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Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Title Screen

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Also known as: Super Mario Wii 2: Galaxy Adventure Together (KR)
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: May 27, 2010
Released in US: May 23, 2010
Released in EU: June 11, 2010
Released in AU: June 30, 2010
Released in KR: January 20, 2011
Released in HK: December 4, 2010
Released in TW: December 4, 2010

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

By popular demand, Mario was sent back into space once more to save the Princess and collect the Power Stars. Nintendo was a lot more organized and had a clear goal this time, so there is a lot less unused content.

To do:
  • Document differences between the Korean and international versions of the game.
  • This oddity.
  • Unused text files.
  • Important ObjectData files - Kuribo64 - "NPCData: Has all the information about items NPCs are holding. PenguinRacerItem & PenguinRacerItemLeader are unused."
  • Unused and leftover light data.


Unused Level Features
Boss Blitz Galaxy originally had more bosses?
Unused Mechanics
Power Stars could be spawned from flowers?!
Unused Light Data
Unused light data comes to light!
Unused Objects
New objects and duplicates galore.

More, Please!

The internal name for the game is, amusingly, Super Mario Galaxy More.

Level Design Changes

The second planet in Sky Station Galaxy, which features a grassy path to a curvy house, is called DrumSeparateRocketPlanet despite not looking anything like a rocket. What's more, there are two empty objects that were meant to go with it, DrumSeparateRocketPlanetGravityStep and DrumSeparateRocketPlanetMoveParts. These things together hint that this planet must have received a graphical overhaul at some point, and was likely re-purposed to fit earlier in the game.

The bonus room full of steps, featured in Puzzle Plank Galaxy's purple coin run and other galaxies, is named IslandFleetCoinRoomPlanetZone, despite never appearing in Sky Station Galaxy.

The topmost section of Upside-Dizzy Galaxy's first room is called SwitchGravityBombHeiPlanet. Bob-omb (BombHei) is not used anywhere in the level.

According to its name, ChaosBossBussunZone, the boss section from Flipsville Galaxy was originally meant to appear in Upside Dizzy Galaxy.

The zone containing the second planet of Supermassive Galaxy is called SmallBigMetboZone, indicating that it was meant to have Goombeetles (Metbo) instead of three giant Koopa Troopas. Giant Goombeetles do not exist anywhere in the game's files.

Leftover ObjNameTable Entries

Over 400 entries for removed objects can be found in the file ObjNameTable. These include various objects from Super Mario Galaxy and new ones which don't exist in Super Mario Galaxy 2 anymore. The list of these unused entries can be found here.

Leftover Super Mario Galaxy Content

Since Galaxy 2 was built directly off of previous game, it only makes sense that there would be some content leftover that the developers either planned to use, forgot to remove, or simply didn't bother to remove. This includes enemies, items, stage pieces, graphics, and enemy behaviors. Some of the objects still function normally, while others were partially removed, rendering them unusable. For some of them, only their entries in the object name table remain.

Leftover Objects

Over 300 objects from the first game still exist in Super Mario Galaxy, but are missing their models or other important data. If their files and settings are restored, some of them will work just as before. Objects, such as cracked treasure chests need custom data in order to work properly. These objects include Ice Swoopers, the cake planet from Toy Time Galaxy, golden treasure chests, Torpedo Teds and the Good Egg sky model. Interestingly, a few unused objects from Super Mario Galaxy still exist in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well, for example RelayPlanetC and FloaterLandPartsFrame. full list can be found here.

Some leftover objects were meant to be used. The ray of light from the box planet in Deep Dark Galaxy is present but inactive in Haunty Halls Galaxy and the sky model from Melty Molten Galaxy is present but hidden in the Crate-burning area of Upside-Dizzy Galaxy.

For more information, see the Unused Level Feature page.

Unused Power-Ups

Through Ocarina codes, it's possible to transform Mario into Flying Mario and Ice Mario from the first Super Mario Galaxy. It's not just a leftover, either; the music has even been updated. However, neither of the power-up models remain in the game.

