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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

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Title Screen

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Also known as: Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! (JP), Mario & Luigi: Viaje al Centro de Bowser (ES), Mario & Luigi: Voyage au centre de Bowser (FR), Mario & Luigi: Abenteuer Bowser (DE), Mario & Luigi: Viaggio al centro di Bowser (IT)
Developer: AlphaDream
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: February 11, 2009
Released in US: September 14, 2009
Released in EU: October 9, 2009
Released in AU: October 22, 2009
Released in KR: July 21, 2011

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is the third title in the Mario & Luigi series, now with 99.98% more vore!

A remake, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey, was later released on the 3DS.


MLBIS froom x0003.png
Unused Field Maps
All unused field maps found in the game, including minimaps.
MLBIS broom x0098.png
Unused Battle Maps
All unused battle maps found in the game, although some are leftover from PiT.

Unused Items


The unused shroom

There's an unused item in the game named "DUMMY". Its design resembles that of the Life Shroom from the Paper Mario series. It restores 60 HP for Bowser when used. If used while Mario and Luigi are fighting an enemy that Bowser inhaled with the Vacuum Block, they will throw it in the air and it will explode, restoring Bowser's HP with its effervescent vapors.

Code (US version):

22056419 00000063

Unused Sounds

A number of leftover sounds from Yoshi's Story and Mario & Luigi Partners in Time are still in the game.











Unused Enemy Behaviors

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.
Specifically: Bowser can hit flying enemies with his special attacks (specifically Goomba Storm and Magikoopa Mob). Do they work on these flying enemies?

Certain enemies in the game are only meant to be fought with either Mario and Luigi or Bowser, and the other(s) will never encounter it in normal gameplay. However, if hacking is used to encounter the enemies with the other character(s), you can see that their behaviors change:

  • Naplock - Its sleeping snot-bubble is avoided just by standing there, but you can be damaged by it if you jump while it's above you. Its block-drop attack is dodgeable with jump; you can break the bricks by jumping. This is very easy to do just by mashing the button.
  • Dark Mechawful - Its punching attack is countered by hammering. Its countdown attack is replaced by one that spawns the stars that the head uses when attacking Mario & Luigi on its own, which slowly move toward you and only hurt you sometimes. Its counter is jump. This could be the game glitching rather than something unfinished, possibly the game trying to use the head's star attack with the body attached.
  • Choomba - Makes "M" and "L" smoke signals instead of Bowser's fist and shell. It freezes next turn after charging up.
  • Dark Trashure - All of the things it throws can be countered with a jump, just like with the regular Trashure, but they are very fast-moving, In fact, it seems that the more damage the object will do, the faster it moves. Not surprisingly, it still throws mushrooms.

When the Mario Bros. are put in a boss battle they usually can't have, the game simply crashes.

The smaller giant battle enemies can also be spawned in normal battle. This may mess up the top screen graphics. Most of them will crash the game, few of them function properly.

Putting small enemies in battle with Bowser will have them run away most of the time.

  • Magifoofa - This small enemy can, for some reason, be inhaled. It is the only small enemy with this function. The vacuum block doesn't blink to indicate this.
  • Pendril - Unlike the other small enemies, this one will actually try to attack Bowser. It may softlock the game after attacking.

When Bowser is in a battle against an enemy found in his body, he doesn't even attempt to inhale them; after hitting the vacuum block, the game will immediately cut to the enemy's turn. Other than that, they will act the same.

