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Wrecking Crew

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Title Screen

Wrecking Crew

Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: NES, Famicom Disk System
Released in JP: June 18, 1985 (Famicom), February 3, 1989 (FDS)
Released in US: October 18, 1985
Released in EU: October 15, 1987

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

In Wrecking Crew, Mario begins his new career as a construction worker, only to find the job description didn't mention evading monsters.

Hidden Text

Present at the beginning of the ROM, at offset 10 (similar text can also be found in Stack-Up):

 Programed by   
    TOMOYO chan 
    AKINA chan  

Virtual Console Changes

In Japan, the Famicom version allowed players to save their level designs to an audio cassette tape through an accessory called the Famicom Data Recorder. This accessory was never released outside of Japan, so non-Japanese players couldn't save their level designs, despite the manual promising that development was underway on a method of doing so. The Virtual Console version allows players of any region to save their level data internally, without the need for an accessory.