While Flying Mario is complete on the disc, none of the files for Ice Mario (outside of the theme) remain; they must be patched in. This suggests that Ice Mario was cut significantly earlier than Flying Mario. It is worth mentioning that the ice platforms are still used in the game, created by falling ice crystals in Shiverburn Galaxy.

The power-up class in Galaxy 2 also still contains code to spawn the Red Star and Ice Flower. However, without modifications to the game's code, attempting to collect the Red Star or Ice Flower will cause the game to crash. This is because of two reasons, the fact that the files for Ice Mario are missing from the game, and that there is no entry in the event table for collecting the Red Star and Ice Flower for the first time. If these events are disabled, and the Ice Mario files added in, then the power-ups will work.

(Source: Marionumber1, PhantomWings)

Leftover Behaviors

Most of the enemies and objects from the first game still have their behaviors from the first game, though not all of them used this time around. This even includes things like the darker version of King Kaliente and Boos falling in love with Boo Mario.

The tornadoes found in Melty Monster Galaxy are recolored versions of the ones found in Dusty Dune Galaxy from the first game. If their parameter Obj_arg1 is set to anything other than 0, they will appear in their original orange color.

Unused Dialogue Symbols

Four symbols from the first game are still present in the file that contains the dialog symbols. This includes coconuts, blue Star Chips and two question marks: white and green.

(Source: Marionumber1, NWPlayer123, SSL, MrRean, SunakazeKun)

Unused Zones

Zones are spatial areas of a galaxy, and they include planets, objects, and various other data used in that part of the stage.

There are only three unused zones in the game, and two of them are minor variations of used zones. There are also a lot of zones with "E3" in the file name, but these appear to be empty.



ChaosStartZone is placed in Upside-Dizzy Galaxy, but never visited. The name indicates it was meant to be the start of the stage. The only thing it contains is a spherical atmosphere object.



EarthenPipeRoomEZone is a version of the flat bonus room with three coin blocks. It has an entry in the zone data for Sky Station Galaxy.



StaffUnbabaHomePlanetZone is a copy of Melty Monster's final zone, but with only the planets and paths. It was meant to appear in the credits.

Unused Music

Unused Galaxy Theme

An unused level track exists in the stream directory. It only uses synthesized instruments, and was presumably cut before the game's music reached the live orchestra phase of production. The track listing comes right after the theme for Fluffy Bluff Galaxy, and the tune has a similarly light tone. This track also has Yoshi drums.


Unused World Map Themes

Two unused "world map" tracks are also present. Unlike the other world map music pieces, these don't have multiple channels with "galactic sounds" built in. They follow the proper naming convention for the world map tracks, and are the second and third world map tracks. The world map streams start at worldmap00 and end at worldmap08.



Fast Versions of Boss Music

Fast versions of the boss music for Gobblegut, Glamdozer, Megahammer, and Digga-Leg/Whomp King exist, but these bosses don't use them, even when "angry". Curiously, the fast track for Megahammer is a single-channel stream, while the main track has multiple channels for the drums that play while riding Yoshi.

Gobblegut (SMG2_boss01b_strm)

Glamdozer (SMG2_boss02b_strm)

Megahammer (SMG2_boss03b_strm)

Digga-Leg/Whomp King (SMG2_boss08b_strm)

Forest Dwellers Unused Yoshi Drums

The "Forest Dwellers' theme", used for the start of the glider stages and the second mission in Tall Trunk Galaxy, has a track for drums that play when Mario is riding Yoshi. However, Yoshi is not present in any of the stages that use this theme. While Yoshi certainly does appear in the first mission of Tall Trunk Galaxy, he is not used for the slide mission. You can get to the slide with the Yoshi infinite flutter jump glitch, but the game freezes, and the music still doesn't play even if you manage to flutter jump to the end!

SMG2_ev_mokku_strm + drum track

Red Star (Flight) Power-Up

To do:
Replace the audio with clean game rips. These audio are from YouTube.