  • Goombule - Bowser can't dodge its attack, as it is too short for him to punch.
  • Elite Goombule - Same as Goombule. He can hit them with his regular attacks, whereas the Mario Bros. had to use the Green Shell as it was immune to jumping and hammering.
  • Spike Blop - Same as Goombule. He can dodge its dropping attack with his shell.
  • Calorite - Bowser cannot jump, therefore he can't dodge its rolling attack.
  • Air Cannon - The Bullet Bills are too short for Bowser to punch, and he still can't jump.
  • Bubble Blooper - Bowser can't hit these enemies with his regular attacks, as they are floating in the air.
  • Air Cheep - Same as Bubble Blooper. Its inflating attack can't be countered despite being large enough for Bowser to punch.
  • Tenderling - Bowser can counter punch these enemies. Even if he beats them, their attack will still hit as if they are still there.
  • Piranaha Plorp - When it creates smog and spits out blobs to hit Bowser, they will always be green, the color that usually indicates they are aimed at Luigi. When they spit out purple blobs, they don't seem to affect Bowser.
  • Napse - These enemies are floating, so Bowser can't hit them. Their shots only seem to hit him randomly.
  • Stonk - Their surrounding attack doesn't surround Bowser, instead it goes by his sides (where the Mario Bros. would usually be). If the decoy puffs touch him, they just disappear. If the Stonk puff touches him, it takes damage.
  • Pep - The speed Pep's attack once again goes to the sides of Bowser and doesn't hit him. The power Pep can be countered with a punch.
  • Protobatter - No dodge prompts will show up when battling this enemy.
  • Dried Blooper - Same as Protobatter.

Some enemies that can usually only be battled by Mario and Luigi after Bowser inhales them act strangely when Bowser fights them.

  • Vacuum Helmet - From the Dark Fawful fight. It is floating, so Bowser's attacks will miss. When Bowser tries to attack it, it glitches and goes higher up on the bottom screen. If Bowser attacks it again, he will walk over to its new location.
  • Ice Pack - From Sniffle Thwomp fights. It still acts as if it is on a Sniffle Thwomp. Even though the vacuum block blinks to indicated they can be inhaled, Bowser does not try to, just like the body enemies.

Unlike the Mario Bros., Bowser can have boss battles he normally shouldn't without the game crashing. However, some of their attacks act strangely. Bowser is not able to fight himself, as the game will crash if the fight is set up.

  • Dark Star - It is floating, so Bowser cannot hit it. The attack where it creates shadows of the Mario Bros. still uses their damage amount graphic instead of Bowser's. Any attack that indicates which bro it's aiming for will use the color green as if it's aiming at Luigi.
  • Chakron - None of Bowser's attacks do any damage. After the battle stops, the game cuts to the file select screen.
  • Junker - It will simply defeat itself. The Junker Cans will defeat themselves after they touch Bowser.
  • Alpha Kretin - Does nothing at all.
  • Bowser Memories - Soft locks the game.
  • Dark Star Core - The game will crash unless its individual parts are loaded separately. The graphics for them don't appear, and it does absolutely nothing.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Add unused Luigi sprites. And maybe others? Also, add the locations of all these graphics.

Early Bowser Sprite

MLBIS Early Bowser.png

A single frame of what appears to be an early version of Bowser's battle stance exists, though scaled up and stored with the maps for some reason. It looks like a cross between his final appearance and his Partners in Time appearance, suggesting it was from before the new sprites were finalized.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Dummy Mushroom

To do:
Is this a different file than the unused item graphic?
The unused shroom

A graphic for an unused dummy mushroom.

Early Bros. Sprite

MLBIS Early Bros.png

An image of Mario and Luigi that was also scaled up and stored with the maps. Its' room ID is 0x0224. Seems to be a copy of their appearance from Partners in Time. It's also a bit blurry, unlike the Bowser sprite above.

Water Fountain


Seems to be an early version of the Princess Peach fountain in Toad Town. Interestingly enough, it depicts her as a mermaid.

Unused Bird


Sprites for an unused bird found in the data. Since the sprites are next to Broque Monsieur in the code, it is possible that these birds were intended to be collectible in an early version of the game, as Blitties are in the finished game.

Luigi carrying Mario shaped like a key


Unused Sprites of Luigi carrying Mario shaped like a key, it is unknown what this form of mario does.

