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Super Mario Odyssey

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Title Screen

Super Mario Odyssey

Developer: Nintendo EPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: October 27, 2017
Released in KR: December 1, 2017
Released in CN: March 16, 2020
Released in TW: December 1, 2017

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Super Mario Odyssey is an open-world 3D Mario platformer in the style of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, only this time the player can use Mario's newfound friend, Cappy, to cap-ture just about everything across the many Kingdoms.

Also notable is that Mario can purchase many different hat and clothing styles, some of which will unlock certain locked doors. Many of these outfits had been donned by Mario in prior games and media, some of which are rather obscure.

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Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Kiosk Demo

Unused Graphics

To do:
There are more unused graphics.

Small Mario


A 2D sprite of small Mario. Small Mario doesn't appear in the game, except for when 8-Bit Mario dies.

8-Bit New Donk City Purple Coins


2D versions of the Metro Kingdom's regional coins (CoinCollectEmpty2D_E), which only appear in the collected form.

(Source: RandomTalkingBush, SciresM)

Early Graffiti

T-Rex Chase Area Main Area
Super-Mario-Odyssey-New-Donk-graffitiEarly.png Super-Mario-Odyssey-New-Donk-graffitiFinal.png

An early version of the New Donk City graffiti artwork can be found within the T-Rex chase area. Pauline's artwork was changed, the tower was completely redrawn, and the position of the logo was moved with minor touch-ups.

(Source: RandomTalkingBush)

Early Taxi Normal Map

Broken Taxi Normal Taxi
SMO BrokenTaxi Normal.png
SMO Taxi Normal.png

The normal map used by the broken-down taxis in New Donk City is actually an early version of the one used by the standard taxis. The developers apparently forgot to update the normal map on the broken-down taxis when they updated it on the standard taxis. The normal maps of models can be seen more clearly by using the coin filter of Snapshot Mode, which was added in the v1.2.0 update. The main difference between the early and final normal map is that the number plate of the early one says "6258-ND", while the final one says "1981-ND" (the year the original Donkey Kong was released).

(Source: DrYay, RandomTalkingBush)

Early Hint Art Thumbnails

Early Seaside Kingdom Hint Art Final Seaside Kingdom Screenshot
Super-Mario-Odyssey-early-HintArt1thumbnail.png Super-Mario-Odyssey-final-HintArt1screenshot.png

While Cheep Cheep placement appears to be the same, platform placement and the placement of seaweed appear to be very different. The carbonation effect of the water appears to not be present in the build where the early screenshot was taken. The lighting effects may be different or appear different due to the carbonation effect or the moved platforms. The bubble blower and 4 regional coins (already collected in the final game screenshot) were slightly moved up in the final game, due to the addition and movement of some platforms.

Early Luncheon Kingdom Hint Art Final Luncheon Kingdom Screenshot
Super-Mario-Odyssey-early-HintArt2thumbnail.png MarioOdysseyComparisonFood.png

This screenshot must have been taken late in development, as it seems to be almost exactly the same as the final game.

Early Snow Kingdom Poochy Hint Art Final Snow Kingdom Screenshot
Super-Mario-Odyssey-early-PoochyHintArt1thumbnail.png MarioOdysseyComparisonSnow.png

It is darker in the early screenshot, and the platform that Poochy is standing on appears to have rougher edges than in the final game.

Early Wooded Kingdom Poochy Hint Art Final Wooded Kingdom Screenshot
Super-Mario-Odyssey-early-PoochyHintArt2thumbnail.png MarioOdysseyComparisonWood.png

The early screenshot here includes an early version of the HUD, which appears to have slightly different versions of the moon icon, health bar, and minimap. There are not many immediately noticeable differences in the landscape of the Wooded Kingdom, but the lighting appears to be brighter with a bloom effect.

The v1.2.0 update adds a whopping 20 additional thumbnails (the first of which replaced the Wooded Kingdom's above), and all have the kanji for "Temporary" (仮) in the corner. Updated versions of some of these Hint Art images were later shown on Nintendo's social media pages and in the Switch's news feed, pointing to the same locations, where players can now find hidden 8-bit Luigis (and 8-bit Captain Toads) and receive coins (provided they have connected to the Internet in-game). No additional Power Moons were added.