The Ice Flower and Red Star theme from the first game are still present in the data, but they sound a little bit different. The Red Star theme has different instrumentation, such as a sitar replacing the flute and a synthesized, low-quality instrument replacing part of the brass section.


Ice Mario Power-Up

One of the instruments in the Ice Flower theme sounds rougher than in the first Super Mario Galaxy.


Unused Animations

Mario Animations

Mario has most, if not all, of his animations from the first game, including the unused ones. Some of Mario's previously-used animations, such as his crouch pose for the Cosmic Clone races, are not used in this game.

Oddly, three new unused animations were added... for Mario's skeleton. There are animations of him breaking apart, waiting as a collapsed pile, and reforming. Even when Mario dies from electrocution in the first game, he simply falls over like normal. It is obvious this animation was cut before being fine tuned, as one bone has a point rigged to the wrong bone, causing it to fly around when the model breaks apart.

Yoshi's E3 Animations

Yoshi has a couple of unused animations with E3 in the name. Unlike most of the E3 content, these were not removed in later production.

King Lakitu Animation


An unused animation file StarPiceReaction.bck shows King Lakitu being hit so hard that his glasses fly off, causing him to search his face for the spectacles. Oddly, his fingers and face are not animated at all. There is no animation for him putting them back on.

King Whomp's Face

King Whomped.

King Whomp puts on this goofy face when he's defeated. However, because the stony titan is facing downwards, it is impossible to see.

Unused Textures

Super Mario World 'P' Balloon Fruit


This texture is bundled with the Blimp Fruit's model but never used. The Power Balloon in Super Mario World is marked with a P as well, and grants Mario the same temporary power. The other fruits lack any similar textures.

Super Mario World Block Snake Colors

Grr! I am a snake.

The texture for the block snake reveals that it was originally intended to be brown, like its appearance Super Mario World. The game uses shaders to make it appear purple.

Chance Cube X & O


These textures are bundled with ItemDice, but are never used. Compared to the used textures, they are very dull and lackluster in appearance.

Unused Text

There are many unused text files including two for debug related stuff.

Cosmic Guide Debugger






I'm a dreamer!
Are you dreaming!?

Leave it to me!!

Uh, ah...
Is that the case?

...Are you perhaps a developer?
Are you recording or somethin'!?

Because by pressing button 1, the record ends!
Do your best to make good data! I'm expecting the best from you!!

Ah, is that the case?

The file DreamerDebug.msbt contains what seem to be instructions for a tool developers used to create play-through recordings for the Cosmic Guide feature. It indicates that pressing the 1 Button would end the recording, and has what are likely confirmation prompts for starting and exiting the tool. The text is playfully written and seems to be for a bird character, as the onomatopoeia "chiipappa" is likely a reference to the Japanese nursery rhyme Suzume no gakkou (雀の学校), meaning "sparrow's school".