(Source: https://www.spriters-resource.com/ds_dsi/marioandluigi3/sheet/53763/ Spriters Resource])

Duplicate Songs

In the music data (sound_data.sdat) there are many unused duplicates of songs used in the game.

Their names reference all the music tracks from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time but, excluding some cases, the name prefix was changed from "MUS_SEQ_" to only "MUS_" and sometimes "_OLD" was added as a suffix.

Below the copies are grouped and described in sub-paragraphs named after the internal name of the new song contained in them.


A single duplicate of the music used in boss battles can be found:



A single duplicate of the music used when a non-boss battle ends can be found:



A single duplicate of the music used when Dark Bowser meets Bowser before starting the last battle can be found:



Two duplicates of the music used for the battle with Dark Bowser can be found:



Two duplicates of the battle music used for non-boss battles for Mario and Luigi can be found:



Eight duplicates of the music used when something unexpected happens in the cutscenes can be found:


No MUS_SEQ_YOSVILLAGE2 exists in the sound data from Partners in Time.


Three duplicates of the title screen music can be found:



Twenty-nine duplicates of the background music used for in-game tutorials can be found:


Unused Text


There are multiple instances of this string in \EDataSave\mfset_EMesSys.dat.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Debug Room


Like its predecessor, this game has a debug room based off the generic inside-Bowser battle background. Select a number, and Mario and Luigi will be sent to some places and cutscenes in the game. The Japanese version has description text, unlike the US version, which replaces them all with "no need to translate". Interestingly, in the Korean version the original text was added back, and uses the English alphabet and English words on occasion.

Action Replay code (hold B while selecting a place inside Bowser's body):

Japan US
94000130 FFFD0000
1233851E 00000002
12339986 00000002
12339A2E 00000002
1233A490 00000002
1233AE54 00000002
1233B854 00000002
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFD0000
1233AD34 00000002
12338E66 00000002
12338F0E 00000002
12339970 00000002
123379FE 00000002
1233A334 00000002
D2000000 00000000

Lower-Left Block

  • 0 - Shake animation
  • 1 - "Mario lands in Bowser's Insides" cutscene in the first room of the Trash Pit. Mario only, you cannot switch to Bowser when activated. Luigi is trapped a few rooms below.
  • 2 - Brings you right to Luigi in the Trash Pit.
  • 3 - The elevator room in the Trash Pit.
  • 4 - The room where you get your first Green Shell Attack Piece.
  • 5 - The room with the last Green Shell Attack Piece.
  • 6 - The first hammer battle room.
  • 7-10 - Bowser Room Select Screen. However, you're trapped in one room and cannot move around to other rooms.
  • 11 - A room in the Pump Works.
  • 12-16, 21, 29-34, 37-59, 61-69, and 71 - Bowser Room Selection Screen corresponding to a certain point in the game, with smaller numbers corresponding to earlier points in the game (with certain areas inaccessible) and larger numbers corresponding to later points in the game (with most or all areas accessible).
  • 17 and 19-20 - Bottom screen fades to black, music restarts and game freezes.
  • 18 - Shows Fawful Theater on the bottom screen.
  • 22 - The Flab Zone room right after the Alpha Kretin boss room.
  • 23 - Cutscene with Starlow wondering why Fawful needs Peach and Peach explaining that Fawful may be looking for the Dark Star, then the bottom screen returns to the Bowser Room Selection Screen (but dark as if Bowser is being controlled), the top screen fades to black, and the game freezes.
  • 24 - Cutscene with Peach being taken out of Bowser's body and Bowser being blasted out of the castle. After Bowser falls into the Underground Tunnel, the top screen cuts to the first room in the Underground, but with the camera off-center and Bowser in the top-left corner. Bowser is stuck in his walking-northward animation, but can be moved around. However, you are stuck in this room. If the X button is pressed, Bowser becomes stuck in his northward Slide Punch animation and can no longer be moved. If the Y button is pressed, the same thing happens with Bowser's northward fire-breathing animation.
  • 25 - Similar to 24, but without the part with Mario, Luigi, Starlow, and Peach inside Bowser's body, instead starting with the part where Fawful takes Peach and carries her away. Also, part of the background during the cutscene is missing up until Bowser accidentally lights the Bob-omb's fuse.
  • 26 - Pipe Yard.
  • 27 - Shows Mario and Luigi warping back into Bowser's body from the Toad Town pipe. Then, the game suddenly acts as if you're chasing Durmite, with Starlow reminding you to go after it. After that, nothing else, except that areas of Bowser's body unlocked after the Energy Hold are blocked off.
  • 28 - Cutscene with chasing Durmite into the Energy Hold and being stopped by the Boo Block barrier.
  • 35 - Joint Tower.
  • 36 - Bottom screen fades to black and freezes.
  • 60 - Chest Station minigame. Freezes almost immediately.
  • 70 - Takes you to Bowser Castle, right in front of the cryo-chamber puzzle room. Once you're inside the room, you're stuck inside.
  • 72-99 - Shake effect.

