintendo Puzzle Collection is basically a compilation of Nintendo puzzle games; two of them are based on their respective N64 versions (both of which went unreleased in Japan).

An international release was planned, but cancelled.

Unused Graphics

Design Images

To do:
It seems that there's more.
  • Various design images are slapped into the .plf files.
Design Final
NPC Dev1.png NPC Final1.png
Top right: パネルでポンGC (Panel de Pon GCa) Top right: パネルでポン (Panel de Ponb)
Bottom left: ヨッシーのクッキー (Yoshi's Cookie) Bottom left: ヨッシーのクッキー (Yoshi's Cookie)
Bottom right: Nintendoパズルコレクション (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) Bottom right: Nintendoパズルコレクション (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)

アドバンスにゲームを転送 (Transfer the game to the Game Boy Advance)

a. The GC indicates this is the GameCube edition of the game.

b. The GC was removed from the final title.

  • An early version for the selectable games' menu icons. Both Dr. Mario 64 and Panel de Pon appear to be based on their unreleased N64 counterparts, though Dr. Mario has a copyright year of 2002, and Panel de Pon has a different logo plastered on a white rectangle.
Design Final
NPC Dev2.png NPC Final2.png
Top left: Dr.マリオ (Dr. Mario) Top right: パネルでポン (Panel de Pon)
Bottom left: ヨッシーのクッキー (Yoshi's Cookie) Bottom left: ヨッシーのクッキー (Yoshi's Cookie)
Bottom right: Nintendoパズルコレクション (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) AGBa Bottom right: Nintendoパズルコレクション (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)

Bボタンでもどる (Press B to Return)

a. AGB being the original codename for the Game Boy Advance, "Advanced Game Boy".
  • An early version of the menu icons for the titles selectable with the GBA Link Cable. The only one with an image is Panel de Pon in the top-right, which uses a (presumably early) gameplay screenshot instead of the title screen.
NPC Dev3.png


Saving in progress.

Please do not touch the memory card or power button.

(Source: Panel de Pon discord server)