File Select
Starship Mario
Mushroom Kingdom
World G
World G
Stage Selection Menu
No Message Data
Return to Game
To Stage Selection
Reenter the Stage
After the Opening
Movie before final Bowser Battle
Grand Star Returns Movie
Normal Ending
Re-start just after opening
Normal Ending
Full Completion Ending
Scenario List
To Scenario Select Scene
Play SD Data
Change to Production Sequence
Special Save Data
Confirm Messages
Event Confirmation
Complete Ending
Normal Ending
Staff Credits (Complete Ending)
Staff Credits (Normal Ending)
Starship Mario
Appearance of Championship Galaxies
Arrival on Planet Mario
Before Bowser Fight 3
Changing Planet Mario
Departure from Planet Mario
Acquiring Grand Star (No Results)
World 1
World 2
World 3
World 4
World 5
Acquiring Grand Star (with Results)
Grand Star On All Clear
World 1
World 2
World 3
World 4
World 5
Item Appearance
Bee Mushroom
Cloud Flower
Cloud Flower (Usable)
Fire Flower
Spring Mushroom
Rock Mushroom
Boo Mushroom
Yoshi's Egg
NPC Appearance
Bob-omb Buddy
Gearmo (Hunter) 1
Gearmo (Hunter) 2
Toad Brigade
NPC Dialog
Co-Star Play Dialog
Comet First Appearance
First Play After Complete Ending
First Play After Normal Ending
Lucky Room Dialog
Busybody Luigi Start
Power Star Dialog
Star List Sign Dialog
Hungry Luma
Green Luma 1
Green Luma 2
Star Bunny
Appearance of Mailtoad
Letter from Rosalina
Letter from The Chimp
Acquire Power Star
After first star
When Items Appear
When NPCs Appear
Meeting Baby Luma
Peach Abduction
Sling Star Appearance
From Beginning
Getting Grand Star Sequence
Grand World Map First Play
Green Star Appearance Movie
World 1 First Play
World 2 First Play
World 3 First Play
World 4 First Play
World 5 First Play
World 6 First Play
World S First Play
After intro
All Complete (242 stars)
All complete mail confirmation
Cosmic Guide (post-green stars open)
Cosmic Guide (pre- green stars open)
Just before complete ending
Just before normal ending
Green Star Open (After complete ending)
Championship Galaxies Open (240 stars)
World 2 Open
World 3 Open
World 4 Open
World 5 Open
World 6 Open
World S Open (After normal ending)
World 1
World 2
World 3
World 4
World 5
World 6
World S
World Map
Not compatible with test stages!
Message ID not specified!(JMap)
The specified message does note exist!

This message is for development use.

The save data format has changed. Unless
this playthrough is for monitoring purposes,
you should delete the save file and create
a new one.

Another debug-related text file. Interestingly, it reveals that the Grand World Map was named 'World G' at one point.

Unused Object Parameters

To do:
There's more!

Luma Colors


Code exists to change Lumas to pink and purple. Pink Lumas were found in the first Galaxy, but besides Lubba, purple is completely unused. The Luma will be purple if the object's first parameter is set to 4, and pink if set to 5.

(Source: NWPlayer123, Marionumber1)

Koopa Colors

The code to make Koopa Troopas appear with red shells still exists in the game. Their shells still hone in on enemies, defeat Gringills, and are faster underwater. Oddly enough, the large Koopa Troopas can also be colored red, though their behavior does not change. What's even more bizarre is that blue Koopa Troopas can also be spawned by changing the object parameters, but again, their behavior does not change. Blue Koopa Troopas were never used, even in the first game. Interestingly, blue large Koopa Troopas will give out a coin when defeated. Its shell will turn green when picked up.

The Koopa Troopa will be red if the object's first parameter is set to 2, and blue if set to 3.

A Red Koopa Troopa was shown in the E3 2009 trailer of the game however.

(Source: SSL, Martboo48)

Big Dusty Dunes Tornado Color

The bigger sand tornadoes in Dusty Dunes Galaxy from the first game got a new parameter that can change its color to white like the skinnier tornadoes seen in Melty Monster Galaxy. While the object code for the big tornado still exists, the model for it was cut entirely along with any new animation files for it, so this new behavior can't be seen without some clever hacking.

(Source: SunakazeKun)

Li'l Brrr & Li'l Cinder Behaviors

There are two unused settings for Li'l Brrr: one which makes it jump, and another that simply makes it appear from the ground. Li'l Cinder has this last behavior as well.

Magikoopa Behavior

There's an unused setting for Magikoopa that causes its fire spells to act like Kamella's, splitting into multiple fireballs instead of just one. It can create two or three fireballs, depending on the parameter given.

Caged and Boo Items

Glass cages, crystal cages, and Boos all share the same list of possible contents. Note that Boo's ability to contain an item is unused in itself.

  • 1 = Blue Toad
  • 2 = Sling Star
  • 5 = Luma
  • 6 = Key
  • 10 = Blue Star Chip
  • 12 = Silver Star
(Source: SunakazeKun)