Upper-Left Block

  • 0 - Intro cutscene. Game might freeze when loading this.
  • 1 - Peach's Castle, where you're greeted by a Toad. Attempting to enter the next room will cause the screens to fade to black and freeze.
  • 2 - Shows the background used for the first Giant Bowser Battle, on which you can freely move around. However, Mario and Luigi are not seen.
  • 3 - The cutscene which happens after Bowser eats the Vacuum Shroom.
  • 4-12, 14-16, 18-24, 29-30, 43-44, 46, 48, 50, and 54-55 - Bowser Room Selection Screen.
  • 13 - Nerve Cluster, in the room where Toadbert was trapped.
  • 17 - Same as 13.
  • 25 - Toad Town Tunnels, in the room where Bowser was zapped, off the map in the top-left corner.
  • 26 - Toad Town Tunnels, in the room right before the Dark Star's chamber.
  • 27 - Entering Toad Town from the yellow pipe.
  • 28 - Dr. Toadley's Clinic, off the map in the top-left corner.
  • 31 - Dr. Toadley's Clinic, specifically, Dr. Toadley's room. Attempting to exit the building freezes the game.
  • 32 - The reception room in Dr. Toadley's Clinic, where you must rescue Birdley.
  • 33 - Plack Beach, at the beginning of the path to Chakron.
  • 34 - The room in Dimble Wood where Wiggler blocks your path until you get 6 Attack Pieces.
  • 35 - Same as 34.
  • 36 - The room where Luigi becomes trapped in the Sockop, but you are off of the map (and off-screen) and cannot move.
  • 37 - Dimble Wood as Sockop Luigi, in the room Mario was taken to. However, you cannot talk to the Sockops to save Mario.
  • 38 - Chakron (off-screen) asks if you wish to be launched to Toad Town. Once you return to Toad Town, attempting to exit the area freezes the game.
  • 39 - Dr. Toadley's Clinic, before you use the Miracle Cure on the blockade.
  • 40 - The path to Peach's Castle.
  • 41 - Top-leftmost area in Peach's Castle Garden, with the water spout.
  • 42 - Area right after 41, where you previously fought Junker.
  • 45 - Area shown in the cutscene before the final Dark Bowser battle, with Mario, Luigi, and Starlow. A copy of Luigi's sprite can be seen in the top-left corner. You cannot actually move Mario and Luigi, but if the A button is pressed, the jump sound effect can be heard.
  • 47 - The animation of Bowser Castle shaking, seen before the first Giant Bowser Battle.
  • 49 - Plack Beach, the area with Kuzzle's house.
  • 51 - Plack Beach, Kuzzle's house.
  • 52 - Peach's Castle Garden, at the entrance.
  • 53 - The cutscene that occurs after the Blorbs are cured, but Mario and Luigi can move freely around the area.
  • 55-56 - Screen fades to black and freezes.
  • 57-98 - Shake effect.
  • 99 - The area in Dimble Wood with the pipe back into Bowser's body...but you can walk over everything, the pipe's color is blue instead of green, and the pad you step on to enter the pipe is yellow. A copy of the pad is north of the pipe. It also plays the incorrect music. Most likely used as a test area.