(Source: RandomTalkingBush)

Super Mario 3D World Leftovers

Leftovers from Super Mario 3D World's font are present. Notably, there is a Power Moon icon here, suggesting that the 3D World font was used earlier in development.


Early Globe Remnants

Globe Texture 1


A lot of differences can be found in the early texture:

  • Isle Delfino (which remains in the game to the top-left of the Mushroom Kingdom in the used texture) was to the top-right with an unknown island having taken the top-left above the cap of the Mushroom Kingdom island.
  • The Cap Kingdom island was green rather than black and had no surrounding islands.
  • The shape of Fossil Falls island in the Cascade Kingdom was a t-rex skull instead of a triceratops skull.
  • There was no alpine island-like formation near the Lake Kingdom.
  • The Wooded Kingdom continent looked completely different, and did not look mountainous.
  • There were less surrounding islands and no surrounding poison at the Lost Kingdom.
  • The Baja California-like peninsula (where the Metro Kingdom is) looked a lot less noticeable.
  • The champagne bottle island, located near the Seaside Kingdom, was facing more upwards and did not look like it had any champagne coming out.
  • There were no snowy mountains below the big island where the Snow Kingdom is located.
  • The location of the Luncheon Kingdom seemed to be smaller and was in the shape of a fork.
  • The Ruined Kingdom and Bowser's Kingdom looked a lot "greener".
  • Overall, the entire texture was murkier and less bright in color.
(Source: RandomTalkingBush)

Globe Texture 2

Normal Roughness Diffuse
Super-Mario-Odyssey-Globe2-Normal.png Super-Mario-Odyssey-Globe2-Roughness.png Super-Mario-Odyssey-Globe2-Diffuse.png

Isle Defino still remains in the Roughness and Normal textures of the Globe, and it can be seen in-game by looking closely around the cap of the island of the Mushroom Kingdom on the Globe. This is the same location it could be seen on a promotional poster for the game.

(Source: RandomTalkingBush)


Diddy Kong Suit

Early Final
Super-Mario-Odyssey-DiddyEarly.png Super-Mario-Odyssey-DiddyFinal.png
Early (Roughness) Final (Roughness)
Super-Mario-Odyssey-DiddyEarlyRgh.png Super-Mario-Odyssey-DiddyFinalRgh.png

The early texture for Mario's Diddy Kong suit is overall brighter in color, and is missing the cloth pattern that goes over his shirt. In addition, its stars are arranged differently and don't have the rounded edges seen in the final version. These changes are also reflected on its roughness map.

Unused Signboard Text


There's an image of some unused signboard text (TmpSignboardFont00) located in New Donk City's texture files that was likely a temporary placeholder used during development. It appears that Dixie Street was originally going to be named Dixie Avenue.

Unused/Leftover Animations

To do:
Yoshi has unused swimming animations due to an oversight. Rip them.


These animations called ArrowShoot and ArrowShootStart suggest that, at one point, Mario was supposed to do archery.


This animation is called BikeRide. It does not seem to be related to Mario riding one of the motorbikes in kingdoms such as Metro, because those are internally called Motorcycle, and Mario has some animations named MotorcycleRide, MotorcycleJump, and more, which suggest that "Bike" is something unused.


These animations are called CanoeWait, CanoePaddle, CanoeTurnL, CanoeTurnR, CanoeDamageStart, CanoeDamage and CanoeDamageEnd. As their name implies, these animations would play when Mario rides a canoe, an event that does not occur in the final game. It seems like you could even somehow take damage and flip over while in a canoe, as can be seen in the animations CanoeDamageStart, CanoeDamage and CanoeDamageEnd.


The animation CatapultStart suggests that Mario once could be launched from a catapult. This animation seems to be unfinished because actions in Super Mario Odyssey tend to be split in 3 animations: [Action] + Start; [Action]; [Action] + End. There only exists one animation for this catapult event, that being the start animation, therefore, there are two animations missing.


The animation Fire looks very similar to the animation for shooting fire with the Fire Flower Power-Up from Super Mario 3D World. It might be a leftover from that game.


