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Daemon X Machina

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Title Screen

Daemon X Machina

Developer: Marvelous FIRST Studio
Publishers: Marvelous Inc. (JP), Nintendo (INT Switch), XSEED Games (INT Windows)
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Windows
Released internationally: September 13, 2019 (Switch), February 13, 2020 (Windows)

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

To do:
  • Create a PROTOTYPE MISSIONS Proto page.
  • Create a Prerelease page.
  • The Code Geass and Eureka Seven Switch DLC is only available in Asia.

Once upon a time in the far future, there was superpowered Moon-oil, and there were robots. Developed as a spiritual successor to the Armored Core series, with influences from many other games, the game was well regarded by many mecha and action game fans alike. And even though the sales numbers weren't all that great (the mecha game curse struck again) it was still able to secure a sequel under the subtitle "Titanic Scion", to be released 5 years after the original. Also, ice cream.


Credits Images

Unused Audio

Several unused music pieces and sound effects exist within the game's files.

Prototype Battle Music

Within the \Audio\ProtoTest directory, several early audio files are present, including "battle2" and "battle3". Battle2 (below) appears to be a very early test track, whereas Battle3 contains less than a second of silence.

Unknown Sound Files

In the same directory, three sound files are present. The nature of these sound files is unknown, but they likely belonged to an early cinematic, or were used in test animations.

Co000 000RL

Bo000 000A

Bo000 000BL

Unused Textures

Early Dialogue Portraits

Unknown Character Portraits

Two unknown characters exist, each in their own folder, stored with other very early dialogue portraits. The second is quite notable, as nothing with even a passing resemblance exists or can be created in-game.

Early Reclaimer Renders

These early dialogue portraits provide a good look at early reclaimer models. Immediately apparent is the changes to members of Panzer Crown. These renders were made when Guns Empress was still red-headed, as shown in many pieces of concept art. More interestingly, Rose Queen and Crown Princess used placeholder models based on Guns Empress' model.

M n00 NP12.png
Regret also received some minor changes between this build and release, most notably a significant difference in visor transparency.

M n00 NP24.png
The last render with any notable changes is Savior, who's face is drastically less defined than others. Thankfully, in later versions of DAEMON X MACHINA, Savior bears significantly less resemblance to a potato.

Prototype Oval Designs

Inaccessible Decals & Patterns

Unused Number Decals

AS Decal 128.png AS Decal 253.png AS Decal 254.png AS Decal 255.png AS Decal 256.png AS Decal 257.png AS Decal 258.png AS Decal 259.png AS Decal 260.png AS Decal 261.png AS Decal 262.png AS Decal 263.png AS Decal 264.png AS Decal 265.png AS Decal 267.png AS Decal 268.png AS Decal 269.png

Unused Graffiti

AS Decal 182.png AS Decal 185.png AS Decal 026.png AS Decal 053.png AS Decal 060.png AS Decal 061.png AS Decal 062.png AS Decal 064.png AS Decal 065.png AS Decal 075.png AS Decal 076.png AS Decal 082.png AS Decal 089.png AS Decal 090.png AS Decal 091.png AS Decal 094.png AS Decal 145.png AS Decal 146.png AS Decal 147.png

Inaccessible Patterns

Test Patterns

Unused Models

An unused model for assault rifle.

OT AccFull M 01 02.png
An unused body modification for the head region.

Wp 04 00 wide.png

An unused "wide" variant of the basic Laser Blade model.

Unused Bomber variants for the Red Walker and Slay Dog. These are referenced in the official Sourcebook, but never appear in-game.

A long hallway hidden behind the door of the hangar. As the door never opens under any circumstances, the hall goes unused.


German Localization Mistakes

C mn00 game progress 1.png C mn00 offer orders 2.png

The German version incorrectly uses French screenshots in some tutorial images.