Upper-Right Block

  • 0 - Pump Works gate room.
  • 1 - Flame Pipe room.
  • 2 - Screen fades to black. Everything still functions, but you can't see anything on the bottom screen until you switch to Bowser.
  • 3 - The Nerve Cluster room where you fight Durmite for the first time.
  • 4 - The Nerve Cluster room where Toadbert was originally trapped.
  • 5 - The second Flab Zone room.
  • 6 - The first Nutsoglobin room in the Flab Zone.
  • 7 - The third room in Flab Zone after the "Treasure of E'erlasting Wonder" room.
  • 8 - The room in the Flab Zone where you learn the Spin Bros. ability.
  • 9 - Same as 8, but in a different spot.
  • 10 - The Alpha Kretin boss room.
  • 11 - Same as 10, but in a different spot.
  • 12 - The first Flab Zone room.
  • 13 - The third Flab Zone Room.
  • 14 - The second room in the Energy Hold.
  • 15 - The fourth room in the Energy Hold.
  • 16 - The Star Block room in the Energy Hold.
  • 17 - Same as 16.
  • 18 - The first room in the bottom-left section connected to the Star Block room, in the Energy Hold.
  • 19 - The room right after 18.
  • 20 - The first room in the top-right area connected to the Star Block room, in the Energy Hold.
  • 21 - The room in the Energy Hold where you learn the Drill Bros. ability.
  • 22 - The room right before the boss room in the Energy Hold.
  • 23 - The boss room in the Energy Hold, near the entrance.
  • 24 - The same room, near the exit to Bowser's body.
  • 25 - The room right after 20.
  • 26 - The cutscene that happens after you defeat Wisdurm.
  • 27-28 - Lumbar Nook.
  • 29-35 - Toad Square with the camera weirdly off-center.
  • 36 - Bowser Room Selection Screen.
  • 37 - Memory Banks.
  • 38 - Mario and Luigi enter the Airway and stop. The game then becomes unresponsive. Perhaps it is trying to load the Airway cutscene, but cannot because the room does not freeze over.
  • 40 - Third room in the Airway.
  • 41 - Fourth room in the Airway.
  • 42 - Fifth room in the Airway.
  • 43 - Sixth room in the Airway. Are you noticing a pattern yet?
  • 44 - Eighth room in the Airway. Poor seventh room gets no love.
  • 45 - Eleventh room in the Airway.
  • 46 - Gut Check. How this got in the middle, I'll never know.
  • 47 - Thirteenth room in the Airway, near the Liftglobin.
  • 48 - Same room, up above.
  • 49 - Fourteenth room in the Airway, near where the Totemglobin was.
  • 50 - Fifteenth room in the Airway.
  • 51 - Sixteenth room in the Airway, near the exit to the next room. The devs must have spent a lot of time working on the Airway...
  • 52 - Twentieth and second-to-last room in the Airway.
  • 53 - Twenty-first and final room of the Airway, beginning with the same "negative" effect seen before the Dark Star battle.
  • 54 - Hub that connects the fourth, eleventh, and thirteenth rooms in the Airway.
  • 55-56 - Bowser Room Selection Screen.
  • 57 - Same as 29-35.
  • 58 - Room in the Energy Hold where that really long cutscene with the Bros. trying to catch Durmite took place.
  • 59-60 - Same as 29-35 and 57.
  • 61 - Room in the Pump Works where the Mini Mario ability is learned.
  • 62-63 - Challenge Node.
  • 64 - Second room in the bottom-right area connected to the Star Block room in the Energy Hold.
  • 65-66 - Same as 62-63.
  • 67-99 - Shake effect.