The animations GetShine, GetShineCity, GetShineEmpty, GetShineGrand and GetShineSub, judging by their names, seem to be early animations for Mario getting a Moon. That is because the animation that's actually used when Mario gets a Moon is called Demo_GetShine. It appears like there were gonna be different animations depending on where Mario got the Moon, because of the last word of these animations' names.


The animation Hack has nothing to do with hacking. "Hack" is the internal name for capturing things. Therefore, this nightmare-inducing animation was probably played in the Mario model early in development to signal he captured something. It might be used in the final game altogether, but it's impossible to be seen by players because the Mario model turns invisible.


The animation Punch seems to indicate that Mario once could punch, just like in Super Mario 64. This is not the animation that plays when punching Bowser in the battles against him.


The animations StabWait, StabStart, StabUndar, StabUndarStart and StabWallWait show Mario doing some fencing or ninja-like attacks and poses.


There are animations named TouchJump, TouchJumpLong and TouchJumpSign. These appear to be ballerina-like jumps, and are similar to the jumps Mario does when jumping from ice in Super Mario 3D World. They may be leftovers from that game.


The animation WalkSoft shows Mario tiptoeing or walking carefully. This animation is not related to cutscenes because it does not start with the prefix "Demo", which is how cutscenes are internally called.


The animations WhipWait, WhipAttackStart, WhipAttackWait and WhipAttackEnd show another unused type of attack for Mario. It seems like you could actually hold the attack for some time, judging by the length of the WhipAttackWait animation.


The TestDemoDiverA and TestDemoDiverB are the animations that played during the first Super Mario Odyssey trailer ever, which was aired during the Nintendo Switch Presentation in January of 2017.

SMO-MarioAnim-TestDemoDiverA.gif SMO-MarioAnim-TestDemoDiverB.gif

(Source: Max XD)

Pauline (New Donk City Festival Outfit)

There's an unused animation of Pauline in her concert dress shrugging. In the final game, all she does is talk to Mario, dance, and get interrupted when she is hit.

SMO-Early Pauline Bad Answer.gif

This seems to be an early ”bad answer” animation from her quiz, since the final animation (with the same name) can be found with the mayor outfit.

SMO-Pauline Walk.gif

An animation of Pauline walking. It's a leftover from her mayor counterpart, who is seen walking casually. Pauline is never seen walking in her concert dress.

SMO-Leftover Scared animation.gif

Pauline also has a scared animation, only used by characters when an enemy is nearby. Seeing how Pauline with the mayor outfit has the same name for the animation file but with her final "scared" animation, it seems to be a leftover from testing.

Pauline (Mayor Outfit)

There seems to be unused "balloon" animations, labeled "TalkSmileBalloon and TalkBalloon". Unfortunately, the animations have been replaced with the normal "TalkSmile and Talk" animations. This possibly indicates Pauline was supposed to have a balloon quest of some sort.


Peach has a testface animation. The name of it says it all, it was the see the limit of the face rig of Peach (how far can the lips and brows movement go). There is nothing too special about it as it seems to be a leftover from testing.

Unused Moons

Harder Moon Kingdom Tracing Game

To do:
Replace with a video without commentary and add IDs/filenames.

Originally, the tracing game in the Moon Kingdom was going to be in the shape of a star, but in the final it was a circle.

Removed Stages

Inside various BYAML files in WorldList.szs are references to removed test stages.

Early Stage Final Stage References
KakinumaCapIslandTest000Stage CapWorldHomeStage StageList
TestAoyagiRaidBossStage BossRaidHomeStage StageList
TestEisaku160303aStage ExStageList
TestEisaku160915Stage ExStageList
TestHarayama120Stage ExStageList
TestHiratake212Stage ExStageList
TestIwasa049Stage TrexBikeExStage ChangeStageList
TestIwasaTrexPoppunZone TrexPoppunExStage ExStageList
TestKiriyamaPeachCastle000Stage PeachWorldHomeStage StageList
TestKitahara040Stage Special1WorldHomeStage StageList
TestKitahara041Stage Special2WorldHomeStage StageList
TestKitazonoKoopaLv0Stage CloudWorldHomeStage StageList
TestMoonWorldBase MoonWorldHomeStage StageList
TestNodama048Stage ExStageList
TestOkamoto102Stage ExStageList
TestTakahasi022Stage InvalidMapOpenList
(Source: Aurum)

Non-existent Text Files

To do:
Check other updates, I only checked the final.

