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Proto:Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

A couple of demo discs were distributed that contained demos based on early versions of the game. Three of these are known to exist.


Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc (US)
Graphic changes and inaccessible menus, oh my!!
Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disk (EU)
A slightly later demo with some small changes.

Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo

Gamecube-MKDD-Title JPDemo-1.png

A demo of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! was released in Japan on the Gekkan Nintendo Tentou store demo discs on volumes 2003.11.1, 2004.1.1 and 2004.2.1, with all 3 demo discs containing it under the name MarioKart.tgc. The build presented here was compiled on October 6th 2003 at 13:28:37. This was after the final European build was compiled, but ~5 hours before the final North American build, and three days before the final Japanese build. As such, with the game already being finished, there's very minimal differences outside of the regular demo limitations. The only differences found compared to the final Japanese build are found within MRAM.arc/item for the following three files:

  • itemslotlist.dat
  • itemslotlist1.dat
  • itemslotlist2.dat

These three files specify the possibilities of getting items for each position and match the ones found in the final North American build.