Lower Right Block

  • 0 - Bowser Room Selection Screen.
  • 1 - First Arm Center minigame (most likely freezes partway through).
  • 2 - Gut Check Giga-Carrot Minigame (acting as if you failed the first time, with a big pile of carrots instead of the Giga-Carrot). Also allows rematch with Wiggler, but the game freezes after the battle.
  • 3 - Rump Command Minigame, freezes as soon as the minigame starts.
  • 4 - Nose Deck minigame, has second selection of numbers from 0-4 corresponding with each time the minigame was played during the story. Freezes midway through the minigame.
  • 5 - Leg Outpost minigame, never ends.
  • 6 - Chest Station minigame, game hangs as soon as it starts.
  • 7 - Second selection of numbers from 0-19 chooses where a "reaction" occurs, including Toad Square and the Challenge Node. 0 simply sends you back to the Bowser Room Selection Screen.
  • 8-9 - Shake effect.
  • 10 - Second selection from 0-10 corresponds to each part of the game, and therefore blocks access to some of the areas in Bowser's body. 0 is the start of the game with only the Trash Pit, Funny Bone, Toad Square, and Challenge Node, and 10 is the end of the game where all areas are accessible.
  • 11 - Related to 10, prevents access to everything except Trash Pit, Arm Center, Funny Bone, Toad Square, and Challenge Node.
  • 12 - Gut Check Giga-Carrot minigame (with Giga-Carrot and tutorial). Also allows rematch with Wiggler, but the game freezes after the battle.
  • 13 - Rump Command minigame, freezes as soon as the minigame starts.
  • 14 - Nose Deck minigame, freezes midway through the minigame.
  • 15 - Leg Outpost minigame, never ends.
  • 16 - Chest Station minigame, freezes as soon as it starts.
  • 17-20 - Shake effect.
  • 21 - Second selection of numbers 2 and 3 chooses either the second or third Arm Center minigames, most likely freezes partway through.
  • 22 - Shake effect.
  • 23 - Second selection of numbers from 0-3 chooses which time the Rump Command minigame is played in the story. The minigame freezes as soon as it starts.
  • 24-29 - Shake effect.
  • 30 - Same as 7.
  • 31 - Same as 21.
  • 32 - Shake effect.
  • 33 - Same as 23.
  • 34-40 - Shake effect.
  • 41 - Same as 21.
  • 42-98 - Shake effect.
  • 99 - Save screen. Might have been used by developers during debug process.

Extended Debug Room

If further hacking is used to move away from the blocks, the "Debug Room" is found to be much larger than expected, with the debug functions to the far left of the room. The upper platforms are not solid, but the lower platforms are. The floor of the room also seems to have a special texture not seen anywhere else.

M&LBiS Right of debug room.png

M&LBiS non-solid platforms.png

Regional Differences

File Select Screen

Japan US/EU
M&L RPG3 Japan File Select.png M&L RPG3 US File Select.png

In the US and EU version, the L and R buttons look closer to their real life counterparts. The phrase "New file" is used in the US and EU, while "No data" is used in Japan.

Menu Tabs

Japan US/EU
M&L RPG3 Japan Tabs.png M&L RPG3 US Tabs.png

The menus were tabbed in the Japanese version. In the US and EU, the tabs are moved upward, and those not being used are darkened.


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Find and document the code that causes this behaviour. Same with the anti-cheat.

If the game detects its a copy, it will force the game to have lots of issues unless the ROM is patched or a compatible flashcart is used to play it, issues can also occur when running the game on older versions of DeSmuME if proper settings are not used. Issues include random freezing, forced black screens, forced softlocks, battles freezing (JP), no saving (?), save screen softlocks (USA) and possibly more.


To do:
Research this one more.

Certain cheats used can be detected by the game (?) to mess up playthroughs on certain flashcards.