In the message project file in the final update, there are mentions to some files in some directories that do not exist in the update nor base game, mostly stages.


Unused Costumes

A Link costume set was included alongside other costumes before v1.2.0.

Hat Name Hat Description Outfit Name Outfit Description
Link Hat A hat from a far-off land. Link Suit This outfit from another land comes complete with back accessories (sadly nonremovable).

While every other costume not obtainable in the base game was periodically released following launch, this was the only costume that would never see the light of day. In v1.2.0, all references to the Link set were removed.

(Source: SciresM)

Unused Models

Early Luigi

Early Final (v1.2.0)
Super-Mario-Odyssey-EarlyLuigi.png Super-Mario-Odyssey-FinalLuigi.png

An early version of Luigi's model is present in the base game. The final Luigi’s Balloon World model adds key features including a bowtie, additional expressions, and textures that match Mario's better. Luigi appears to be much darker, and the backpack was changed to a suitcase with black straps.

(Source: RandomTalkingBush)



A Super Mario 3D World leftover model of Mario, with his outfit recolored to look like Mario's color scheme in Super Mario Bros.

(Source: RandomTalkingBush)



A placeholder model for regional coins. A duplicate exists as CoinCollectM.

(Source: RandomTalkingBush)


Copy of the sky used for Sand Kingdom's nighttime scenario. Texture names are the same.

Unused Music

Unused Multi Moon Jingle

The jingle used for getting a Multi Moon during the "A Traditional Festival!" mission in New Donk City has an unused 8-bit version.


Early Title Screen Music

This is the title screen music from the game's E3 2017 demo, as suggested by the filename. It's a version of the NDC theme that has been stripped down to just the piano and trombones with some percussion.


Test Text Layout

To do:
Find the file that contains the text for this test layout.

Located in LayoutData/TestText.szs is a simple test layout with these animations: Appear, End, and Wait.

The layout itself just includes a textbox with the name TxtTest00. The text reads "テストですテストですテストですテストですテストですテストです", which just means "This is a test".

(Source: shibboleet)

Unused Code

E3 Leftovers

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.

There are a few classes in the game's code that reference E3. There is a sequence director that tells the game which sequence to load: the main game (under the name "Hakoniwa"), or the E3 sequence (under the name "E3Sequence"). Of course, the game passes the former instead of the latter. The resource loader would load the resources used in the Sand Kingdom and the Metro Kingdom.

It is theoretically possible to force the game to load this sequence by changing the string passed to SequenceFactory::createSequence(char const *sequenceName). However, loading has been tested and will fail due to it trying to load the layouts E3TitleMenu, E3StageSelect, and E3Thank. Creating these with the needed panes would fix the problem.

Version Display


There is a (functionally) unused layout called "MenuRight". It contains a pane named 'TxtVersion' in the top-right corner with the placeholder text "Ver.1.0.". In 1.0.0, if the game's version didn't match 1.0.0 (which is impossible without editing the game's metadata), the game would display whatever the version is in this pane, in the format ("x.x.x"). In 1.0.1, the code was changed so that the pane would not display, no matter what the version was.

(Source: GRAnimated)

Player States

To do:
All of the information about the states are speculation by viewing the game's code. It would be great if we could get these working in-game! Might also be a good idea to put the decompiled code here.

In the game's code, most of Mario's actions are done through 'PlayerState' functions. Unused ones are not initialized by the player.


Seems to be a leftover from very early development, and it barely covers any animation stuff. If the player's speed was greater or equal to 12.0, then the 'exeRun' function would run. It looks like it would start using the 'exeDash' after some time of running, where the 'Dash' animation would play.


Also a very early state. If you collided with the ceiling, then you would go into this state. It looks like you would have slid forward on the ceiling with a velocity of 20.0 in whatever direction Mario was already looking at, until you weren't on it anymore. If you fell off the ceiling, then you would slowly fall to the ground and another state would start.


