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Mario Super Sluggers

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Title Screen

Mario Super Sluggers

Also known as: Super Mario Stadium: Family Baseball (JP)
Developers: Namco Bandai, Nintendo SPD Group No. 4
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: June 19, 2008
Released in US: August 25, 2008

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Mario Super Sluggers is the sequel to Mario Superstar Baseball. Adding new playable characters, stadiums, error items, and even a brand new Challenge Mode! This is also one of the few Mario games to not be released in Europe.

Unused Graphics

Bowser Jr's Paintbrush


The texture for Bowser Jr's paintbrush has unused graphics for the E. Gadd logo, the two spikes on the sides, and the blue ring around the logo. This is a leftover from the original paintbrush texture used in games such as Super Mario Sunshine, and Mario Power Tennis.

King K. Rool's Scepter


The texture for King K. Rool's scepter has an unused graphic for a green diamond. This suggests that at one point in development, the blue diamond on top of the scepter was originally going to be green.

Unused Music


An unused song labled "bgm_captain". This song would've played during an event involving the team captain.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan America
SuperMarioStadiumFamilyBaseballTitleScreen.png MarioSuperSluggersTitleScreen.png
  • The Japanese version of the game uses a more bright and shinier logo than in the American version.
  • The bottom text saying PRESS A+B BUTTON was changed to PRESS A+B in the American version.

Main Menu

Japan America
SuperMarioStadiumFamilyBaseballMainMenu.png MarioSuperSluggersMainMenu.png
  • The Japanese version has the MAIN MENU graphic with all letters capitalized, which was changed in the American version.
  • Toy Field's icon in the Japanese version has colored text saying TOY. This was changed to the Toy Field emblem in the American version, consisting of two bats behind a large baseball.

Audio Differences


Japan America

In the Japanese version, selecting Birdo on the character select screen has her say "Catherine!" This is because Catherine is the Japanese name for Birdo. This was changed to Birdo saying "Birdo!" when choosing her on the character select screen.

Team Names

A handful of the team names were changed.

Japan America
MSS Peach Royals.png
MSS Waluigi Smarts.png
MSS Catherine Lips.png
MSS Koopa Jr Rookies.png
MSS Koopa Monsters.png
MSS Peach Monarchs.png
MSS Waluigi Spitballs.png
MSS Birdo Bows.png
MSS Bowser Jr Rookies.png
MSS Bowser Monsters.png