Very fleshed out running action. It looks like you would have gone really fast and stopping would mean to 'brake'. It would start with the animation 'RunStart' and get faster from that point to a dash. The 'Dash' animation is for dashing, 'DashBrake' is for stopping, 'DashTurn' is for turning while dashing, and 'Turn' is for turning while braking.


Unused function for jumping out of a 2D area.


Unused function for falling.


Unused function for when you're just standing on the ground. The used function of this is 'PlayerStateWait'.


Unused function for running. It uses the same 'Dash' animations from 'PlayerStateFreeRun'. There's even an unused function that doesn't get used in the state. 'exePivot' would have turned the player with a 'TurnPoint' animation.


It would have been used to check whether the game should use 'PlayerStateRun' or 'PlayerStateRun2D'.


In this state, Mario would have wielded a 'PowerGrove' actor. This is a typo for a power glove. It used the animations 'Punch' and 'Fire', and would have been for punching. Each punch would result in a 'CapAttack' action based off of the code for the glove itself.


This would have been a pretty powerful jump. It would have been activated by a TouchTargetKeeper. The animations for it are 'TouchJumpLong', 'TouchJump', and 'JumpBroad'.


Also activated by a TouchTargetKeeper, this one does literally nothing. The only instruction in the 'exeJump' function is a return.

Unused Actors


PlayerPowerGlove is an unused actor that would have been a power glove. It has two hit sensors, 'Body' and 'Attack'. The 'Attack' sensor would send a 'CapAttack' action.

Unused Modes

In the game's code, there is 6 check functions hardcoded to return false, making them return true with mods can enable different modes.

To enable these modes, use this (version 1.0 only) IPSwitch patch:

Download.png Download Super Mario Odyssey Unused Modes
File: SMO-E3-10.zip (359B) (info)


This mode slows the game down to 30 FPS, and removes most UI elements including their animations.


This mode snaps to a black screen after the controller screen, and plays the title song without Mario's voice.


This mode removes all warp paintings, forces the third long jump animation for all long jumps, prevents you from using the globe on the odyssey (just like in the Kiosk Demo and E3 Demo), disables snapshot mode, and makes the game crash when entering any loading zone.


This mode resets Mario's clothes to default when entering, prevents you from changing the clothes, and also removes most UI elements in the same way that rs::isModeE3MovieRom does.


This mode resets Mario's clothes to default when entering, but doesn't prevent you from changing them later.


This mode slows the game down to 30 FPS, while keeping the UI elements.

Unused Text

E3 Demo Leftovers

There are multiple text files left over from the demo used at E3 2017 and later events.

Unknown characters/tags are replaced with the raw hex value in square brackets. The text can be found in can be found in LocalizedData\[region]_[language]\MessageData. These appear, translated, in all the text files, even though the demo was only seen in English and Japanese.


It isn't known where in the E3 demo this was used exactly, or if it was used.

Label: E3SelectParts_Start

[0E][06][02][88][16]DualButtonA[1E]HandheldButtonA[1C]FullKeyButtonA[16]LeftButtonA[18]RightButtonA Start


Used in the course selection screen.

Label: E3StageSelect_Stage00

Sand Kingdom

Label: E3StageSelect_Stage01

Metro Kingdom


Label: E3Thank_Thank

Thanks for playing!


Label: E3TitleMenu_Nintendo

© 2017 Nintendo


Label: ClosetList_ListGuide

HandheldStickL[1A]FullKeyStickL[14]LeftStickL[16]RightStickL Select   [0E][06][03][26][23][31][33][36][3B][16]DualButtonB[1E]HandheldButtonB[1C]FullKeyButtonB[16]LeftButtonB[18]RightButtonB Quit   
[0E][06][02][26][23][31][33][36][3B][16]DualButtonA[1E]HandheldButtonA[1C]FullKeyButtonA[16]LeftButtonA[18]RightButtonA Confirm

Unused Areas

In the Metro Kingdom, there's a room with a 2D section and a music note that when collected, makes a group of them appear for Mario to collect in both 2D and 3D. This area has a second mirrored copy of the room stored just off-screen, which cannot be seen without hacking and appears to serve no purpose in-game.

(Source: SKELUX)

Unused Level Scenarios

There are several unused Kingdom scenarios in the game.

Kingdom Scenario Difference
Cloud Kingdom 4 Nearly empty besides the Odyssey and the first three cloud platforms. The only Moon that remains is the one from the Hint Art.
Ruined Kingdom 4 The Odyssey is missing, and by extension the landing cutscene is skipped. The wire to the boss arena, some invisible coins, and all objects in the boss arena are missing.
Dark Side 2 Part of the carrot tower is missing, all the doors to sub-areas are missing, and the loading zones are gone too.
Darker Side 2 Pauline is missing.

Regional Differences

To do:
Find more differences.

Multi Moons/Grand Moons

The triple Power Moons are called Multi Moons in the English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish versions. In the Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese versions, they are called Grand Moons (similar to the Grand Stars in Super Mario Galaxy), as in the E3 2017 demo.

China (PRC) release modifications

To officially sell the game in China, various game graphics has to be modified to comply with local regulations.

International release China release
SMO Map WW.png SMO Map CN.png

All English words on the world map were removed, including coordinate labels[1]. This change also applies to the map outside the game itself, such as on the cartridge[2] and download cards.[3]

The skull and eyepatch were removed from the Pirate's headgear[4]

In the Lake Kingdom Balloon World Scenario, there are new areas found with the name "BalloonGameSettingAreaAdd". All instances of this area are commented with 地形抜け対策サーバー用 which roughly translates to "For terrain omission countermeasure server". This hints to a feature that prevents you from placing Balloon World balloons out of bounds. For obvious reasons, this feature cannot be tested outside of China.

Revisional Differences

To do:
More differences?

Version 1.0.1

Fixes a sequence break in the Cascade Kingdom that made it possible to jump around a Nintendo-grade™ invisible wall and go straight to the boss without collecting any Power Moons beforehand.

Version 1.1.0

Adds support for the Korean language.

Version 1.2.0

Adds Balloon World, a minigame starring Luigi that's unlocked after completing the main game, as well as a plethora of new outfits (most of which are time-locked). It also adds a few filters to Snapshot Mode, adjusts the difficulty, and fixed a bug that allowed people to easily max out the score for the Jump-Rope Challenge (resetting the leaderboards in the process).

v1.0.0-v1.1.0 v1.2.0
Super-Mario-Odyssey-BowserHintArtOriginal.png Super-Mario-Odyssey-BowserHintArtUpdatev120.png

The Sand Kingdom's Hint Art for the Bowser Kingdom was changed so that the Checkpoint Flag has a red pole instead of yellow.

v1.0.0-v1.1.0 v1.2.0
Super-Mario-Odyssey-CascadeKingdomMapOriginal.png Super-Mario-Odyssey-CascadeKingdomMapUpdatev120.png

The four grassy platforms in Cascade Kingdom (which appear after beating Madame Brood) were added to the map, and the bridge that collapses after collecting the first Moon is now shown in its collapsed state on the map.

v1.0.0-v1.1.0 v1.2.0
Super-Mario-Odyssey-DarkSideMapOriginal.png Super-Mario-Odyssey-DarkSideMapUpdatev120.png

Dark Side's map shows various platforms and edges from an earlier version of the world. These bits were removed in the Balloon World update.

v1.0.0-v1.1.0 v1.2.0
Super-Mario-Odyssey-CreditsPicOriginal.png Super-Mario-Odyssey-CreditsPicUpdatev120.png

The picture the player receives after completing the game has been altered slightly to add Luigi and his balloons in the background.

Version 1.3.0

To do:
Needs dissection!

Adds additional content for use with the Labo Toy-Con VR Goggles, as well as fixing various unspecified bugs.

Internal Project Name

The game's internal project name is "RedStar", according to paths in the executable.


CityMan's Name

To do:
Are there other NPCs with this?

Inside CityMan.szs and CityWoman.szs's NpcParam.byml, the only string in StartJointName under FacialAnimParam is labeled Joe.